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Lindsey | 2 comments I would like to suggest my group: Weekly Readers

We're a weekly podcast, but I started the goodreads group as a companion. I like the idea of using the site as a method of generating discussion for the books that we're discussion. Having more members and an active community would allow for greater discussion on the air, etc. Plus, we would get some great suggestions for books.

message 252: by [deleted user] (new)

I would like to suggest this group: The Selection~RolePlay

Super fun group for anyone who has read the Selection. It is a roleplay, but also a place to discuss the book. It's a really great group and would be ecstatic if it was featured! Thank you :)

₵î௹៛ strong girls fight back (cc13girlygirl99) Im head mod of a group called Camp Magic. It's a rp group where yiu have magical powers and adventures. I think everyone would love. It's taken off but I think it can go further.
Here's the link:

message 254: by Elle (new)

Elle (Louiselesley) | 86 comments A proud member of the UK Amazon Kindle Forum. We are steadily growing crazy group of people that talk about food and wine more than we do books but we are very proud of our self-published authors (we do stake our claim) and welcome any new members either in the UK or abroad - with or without a Kindle!

Autumn Block (the_memorykeeper) I would like to nominate Books, Wine and Girl Talk. I created this group because their are so many women who get so caught up with their days they don't set aside the time for girl talk. Its so important as a woman to bond with other women. I am astonished how quickly the group has taken off and excited that most of my members are active. We have a great time talking about books, and anything that is girl! We have monthly reads and challenges and we always have chatter. I encourage the members to run the group. If they don't know how to do something and need help they email me or mt co-mod. We really have a fantastic intimate relationship we are building together and it takes us off goodreads into our real life also.

Please stop in and say hello and join the Ultimate girlfriends group!

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I am the creator of the 'Facts for You' group.

About learning different things every day.

message 257: by Kelleigh (last edited Aug 31, 2012 06:04AM) (new)

Kelleigh (goodreadscomsunshine2047) Introducing::: Five Star Series!

My group is dedicated to finding, reading and reviewing some of the best series out there. We talk Mystery to Paranormal Romance to Erotic!

Love to have you feature us!

If you have any questions, please inbox me.
Thanks and have a beautiful day!

Cherie (CherieReads) | 13 comments I would like to nominate my group, Second Chance Challenges. It's a new group devoted to reading challenges but we gained 100 members in 2 weeks!

We read any genre and anyone who loves a challenge is welcome.

Adelaide Blair | 2 comments I would like to nominate our new group Classic Genre Fiction, where we read the best (or most fun) in classic mystery, horror, science fiction, fantasy, westerns, thrillers, sensation, and romance.

ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ (Charlie_Awesome) | 3 comments Hello, I think my group is a good candidate for Featured Groups.
It's called Crazy People of the World!
It's been around for a while and really proved that it can last. It's super active, and I add new topics everyday. The members are incredibly nice and welcoming, and they are all active. We want to do unique things and have lots of fun, but sharing our love of books.
It's a really great group, and can only get better the more awesome people that join.
I'm also going to start a book of the month soon. (For november)
Thanks :)

Ice Queen Wanderer •The Cursed Prophetess• (Ari-la) | 7 comments I'd like to nominate my group Beauty Queens RP, because I think our membership could be greatly increased if it were easily viewable. I'm working on new features right now.

lafon حمزة نوفل (lafon) | 529 comments I would like to nominate a group I co-mod The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword.

If you are an aspiring author, or just a hobby writer we have many contests geared especially for you.

Currently we have a monthly contest where you enter a piece of short fiction or poetry and our panel of judges vote for which one they believe has the most merit.

The group is also writing an anthology which we intend to publish next year.

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Bookaholic Girls!! I’m the Moderator of this group, were a small group still but me and my co-Moderator been fairly active even though we started a week or two ago. I would like to be feature so I can have more girls and my other members will feel this is the right group for them. Thanks if you feature my group!!

message 264: by Jamie (last edited Oct 24, 2012 12:31AM) (new)

Jamie  (jaymers8413) I am the moderator and would like to nominate the Fashion Book Lovers! group for a featured group!

We read one fashion book and one fashion inspired fiction book bi-monthly. We have had a giveaway and an author Q&A. There are also discussions about fashion websites, store recommendations, fashion movements, and fashion on TV and in movies. We have a wonderful group of members but would love to reach out to more! Thanks!

Mistik INK (MistikINK) | 14 comments PNR NaUBA

Paranormal Romance New and Upcoming Books/Authors is about 6 months old.

We only feature new and upcoming authors of PNR and/or fantasy. Our BOTMs are always new and most are in house authors so we try and help them get the word. We are small but super active.

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Sérgio | 2 comments J.G. Ballard Group

It's great that there is a group for discussing J.G. Ballard. It's too bad so few people knows about it...

Annie I am The Moderator of the "YA:)" group, which is for people of any age who like to read YA sci-fi, fiction, fantasy, romance, paranormal, etc. I log onto Goodreads almost daily, so I try my best to keep the discussions going,I post book trailers and pictures on those pages and I do polls. I have about 20 members and most of them are active so I would like to add more! Thank you for considering the YA:) group!

SteinFussel | 1 comments I'd like to suggest my group "Schreibende Kreativlinge" for at least the German section. I have noticed that there are a lot of English Writing groups but as soon as you look among the German Groups you can mainly find Reading Groups. That's why I created this group. I love writing - in Germand and English - but naturally I am much more fluent in my native language. And I can't quite believe that here are no other German fellows writing.
I just don't quite know how to reach them since I am relatively new here and don't have many friends yet - at least no German speaking friends.
So I thought you could help me promoting this group so the creativity could go on flowing :)

Thanks a lot! :)

Kristen | 1 comments I am the moderator of a croup called "Spyz". It's all about young adult spy and espionage novels. I think it would appeal to a large percentage of the goodreads population, as many young adults like books of this type. I want my group to be feature to help goodreads members find out about the group, as I think that is what is keeping our numbers from exploding.

message 270: by Kyra (new)

Kyra (Nikara) Hi!!! I'm the moderator of Writing Mania. We're a support group dedicated to helping others develop their inner author, and to perfect our own writing as well. We try to create a fun and helpful environment for our members, and I think it's been fairly successful so far. Thank you for considering Writing Mania as a featured group!!!

(here's the link:

Sheila  | 572 comments I am curious why the group called "What's Trending" has been featured on my Groups page for some time now.

It seems to just be an advertisement for a daily youtube show, and not really a discussion group. Why is this "featured"??

message 272: by S. (new)

S. Oberhansley (smober) | 1 comments This is a new group called "The Book Trade," where we exchange books we've read for ones we haven't with each other. We are brand new and looking for new members! :)

Jacob (Darthpaper2_0) | 48 comments This is not a new group but it is not old either been in service about a month so ya...

Jacob (Darthpaper2_0) | 48 comments Now this is a new Group I Created to more or less help others get there groups out there and advertise it
It is Called "Group Advertisement" It nothing special but I hope it gets advertized I ok if it dose not.

message 275: by Ugur (new)

Ugur (ugur_basak) | 43 comments We have a group for improving and supporting Turkish Literature books, named Turkish Reading Challenges. We create this group in August, 24. And our fist group reads, is for September (here you can see the votes) Despite being a new group the poll attracted 21 users attention.

Here you can find a link to our group Turkish Reading Challenges

We are still trying to attract more users attention.
- We tried a poll for 2012's best Turkish Literature books. (just like goodreads yearly book poll)
- Each month, we choose 3 books for group reading. Most of this polls attract 40-50 users.
- We've reached 250 users in Nov. 28, and we have 297 now.
- Also we are trying to support English and Turkish at the same time in group discussions. Right now, about %99 of our users are native Turkish speakers but most of them also writes in English in discussions too.

By posting this request, we are hoping to attract more users' attention.

Our mission and vision

- To reach users who are interested in Turkish Literature. (both native Turkish speakers and non-Turkish speakers)
- To improve both quality and quantity of Turkish Literature books.
- To support both classic and new Turkish Literature books and authors.
- To attract attention of more users to Turkish Literature. (If we can be successful on this maybe more Turkish Literature books will be translated to English)
- To be successful in all above, we need first of all; more users, more active users and more non-native Turkish speakers.

Jacob (Darthpaper2_0) | 48 comments Ok so I am not sure if this has come up in here or not but I just want to say that I Personally think there should be an official goodreads Group Advertisement group I mean I fine with the way thinks are set up with the groups tab at top of page but I honestly Do think there should be a group for Advertising well peoples groups It would seem a bit more appealing to have a well organized group where people can post their group because then they can leave more information about their said group and give a little more incite into their group because they dont have to get all the main points into a tiny box where you put the description of their group.
But Long story short Is it a possibility to get a Group like that?
If so I would gladly allow my advertisement group to be that group. (sorry about last part getting off topic)


Anino  (Anino) | 2 comments I would love to have my group listed as a Featured Group.. The name of my group is: Just Us Book Lovers.
Currently we have 37 members total, but I would like to see it grow. I believe that cultivating a fun and not to mention welcoming environment is important... Besides that, we strive to maintain diversity in our group, so therefore everyone who loves books and loves to chat, is welcome...

Thanks for considering us as a Featured GR Group..


message 278: by Chelsea (last edited Jul 06, 2013 04:06PM) (new)

Chelsea (theycallmebookworm) | 3 comments Hi, I would like to have my (co-creator/co-moderator) group featured.
My group is !YA Heroines!
I was looking for a YA Heroines group but could not find one so I decided to create my own (with the help of a friend).
It is a new group that was launched just on new years day. We currently have 453 members and I would like to have even more members. We already have threads on our BOTM, games, debates, an author/writers corner, themed discussions and general discussions. I believe that !YA Heroines! could be an engaging and exciting group but as we don't have many members that can not happen. Any one is welcome to our group but it is maninly targeted at fellow YA lovers and teens. And as our group name suggests we are all about strong female protagonists. I would love for our group to get featured.

Thanks for your consideration! :)


Thalia | 1 comments Hey! I would like my group, Better than Therapy Book Club, added to the featured groups! It's a fairly new group. I only created it yesterday, 1/7/2013. I created it because I wanted to be able to discuss any book, not just a specific type of book. I joined some groups like that but they all seemed to not be very active. I want a group that's extremely active. With games, book talks, everything! Since I'm new to GoodReads, I don't have many friends on here yet, so I don't have many members in my group. I feel that if I get more members, it'll be way more active. Here's the link to my group!

Michelle  (QueenBitchelle) | 2 comments I would like my group The Bookworm Bitches to added to the featured group!

WE average about ten new members a day! A fun book club for woman. We have many things to offer. Tons of challenges, games, discussions. We feature 4 books a month & a Quarterly classic. Every month a member is chosen and featured as Bitch of the Month. She chooses a book of her choice to read with the group and also has a mini challenge set up about her. 3 out of our 5 books are voted on as a group. Almost at 3500 members, growing everyday. It's a very active group and I enjoy every second of it. Come check it out, the ladies in my group really seem to enjoy it. I get a lot of positive feedback from them.

Bookd | 1 comments The BOOKD group is part of a broader effort to promote online conversations about books, centered around an original YouTube series called BOOKD. Each episode tells the story of a seminal book and its cultural influence, incorporating interviews with luminary thinkers, surprising celebrities, and other influencers in various fields.

Featuring a new book every two weeks, the BOOKD GoodReads group aims to transfer the conversation from our episodes to our viewers, engaging book-lovers everywhere while giving them access to the views and perspectives of some of the experts. For each book, we also provide a BOOKD CLUB Guide, with our ideas for hosting a real-life book club from your own living room.

Our group is new, but GoodReads is the perfect platform for our content and we're excited to engage as many bookworms as possible! We know that our show, and the conversations that surround it, will really resonate with the GoodReads community, and we can't wait to get a bigger following and start talking books!

Emily (On Emily's Bookshelf) (EmilysBookshelf) | 1 comments Neverland YA Book Club : for teens and adults who will never grow up.
We're an always growing active friendly community of teens and adults who LOVE reading, young adult & adult books. We have fun games and discussions for young adult & adult books going on all the time.
We choose two books to read a month, and everyone reads them at their own pace, as we understand that lots of people don't have much time for reading. :)
We'd love to be a featured group, you can find us here!

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Claude Nougat (ClaudeNougat) | 1 comments I am the moderator of the recently created Boomer Lit group, here's the link:

In just 24 hours we got 97 likes, something of a record start!

The reason is simple: there is a huge market for boomer lit - books (fiction and non fiction) aimed at boomers: there are some 78 million boomers in the US alone and three times as many elsewhere. They are (most of them) on Facebook and they want to read books of concern to them as they enter the Third Act in their lives.

In 3 months our Group grew to nearly 200 members, we have more than 50 BB novels on our bookshelf and we are reading one book/month selected through a poll to explore the confines of boomer lit. Although it is a recently identified new genre in publishing, it has been around in films since at least 2002 with the box office hit About Schmidt (featuring Jack Nicholson).

I believe that featuring the group would help make it known to a wider audience of both readers and writers here on Goodreads who are surely interested in learning about boomer lit. Since boomer books feature characters with whom boomers can identify and are focused on "coming of old age", just as YA novels are on coming of age, it is clear that boomer lit is destined to become the next big genre. Think of it as a pendant to YA lit on the other side of maturity. Forty years ago, boomers who were leaving their young years behind made YA lit the huge success we all know, now it is the turn of boomer lit for the same reasons...

Emily (silencewillfallat221b) I'd really like you to consider my group SHERlocked ( be featured. It's a casual group to discuss Sherlock Holmes and other characters.

message 285: by Jack (new)

Jack (jack_) | 31 comments There is a new group called Goodreads All Sorts. It's a group that discusses anything and everything! There are monthly group reads, movies and music. You can chat about television, film, music and books! From the the Fun And Games section to the monthly General Chit-Chat, Goodreads All Sorts has something for everyone. I really hope you'd consider making Goodreads All Sorts a Featured Group. I really think it has the potential to be a hugely popular group. Here is the link to Goodreas All Sorts:

Thanks very much,
Jack :-)

message 286: by Jamie (last edited Jan 29, 2013 06:53PM) (new)

Jamie  (jaymers8413) I'm starting to think they are not even looking at our post anymore. I mean come on why would the Oprah book club need to be a feature group?! :) I'm thinking the featured groups are no longer trying to help a variety of groups out and instead are trying to appeal to the masses. This may be great for people new to Goodreads but not for people looking for something different. I've been trying to get my group Fashion Book Lovers! as a featured group forever. Don't get me wrong, there are great groups posted, I just get too overwhelmed when a group has over 1000 members.

message 287: by Jack (new)

Jack (jack_) | 31 comments Omg! Yeah I totally agree.

message 288: by Jack (new)

Jack (jack_) | 31 comments Has anyone noticed that its been extra long since the features groups has been changed.

message 289: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 1424 comments I would love to have our group - Bar Belles Fitness Lounge featured -

it started as a spin-off of another group, and has become stagnent over the last year - so we are trying to bring it back to life

Joanne♥~Bookworm Extraordinaire I am the moderator of a new challenge group. We have many different kinds of reading challenges, Book of the month, book discussions, and different topics to talk about

message 291: by Sean (new)

Sean Peters | 4 comments Hi

I hope you would mention my group The Good Thriller. That I hope to build to a larger group, only fifteen members at the moment.



message 292: by Lisarenee (last edited Feb 21, 2013 06:20AM) (new)

Lisarenee | 74 comments I'd love to have our group, Who's Your Author, featured. We read mainly Urban Fantasy and Paranormal books. We're also one of the older Goodreads groups and as far as I know have never been featured.

message 293: by [deleted user] (last edited Mar 04, 2013 05:25PM) (new)

Hi! I'm not sure if you feature roleplay groups as I've never seen one up there, but hey it's worth a shot!
My group Camp Half-Blood has been going strong for a good seven months now. We do roleplays, talk about the books, share fan things like fan fiction and fan art, we do polls, and very soon we'll be having a Big Quiz Contest where members will take a series of quizzes in the Goodreads quiz section and whoever scores the highest with the shortest time will win rights to create a Big Three character (we have a limit on those because of their rarity in the series)
The group is a fun, friendly place where members can make friends, talk about the books, and get into this amazing series in a new way.

Elizabeth (elizabeths01) | 236 comments I second Nicole di Angelo's post!

Nikhil (AlmightyZeus) | 1 comments (( Sort topic, sorry))
Hey Goodreaders,
So here is a great group for all the YA readers and lovers and especially fans of the Percy Jackson series. This is a great group and you will surely enjoy it here. It needs members so please spare a thought and join the group. Please join and help it develop into a featured group. You are gonna enjoy it..that's my guarantee!!

Camp Half Blood [Official]

message 296: by Cathie (last edited Feb 28, 2013 02:17PM) (new)

Cathie (cathiebp2) | 5 comments I would like to nominate my group A Novel Read. All genres open to all who enjoy A Novel worth the Read! Group is still a work in progress with a growing group of members.

A Novel Read

Please consider it for a "featured group." Many thanks!

message 297: by Barb (new)

Barb (lv2scpbk) | 12 comments I would love to get our group featured. It's called "All About Animals". I formed this group in Aug. 2012. We have 103 members right now.

Our group is reading any type of animal books, reptiles, birds, or sea creatures (whales, anything that lives in the sea).

We have some great members who volunteer their time to help out all kinds of animals.

You can see it here...

message 298: by Jack (new)

Jack (jack_) | 31 comments I'd like to suggest The YA Dystopian Book Club. We discuss all books in the YA Dystopian genre. We have monthly group reads and quarterly series reads. The group just received a makeover from moi, so it's completely reorganised and better than ever.

I think this group should be featured because there aren't much YA Dystopian groups out there and I really think that this group can be very popular. Please consider this group to be featured.

Here is the link:


Cristina (MrsBudryzer) | 7 comments I'd like to nominate Lovers of Paranormal as a freatured group. We are currently in the top 100 popular groups on Goodreads. We are 2,600+ members strong!!

We have monthly reads, and a series read a long. We have a high author participation with giveaways and Read to Reviews. We currently have a book that was donated by one of our author members that is currently traveling the world, and will be returned to the author with notes and highlights from its 30+ readers that signed up...AND we will be doing another one of these soon!!

We have lots of different challenges going on where a prize is offered for every challenge!!

Though we have a lot going on, our member participation is low. We would love the opportunity to showcase all that we have to offer for those that love Paranormal Fiction.

This is us:

We hope you give our group your consideration!!
-Lovers of Paranormal Mods

Steph Bennion (stephbennion) | 4 comments I'd like to nominate the Smashwords Authors group - a fine body of writers from the self-publishing world!

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