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message 1: by Martha (new)

Martha (grasshopperlibr) | 40 comments Mod
Thus far, I think the LSW Goodreads group has been a great success. We have 56 members, including both new and familiar faces. We have two bookshelves created and tagged. So, what next?

I started this group because a bunch of folks were reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and were interested in creating a list of other books pertaining to medical and research ethics, particularly pertaining to racial discrimination and mistreatment of other groups. It seems to me that if a bunch of us are reading the same book, we could use Goodreads as a place to discuss those books. So, I've created a folder in the dicussion forum called Very Slow Bookclub where we can start threads for Very Slow Book Discussions. People could set up threads for as many books as they like. No weekly meeting dates, no particular timeline, no pressure. What do you think? Would you use this?

There's lots of other online communications media out there, so if it turns out that we would be better off using FriendFeed or Meebo or some other tool, that is okay too. LSW is DIY, so just speak up or, better yet, do it yourself :)

~ Martha

message 2: by Agathafrye (new)

Agathafrye I like. I've been wanting to read that book anyhow. Books with medical topics are largely absent from my reading lists...

message 3: by Cecily (new)

Cecily Walker (skeskali) I'd like for the discussion to take place here, rather than in the LSW room. Since I'm not in the LSW, and because the main feed goes by so quickly, I think I'd find the discussion more easily if it was here.

I'm sure others feel differently.

message 4: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Scott (jdscott50) I agree with cecily. I think it would be a better discussion here.

message 5: by Martha (new)

Martha (grasshopperlibr) | 40 comments Mod
Excellent! Goodreads will be the place for the book discussion. I started a thread for the Henrietta Lacks book in this same folder, but I haven't really put in any content yet because I still need to go back and finish reading it.

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