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message 1: by Artemis, Head Mod! (last edited Jun 17, 2010 01:08PM) (new)

 Artemis | 4504 comments Mod
So post your character here and then start the role play in the HoN Role play folder.

Human, Vamp, Fledgling:
Affinity (if apply):

message 2: by s-hastings (last edited Jun 21, 2010 08:18PM) (new)

s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) Name: Gianna 'Gia' Sinclaire
Human, Vamp, Fledgling: Human
Affinity (if apply):
Age: 15
Personality: Gia is fierce with what she believes in, and is forced into an intense world of vampires, fledgings, and other things beyond anything she has known. New girl in the town.
Looks: gold hair, big, intelligent, blue eyes, and always wearing an owl amulet her mother gave her
Hobbies/Occupation: Art, and gets a job working at the local bookstore
Other: Uncovers secrets of her past

♫Sapphire_Blue♫ | 25 comments Name: Kemdra
Human, Vamp, Fledgling: fledgling
Affinity (if apply): spirit
Age: 17
Personality: smart funny outgoing flirty
Hobbies/Occupation: attracting boys

message 4: by Rielle (last edited Sep 10, 2010 05:19PM) (new)

Rielle (Icefire) Name: Fotia Kyria
Human, Vamp, Fledgling: fledgling
Affinity (if apply): fire, and she can't be beat with a sword.
Gender: female
Age: 16
Personality: Bubbly, outgoing, a fiery temper.
Looks: Thick, curly red air, brilliant green eyes, freckles, blue fledgling
Hobbies/Occupation: swordfighting, shopping, drawing+painting
Other: Is incredible with a saber; moved on from a fencing foil on her first day. Is now on an assigment in a human high school because of her remarkable bloodlust control.

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