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Misbah (Misbahkitten) | 7 comments Mod
what do think of every day

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I think of what I read.....like why the charecter did this and that. I also thnk alot about my life.... what i will do next& what I want....

Ipod Touch....(getting that from my uncle)

Star Shyne Brite (Stargirl) (starshynebrite) Well... it kinda changes everytime i think of something!

Raneem I probably think of what i should do...or wht had happened that day..or i relax and play on my dsi!!!

Raneem hahaha tlak about it...jk!!!

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maryam:u always do stupid stuff.........JK!! lol

Yahya Trabelsi I think of Robots

Yahya Trabelsi I also think of kittens.

Raneem I think of green and y my Boston~pants is mean to me...and i think of new insults and I ALSO THINK OF TURTLES!!! Oh and...I think of Comeback insults..like yesterday i was thinking of how a guy could distract a girl from her bike...weird rihgt?

Star Shyne Brite (Stargirl) (starshynebrite) OOOOOOOOOO... i think of things that i did that day.. or of memories that are really funny.... sometimes i think of really good comebacks!!! and then im like.... man! i should have said taht to that person!!!

Raneem Hahaha! I knew tht... Cause u say it everyday!!!!!

message 12: by Fariha (last edited Jul 18, 2010 05:28PM) (new)

Fariha | 22 comments i think of wat will happen in the day... will it be fun or will it be boring?

Raneem wow..i mean u cant tell the future...but i think of badd and scary things and a story to write!

Star Shyne Brite (Stargirl) (starshynebrite) i think of funky munky's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!

Star Shyne Brite (Stargirl) (starshynebrite) we get it..... ok?

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Fariha | 22 comments u and ur mom think of popcorn all the time!!! and as rameela said we get it!!! (to maryam)

Fariha | 22 comments well popcorn IS a snack and i love fruit by the foot its my fav snack ever and i think about it all the time

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Sent from my iPad

Fariha | 22 comments i think of things of happiness changing happiness boring happiness....

Raneem I think of Percy Jackson and green and turtles!!!

Fariha | 22 comments everyone know tht raneem!!!

Fariha | 22 comments i think of wht ill eat and wat ill do and who will come to my house and content...

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but i love percy jackson more.....i think about it alot and read it evry chance i get

Fariha | 22 comments ya um uh huh

Fariha | 22 comments wow u think of hair? and eating?

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ya... wow

Fariha | 22 comments thts pretty weird

Raneem hey nour i have read the series 31 times!

Fariha | 22 comments i norite its like thr...i wont say anything else cuz they'll kill me...

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now i have read it 61

Fariha | 22 comments wat? 61

Misbah (Misbahkitten) | 7 comments Mod

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Raneem i have read it 73 times!!!! oooo stillcounting!

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i have just finised 72 and on 73

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i have just finised 72 and on 73

Raneem i am now on 81 hurry up nour cathc up to me and then we can read them together? k?

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Fariha | 22 comments the pj series....

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

i am !

Fariha | 22 comments i no !

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message 44: by Yahya (last edited Jan 10, 2011 10:34AM) (new)

Yahya Trabelsi WHAT ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Yahya Trabelsi YES SIR

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