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message 1: by Rosabelle (new)

Rosabelle Purnama | 34 comments Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I joined goodreads through an invite that my friend sent to facebook, so my account is connected to facebook. I don't mind it being connected and facebook publishing and all, but the problem is I can't even edit my profile or check my inbox.

Whenever I'm trying to read my profile, it asks for email and password. I've put in the email and password combination for my account in facebook, but it always says invalid...

Anyone can help me?

Thanks in advance

message 2: by Marilu (new)

Marilu | 171 comments I am not sure. But I would suggest you try clicking my account. at the top of the page where it says Hi Rosabelle there is a little arrow pointing down, click that then click on my account and try editing from there. If it doesn't work maybe I can post in a different group and see if I can get the answer for you!

message 3: by Rosabelle (new)

Rosabelle Purnama | 34 comments Hi Marilu, thanks for your help. I tried the reset password thingy on my account, but the email that it came up looks like gibberish... and when i click on the reset password button, an email came to me in my yahoo and i when i click on the link, it came up as the same reset password page... *sigh*

message 4: by Mary (Marbear), Founder (new)

Mary (Marbear) (mbeth45) | 10204 comments Mod
Hi Rosabelle. Try this. On any goodreads page look for "HOME." When on that page look on the right hand side of the page for "MY PROFILE." Then look for the blue bookmark on facebook. You should be able to click on that and unlink from facebook. Everything time I added books to goodreads it posted on facebook. I did this and my problem stopped. Plz let me know if this works.


message 5: by Rosabelle (new)

Rosabelle Purnama | 34 comments hi marbear, thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try and let you know :)

message 6: by Rosabelle (new)

Rosabelle Purnama | 34 comments Hi marbear, i still can't change it.. i've clicked my profile, both on and the goodreads application on facebook, but can't find the unlink button..

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