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Matt Stewart (mattstewart) | 9 comments Mod
The French Revolution by Matt Stewart

Wanna know how I came up with the novel - while managing a demanding day job?

The biggest key I can offer is to not go out during the week. Skip events, skip parties. They're usually not worth it, and I find that getting in that daily routine of writing for several hours is essential to actually completing pages.

Andrew Dugas | 2 comments Ooh, SNAP! See you at the LDM.

Matt Stewart (mattstewart) | 9 comments Mod
Kinda ironic, isn't it? But between the day job and writing, something's gotta go...!

Andrew Dugas | 2 comments I hear ya. I actually do most of my first draft writing on the bus while commuting.

Matt Stewart (mattstewart) | 9 comments Mod
Really? Laptop open? You have much better balance than me.

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