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AP - President Bush is accusing Democrats in Congress of blocking his energy proposals, saying they are partly to blame for high gasoline costs pinching Americans' budgets.

(G)Emma Was anyone annoyed and angry when Bella was using Jacob? I couldn't stand this, and then she gets mad at him for being interested in her when she didn't give him any boundaries! How is that fair?

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Dave Russell I didn't know Jeb Bush was a Democrat:

Jackie "the Librarian" Wait, I thought President Bush was the Decider, not Congress...

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your right! I hated that! She acted all suprised when he was acting like he liked her, and she never told him when he felt uncomfertable! It's so stupid!

(G)Emma I also hated that she was so creeped out by the werewolfs, yet didn't think anything of the vampires.

Laura Remember though - the only thing that creeped her out about the werewolves was thinking that they were the ones out there killing PEOPLE. She had no problem with the "changing" part of it!
Likewise she doesn't like the vampires that kill humans either - remember her reaction to the Volturi?

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yeah, but she still seemed more open to vampires than werewolves and that's only because edward's a vampire. She just accepted them better because she loves edward so much...I hate it...

(G)Emma Hmmmmm true, but still, the vampires could kill, and I don't think even then I would've bothered her.

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Ashley When I first that part, I felt bad for the whole situation because in order for her to get what she needed, it was necessary for her to use him. Yet, he was getting the wrong impression which led on to the things that happened afterwards.

(G)Emma One of my biggest pet peeves is how she calls him "My Jacob," he's not yours Bella! Your USING him!

Laura But she calls him that because he is so different when he becomes a werewolf. Haven't you ever known someone who is one way with you or at one time in your life and then you come back to them later or see them with others and you think where's MY ...put the name here?
I'm not saying she wasn't thoughtless in her conduct, but SHE'S SEVENTEEN!

Ashley He calls him hers?!? I dont remember reading that. What book was that in?!?

Laura She talks about him before and after "the change" in New Moon (I think) and Eclipse (I know)as "my Jacob"

(G)Emma Laura, it does make sense, but it just seems wrong because she was using him, and then, trying to keep the boundaries clear and your calling him mine?! I'm so tired of people saying she's stupid because she's eighteen! She's a young adult for crying out loud!

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I know! i hated when she said "Where's MY Jacob?!" It was sooo stupid!!! I mean come on, he doesn't belong to her! And your right, she's old enough to know that what she's doing (using jake) is wrong! She just doen't care!!! Ugh! I hate bella!!!...sorry...

(G)Emma I hate how she calls him sushine, as if he's obligated to be happy all the time for her.

Sabrina He was like her sun shine when he helped her heal from edward. Thats why she calls him sunshine.

(G)Emma Yes, but it was like she didn't want to hang out with him unless he was happy.

Sabrina She didnt want to because she didn't like to see him unhappy. It cause her pain when he was.

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She deserves to be in "pain" beacuse she hurt Jake all through new moon and eclipse!

(G)Emma Another thing I hate. So far in Eclipse, Edward is like Bella's father. You can't go here, or there, he's so controlling! So what if she's in danger? It's her decision, you can try to influence her, but if you force her not to, she just will. Though I was pleasantly surprised when Bella tried to "disobey" him, I just wish she was better at it.

Naomi yeah i hated that too!
i wasn't satsified with her "effort" at all. she could have tried a lot harder
i hate edward for being so controlling! ugh! i hate it!

Sabrina I thought that without Edward bella seemed a little less flat but still... he is an important character and I missed him in this book. I have read New Moon 2 times and still think that Jacob and Bella would never go together. Edward is controlling because he wants her safe. But I agree He could be a little less controlling.

(G)Emma Edward is controlling, nonetheless. I dissagree, I think they go well together, it's just Bella is different with Edward.

Hayley i think this whole thing is a little crazy.. i mean the werewolves thing was SO unexpected to me! and it is, Exactly like romeo and juliet, like explained throughout the book... but, here is the decision she must make- vampire or werewolf? edward or jacob? we all know she has to make a decision Sometime, and i bet all of us can almost agree it will be edward. it will be very unexpected, though. she either looses edward or jacob. who comes first? that is what i do not like about this series... any input?

(G)Emma Who comes first? Isn't it obvious? Edward. All Bella cares about is that god damn vampire!

Naomi yeah its a little obvious that she's going to pick edward and i wouldn't want her to choose jacob anyway. She doesn't deserve him after what she'd done to him.

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Hayley well it Is obvious, i just think its a depressing decision. but i guess love always tends to triumph. i like the way naomi put it- that she doesnt deserve jacob, and i totally agree, but do you also think that she doesnt deserve edward? idk, im just sayin...

Naomi no i totally think she deserves edward! they deserve each other, but to me its a bad thing

(G)Emma Oh, none of them deserve anyone! Edward should die alone, Bella is too whiny, Jacob is ignorant. Let them all die alone!

Sabrina Bella and Edward are meant to be together and Jacob just cant see that. Its like Edward imprinted on Bella when he met her, so basically Bella is Edwards everything. Jacob is just getting in the way.

(G)Emma Why does Edward have to OWN her! Jacob is not just getting in the way, he actually makes the story decent, and gives Bella new depth. Without him, I would've quit this series long ago!

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lol, i completly agree, Emma! I wouldn't continue reading this series if Jacob hadn't of come into the storie! And your right! Edward shouldn't act like "Oh, Bella belongs to me! Don't touch her! Don't even look at her!! blah blah blah!!" I hate it!!! And your right, I would rather see Edward and Bella die alone!! Not Jake though, cause his ignorance is funny and cute to me!!

message 35: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Coleman I completely agree with the people who said that Bella was using Jacob. It was obvious in the first book that he had feelings for her! She should never have flirted in the first place, and when she was paying attention to him in new moon after Edward DITCHED just made me mad!

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I know!! I mean, Edward abandoned her and Jake was there for her, but No! No matter what Edward does, "He's perfect!! I love him sooo much!!" Says Bella. She's such a retard! I wish Edward hadn't ever came back!!

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Lori But then you wouldn't have had anything to read and complain about.

(G)Emma That's exactly the point.

message 39: by Danielle (last edited Feb 25, 2009 02:15AM) (new)

Danielle Coleman lol ALL of us has a point! lol in Breaking Dawn if Edward ditches her at the alter i will "jump" in the book and kick some major vampire butt lol if i could that is. And then SHE HAS TO go for Jacob or I will be highly upset with her for real or if she changes into a vamp and then goes out with jacob whichever.

Sabrina I just got a copy of breaking dawn and he does not ditch her at the alter. But if he had I would have jumped him.

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lol, the thought of Edward getting jumped makes me smile...

well, I know what happens and I'm sooo ticked!

message 42: by Danielle (last edited Aug 11, 2008 04:39PM) (new)

Danielle Coleman YOU'RE TICKED?! I was happy and mad at the same time: mad that jacob didnt get bella, but happy that he got her daughter. DO NOT ASK ME WHY BECAUSE I AM JUST SICK OKAY?! lol I mean, he pines for her, helps her when she delivers the baby, and then falls for her child instead! I thought that was sick but at least now they can be around each other and not want to kill each other! But Edward knew better when he let Bella get pregnant and didn't kill Renesme when Jacob said to do so. I'm also happy he didnt and just followed her directions because now they have a child that they all love, her father knows some of the facts, and they can live together without wanting to bite each other's heads off! Anyway, the point of the matter is that Edward should've waited until JACOB AND BELLA got married, had a child, then waited like a normal vampire and had her daughter instead! Yeah that sounds even weirder but do you understand what I'm trying to say?

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Of course. Although I don't agree that Bella and Jake should be together, I understand. I'm just ticked at the thought of Jacob imprinting on a baby! I mean, can she even grow?!

(G)Emma You had to make Jacob into a pedophile Meyer. You just had to didn't you?

Becky Hannah, Well if the baby follows the formula she'll be full grown in 7 years.

Emma, Stephanie Meyer totally prepped us for this with Quil imprinting on a 3 year old. While I don't totally agree, even Edward say's at the end of Breaking Dawn that Jacob's thoughts are of protection, like a big brother vs anything that would make him a pedophile!

(G)Emma True...still though, knowing he has the intentions of one day becoming her lover is disturbing.

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It's stupid! He should have imprinted on Lizzy!! I hate stephanie Meyers for that!

Hayley i need you to keep an open mind here, hannah. this may sound a bit bizarre (sp?) haha ok, so when you write a story, you create characters that you love and you place them in a setting and give them a conflict. sometimes, when your a writer, the characters just do what they want. they arent as much puppets as you think they are. basesd on the personality you give them, they rule the story in their own way. do you see what im saying? i just worked on a story for a class of mine, and i created a character, a setting and a conflict, and it didnt go where i wanted it to, or even planned it to, but thats just my character and her spunky personality. so, its not truly steph meyers fault. she just wrote down what jacob decided to do.

(G)Emma But as an author, you can't just say she has no decision with this. You either do what is right for the books or what is right for yourself. It is hugely her fault. Some writers don't go where their characters need to go.

Sabrina I agree with you haley. I myself am a writer and i wouldnt like anyone dissing my work because they thought it sucked.

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