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Lisa (lbhick) | 986 comments The Ask A Novel by Sam LipsyteThe Ask: A Novel by Sam Lipsyte

This book should be retitled "The Ack"! It was dark (minus the humor), depressive, and the characters were wholly unlikable. I kept reading only because my beloved Bookmarks magazine gave it a four star rating. I was finally rewarded at the end of the book with a passage that I totally sympathized with, and swayed me to raise my rating by one star:

"I'm not very likable, am I?"
"You're likable enough," said Vargina.
"No, I mean, if I were the protagonist of a book or a movie, it would be hard to like me, to identify with me, right?"
"I would never read a book like that, Milo. I can't think of anyone who would. 'There's no reason for it."

My point exactly! Ack!

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