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message 1: by Geoffrey (new)

Geoffrey (Geoffreys) ... maybe to advertise or to allow us to talk about authors or whatever ... :)

message 2: by Tracey (new)

Tracey Alley (TraceyA) You mean, like advertise our own books or books that we think are good. Not that I don't think my own book is good.... you know what I mean

message 3: by Geoffrey (new)

Geoffrey (Geoffreys) Hehehe ... Both or either. I was just creating folders. What do you think - A separate folder for self-promotion? Throw it all into a single pot and stir?

message 4: by Liz (new)

Liz | 19 comments I think that book recommendations should fall under book chat (was that the topic name?...) Self-promotion and discussing the author themselves under here? Like if I wanted to create a thread discussing Marion Zimmer Bradley I'd do it here. But if I wanted to discuss The Mists of Avalon I'd go to book chat.

But no need for a separate place for self-promotion, at least not yet.

message 5: by Robert (new)

Robert | 13 comments Greetings everyone! Fantastic group and group idea! I'd be willing to bet there are quite a few closet ereaders out there if we can just find them!

If you like, please feel free to take a look at my books on amazon's Kindle. Both are currently available for .99 cents.

I've left a complete write-up for you below. Hope you enjoy!

Luthiel's Song: Dreams of the Ringed Vale

First Summer's Eve has come and all elves celebrate as the black moon's shadow fades from the world. It is also Luthiel's fifteenth birthday. With it come two extraordinary and dangerous surprises: a Wyrd Stone, its silvery heart a window into a world of dreams and nightmares, and a Blade Dancer, dreaded protector of the Faelands, who bears a dark message. Instead of celebration, Luthiel is given a terrible choice: if she does nothing, someone she loves deeply will die. Or to save a life, she can break the most perilous law of the Faelands, and venture alone to the Vale of Mists. If she chooses the journey, she must race Othalas -- eldest and most feared of all the werewolves -- past great black spiders who weave webs out of nightmares, through glittering mists with the power to reshape flesh, and at last into death by the teeth of dark and ancient Vyrl, who feed on the blood of elves. Either choice will bring death -- unless Luthiel can find the secret in her remarkable Stone, a secret that even the nightmares fear.

Luthiel's Song: The War of Mists

She chose to die in her sister's place and yet she lived. Luthiel, just 15 years old, made a brave peace with the dreaded Vyrl of the Vale of Mists. Now she must face an army sent to destroy them. With her companions -- the werewolf Othalas, the dragon Melkion, the sorcerer Mithorden, a Vyrl named Ecthellien, and the elf Vaelros who would love her -- Luthiel races back to the angry faelands to beg forgiveness for monsters. Who, if any, will survive the journey? For the Vale is surrounded by the webs of Widdershae, and the only other path leads to the Red Moon -- where an ancient evil waits in the flames. Beyond the Vale, the home she left is not the same. Armies march for vengeance. Powers play their hands in a game of ages. In the sky something evil stirs. Rumors of a dark prophecy. Whispers of a "Blood Witch." And signs foretelling an ancient doom terrible enough to destroy worlds.

If you care to look, I would also love to hear feedback on our character art (by Siya Oum, Marek Okon, and Sandara Tang):

Warmest regards and much love to both readers and writers!

message 6: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Arenson | 7 comments Hi everyone,

I'd like to jump on board and tell you about my fantasy novel "Firefly Island".

"This is the most excited I have ever been about a science fiction/fantasy book!" --

Want to escape to a magical land? Discover a world at the edge of imagination. Visit Firefly Island. In Firefly Island, you'll meet Aeolia, a girl enslaved to an ogre on a faraway farm. With the magic of fireflies, she must escape the ogre, then journey to find her long-lost brother. Join Aeolia as she explores Firefly Island, a strange land of firefly magic. Her quest takes her from hills swarming with ogres, to jungles full of fierce tree warriors, to castles brimming with knights in armor, to an underworld of outlaws on dark city streets, to twisting dungeons, and into landscapes of flame and war.

"I thought Firefly Island was a very promising debut for Arenson. I would highly recommend this book for fantasy fans." --

You can read a sample chapter on my website:

If you'd like to buy a copy (ebooks cost $2.99), you can find the right links here:

Thanks for reading!


message 7: by Al (new)

Al I'll be happy to kick in on the authors' folder. Here's an overview of the current four novels in the Distant Cousin series, not by me but by a wonderful author in her own right, Dianne Salerni. The books are budget priced for Kindle, at Amazon, and for most all other e-readers at For a quick collection of Kindle reader comments, see

"Many books have been written about how First Contact with an extraterrestrial will change the world. Very few books have been written about how such an event would affect the life of the being who makes that contact. In the Distant Cousin series, Ana Darcy (Anneyn Darshiell) – the initial human envoy from a distant world populated by “cousins” to our species – is both the most famous person on Earth and also a private individual who wants what most women want: a family, a home, and a meaningful life. The Distant Cousin series explores Darcy’s arrival on Earth, her meteoric rise to fame, her impact on world politics and technology – and her growth as a person in the role of wife and mother after settling down on her new home world. Of interest also is the network of friends that Darcy cultivates through her actions on Earth; it seems that no one who meets this woman remains untouched by her. Although the Distant Cousin novels include plenty of action and intrigue – deadly danger and sometimes worldwide threats – they cannot rightly be called action novels. Moving at a leisurely pace and focused more on characters than on thrills, the four-book series describes the evolution of a family – composed of one extraordinary woman, a kind and gentle man that most people would find rather average, and two children with an unusual heritage and a refreshingly unique view of the world. Although “light” on the science fiction aspect of the situation, the Distant Cousin novels are gold for readers more interested in the human impact and implications of knowing we are not alone in the universe."

Dianne Salerni, author of High Spirits (We Hear the Dead), A Pinpoint of Truth, and Threshold into Darkness (forthcoming)

message 8: by Tracey (new)

Tracey Alley (TraceyA) Hi all,
You probably all know by now about my book Erich's Plea but for those who don't....

Erich's Plea: Book One of the Witchcraft Wars is the first in a new fantasy saga.
Here's a short blurb:

The Kingdoms of Kaynos have been at peace for nearly a thousand years. Now the ambitions of a dark sorceress, armed with a new and deadly form of magic called witchcraft, threaten to plunge the Kingdoms into the most brutal war of conquest Kaynos has ever seen.

Meanwhile the young druid Slade is haunted by a strange, recurring dream. A dream in which his beloved father, High King Erich of Vestland pleads for Slade's help. Now Slade must somehow achieve the impossible and escape the confines of the infamous, horror-filled Zeaburg prison to not only save his father but to stop Shallendara from plunging the Kingdoms into a devastating war.

Will the power of an unimaginable alliance, an unlikely friendship and a forbidden love be enough to save the Kingdoms of Kaynos?

If you're interested it can be purchased through Amazon
or Smashwords


message 9: by A.j. (new)

A.j. (A_J_Lath) | 1 comments Ooooh, me too! Me too!

My wild fantasy adventure 'Dreamshade' is available FREE at Smashwords for a limited time! You can find it at - just enter coupon code BS86Q at the checkout, and get it at no cost to your good selves. Offer expires July 8th 2010.

'Benjamin Crosskeys always thought he was ordinary. But when he meets Lilac Zhenrei, a magical adventuress from a land of living dreams, he soon discovers he has reason to believe otherwise. For Benjamin has a rare and wonderful ability. And in an epic adventure, he will discover the price that comes with this gift, as he strives to save his family from a monster born of nightmares...'

Oh, and it's got an electric guitar in it that fires lasers, too! (I never cease to be amazed at how many people respond positively to that line...)

message 10: by Robert (new)

Robert | 13 comments These all look fantastic!

message 11: by Valerie (last edited Jul 18, 2010 11:36PM) (new)

Valerie Long (ValerieJLong) | 17 comments Hi all,
I'm writing e-Books, my publisher makes them available for all formats, including but not limited to Kindle.
Lioness' Heart by Valerie J Long
The story is hot in every way, and although it doesn't look much like SciFi in the beginning, Zoe is not an ordinary girl...

Teaser excerpt: "She admired his toned body as he faced her from the kitchen door and she sprawled herself, purring, on the rice-covered kitchen floor. Her gaze wandered up his trouser legs to his still open fly, followed his chest's muscular curves, where suddenly two red flowers blossomed.

As if in slow motion Zoe watched how Rick's knees gave in, how his breaking gaze ran across her body for the very last time, how his voiceless cry fought to protest, how the stream of his life pulsated from his chest, how his light went out forever."

Cheers, Val

message 12: by Thomas (new)

Thomas (TomStone) | 4 comments Hello eBook Readers & Authors!

I have five scifi eBooks available. They are straight-ahead action-adventure intended for a general audience.

To The Stars
Stolen Worlds
Song of the Elowai
The Gender Wars

Through July, you can download Rolling Thunder for free!

Thomas C. Stone

message 13: by Thomas (last edited Aug 31, 2010 06:31PM) (new)

Thomas (TomStone) | 4 comments Greetings All!

I am offering free downloads of my speculative fiction book, THE GENDER WARS, through the month of September. A word of caution: THE GENDER WARS is rated PG-13. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Go here and click on the link: The Gender Wars

Thomas C. Stone

message 14: by John (new)

John Hartness | 4 comments My novel, The Chosen, is now available for Kindle and in the iBooks store. Cheaper on the Kindle because of the convoluted path to market to get to Apple, but here's a sample.

The Chosen by John G. Hartness

What do you get when you mix the father of all mankind with a snotty archangel, the Father of Lies, a couple of snarky waitresses from Texas and a tattooed street preacher from Tennessee? A cross-country trip to save the world, of course!

Adam (yeah THAT Adam) has been around for a long time, but even he's never seen anything like this. He has to gather his ex-girlfriend and his youngest daughter with his ex-wife (you remember Eve, right?) and his oldest surviving son (Cain) and get them across the country for a meeting with Archangel Michael and Lucifer to determine the fate of the world.

Along the way there are strip clubs, cheap beer, expensive whiskey, biker bar fights, shotgun blasts in motel parking lots, sing-alongs in public parks and other wild adventures as our group of intrepid immortals and universal icons travel to save the world.

message 15: by Adam (new)

Adam Bender (adambender) | 16 comments We, The Watched by Adam Bender
I'm serving up my speculative sci-fi novel We, The Watched for free. Just "like" my Facebook page by Sept. 30, and I will send a coupon code for Smashwords on Oct. 1.

The Facebook page is here:

To sample the first four chapters, please visit

A 20-something man wakes up without memory and finds himself in a nation that administers a Watched List of its own citizens. He meets people who accept invasive surveillance by the government and forced uniformity by the church as necessary safeguards for protecting the homeland. The amnesiac learns quickly that opposition is heresy—and punishable by death.

WE, THE WATCHED is a dystopian novel by Adam Bender about what happens when one man forgets the propaganda. He makes strides toward getting his life back together, but the fresh perspective granted by his rebirth soon proves to be more a curse than a gift.

message 16: by Budo (last edited Nov 15, 2010 10:49AM) (new)

Budo Von Stahl (BudovonStahl) | 5 comments Hello, everyone! I'll be polite and keep this short, since description and samples can be had from the Kindle store. Perception of Evil is my first entry into the market, available on anything that can read Kindle. Or stop on by at and chat!

I have also added a number of samples to my facebook page, so come on over and enjoy!

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

Hello, hello! My name is Vianka Van Bokkem and I am a paranormal fantasy author whose books are listed under my profile. Besides from writing I like to read SciFi and fantasy books most of the time :-). I am honored to be part of this group.

Thank you Geoffrey!

message 18: by Patrick (new)

Patrick OConnor | 15 comments Hello--
My name is Patrick OConnor, and I have both textbooks and science fiction novels on Amazon. Te science fiction is e-Book only, at this moment. I'm still building a profile on Goodreads, but look for the "HaChii Concatenstion" trilogy on Amazon Kindle to download samples of my fiction.

I read science fiction and fact, enjoy costuming and masquerade and am presently babysitting my 7th grandchild. Typing with one hsnd and thus the typos...


message 19: by L.K. (new)

L.K. Rigel (likari) | 1 comments Okay, I'll play! My paranormal space opera romance Space Junque is available now at Kindle or at Smashwords

Here is the blurb:

Space Junque is a paranormal space opera romance, set about eighty years from now when earth metamorphoses into an alternate reality.

At the brink of world-wide catastrophe set off by oil spills, sea level rise, and massive pollution, Char Meadowlark accepts an invitation to the Imperial Space Station from Mike Augustine, her dead sister's fiancé.

While Char is in orbit, eco-terrorists set off a planet-wide environmental cataclysm. Char battles threats normal and paranormal in her struggle to return to the transformed planet.

Though Mike pressures her for more than friendship, Char can't stop thinking about the man who saved her life, Jake Ardri, the pilot of the shuttle Space Junque.

But is love even possible in flagrante apocalypto?

message 20: by Kristie (new)

Kristie Cook (KristieCook) How did I not see this folder before? I'll play, too.

Promise (Soul Savers) by Cook, KristiePromiseis my paranormal/urban fantasy that just released this summer. It's available at, paperback and Kindle at and other ebook formats at

Thanks for this opportunity to share!

message 21: by Valerie (new)

Valerie Long (ValerieJLong) | 17 comments Secret unveiled!
Lioness' Skin (Zoe Lionheart, #3) by Valerie J. Long
This is the latest sequel of the Zoe Lionheart series, just released.
If anyone wondered how this woman can be so different, read how she finds out...

message 22: by Michael (last edited Oct 12, 2010 09:18PM) (new)

Michael C. (MichaelCGreer) | 2 comments Hey Y'all!

Bill Murdoch, Sumerian, Book I Journeyman
Bill Murdoch, Sumerian, Book I Journeyman by Michael C. Greer

I too have a new sci fi book available on Kindle. It's a scientist who falls back in time to Ancient Sumeria. Swords, ancient aliens, space craft, time travel, all for $2.99!

I hope you like it.

message 23: by Roxanne (new)

Roxanne (roxannesmolen) I'm a little bit sci fi, a little bit horror.
Satan's Mirror, a woman's incredible journey into hell, is available for Kindle.
Satan's Mirror by Roxanne Smolen
Don't read it in the house alone.

message 24: by Terry (new)

Terry LaBarba | 1 comments Greetings Everyone! I’m Terry LaBarba and I just joined. I’m an author with a series that crosses the UF/Sci-Fi/Visionary/PN genres. Dara Joy’s Matrix of Destiny books were a big inspiration so I’ve got sexy ascended masters mixing with beautiful shamans and people with paranormal gifts in contemporary times. I’m excited about chatting with you all and learning different perspectives on our topics.We, The Hidden (Book 1) The Race Within
See you around!

message 25: by D.J. (new)

D.J. Butler (DJButler) | 7 comments Heaven doesn't want them. Do they stand a chance in Hell?

Bass player Mike Archuleta is down on his luck in a major way. The shattered survivor of a misspent youth, he is haunted by the ghost of his dead brother, and is now driven to planning his suicide. Halfway through the show that's supposed to be his last, a hellhound bursts into the club and attacks the band. The band members pull out karate moves, guns, and even a sword... and then things start to get strange.

Can Mike survive the show? What can he do about his brother's ghost? And what kind of band is this, anyway?

Hellhound on My Trail is the first installment of Rock Band Fights Evil, my ebook-only pulp fiction serial.

message 26: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Bryant | 7 comments Hey, My name is Christopher Bryant. I recently got my first book published, The Sword of Hope Destiny Awaits. It can be found not only on here but is available just about anywhere online for purchase. Check it out at my site, and while you're there, subscribe to my site!! Holding a contest over the next 3 days. I'd like to have 100 subscribers! Every 10th subscriber gets a free signed copy of my book!!!

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

The first day of my BOGOF offer is TODAY! Until 7 February, buy fantasy novel The Gifting and get one FREE ebook from my backlist!

The blurb is:

The mind-dwellers of Gathandria are under deadly siege. For two year-cycles they have suffered: their people decimated, their beautiful city in ruins. Their once peaceful life has descended into chaos and misery. Legends tell of the Lost One who will return at such a time to save them from their mortal enemy – the mind-executioner. This enemy knows their ways well, for he was once an elder of the city. Time is running out.

Johan and Isabella take up the quest, journeying to the Lammas Lands searching for their distant cousin and lowly scribe, Simon Hartstongue. The elders dare to hope that he is who they seek. Not everyone shares this hope; there is one amongst them who is bound to the enemy, shielding their secret thoughts from mind links while seeking to betray Simon.

Powerful lessons are learned as they travel through the mystical kingdoms of the Mountains, the Air, the Desert and the Waters. Deadly attacks threaten total annihilation and devastating sorrow strikes. Story-telling weaves a tenuous net of protection around them, but the enemy has absolute power with the stolen mind-cane in his possession. To his surprise Simon hears its song. Desperately he tries to understand and embrace his gifting, as he struggles to comprehend his inheritance.

A strong and pure mind is needed in the battle to defeat the enemy. If you are branded a coward, a murderer and an outcast, how can you be a saviour? Doubt creeps into the Gathandrians' minds. Is Simon truly the One?



message 28: by L.E. (new)

L.E. Fitzpatrick (L_E_Fitzpatrick) | 33 comments Just a quick fly past to shout from the roof tops, free promotion to day through Amazon:
Dark Waters

Now pelt me with stones and I shall move on.

message 29: by Kelly (last edited Feb 02, 2012 07:25AM) (new)

Kelly | 2 comments We had so much fun with the free giveaway for MERLIN’S KNOT that we’ve decided to give you all a chance to read Raven c.s. McCracken’s IT’S ALWAYS SPRING BREAK SOMEWHERE IN THE GALAXY for free, too. (Thanks to everyone who helped make MERLIN’s KNOT an international bestseller in the Contemporary Fantasy category, by the way, both in the free and regular Amazon lists!)

That’s right – you can download an eBook copy of IASBSITG for no charge February 2nd-3rd! You can get it at . It’s available through in Kindle format, but remember, even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read it. Get one of Amazon’s FREE Kindle Reader apps or just read it in your browser using their new free Kindle Cloud reader. Tell your friends, too.

If you like Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett or William Goldman, you ought to love Raven’s IT’S ALWAYS SPRING BREAK SOMEWHERE IN THE GALAXY. It’s fast, furious and funny – a humorous twist on the road trip, only this time it’s in outer space. Follow the antics of The Misplaced, as they introduce the galaxy to rock and roll with Earth’s very first interstellar starship. Nothing stops this hardrockin’ group as they explore outer space, with an in-your-face attitude.

Join Dan, Lisa, Pony, Christine, and their new manager, the hive-being Bobbisocks, as they climb the charts, face deadly aliens bent on capturing the band, and discover “It’s always spring break somewhere in the galaxy!”

It’s a rock and roll rollicking romp that’s hilarious, has twists and dangers galore, and even some super sexy romance, human *and* alien. It’s one you’ll read over and over again.

message 30: by Joanna (last edited Feb 02, 2012 11:06AM) (new)

Joanna Gawn (lazuliportals) One from me: The Cordello Quest, a fantasy-adventure with crystals, magic, energy portals and stone circles. See Kindleboards profile

Newsletter, blog, gallery, limited editions, Facebook & Twitter links on our main website.

Currently enrolled in KDP Select, so free to borrow for US Amazon Prime members.

The Cordello Quest (Lazuli Portals #1) by Joanna Gawn

message 31: by Marlene (new)

Marlene (mdott) | 23 comments I'd like to jump in. My book is time travel/alternate history about the builder of the Titanic. 2012 is the hundredth anniversary of Titanic's sinking, so this is a good time to learn about her builder.

Check out the Giveaway, which ends Tuesday. You could win an autographed copy of the print book.

The Time Travel Journals Shipbuilder by Marlene Dotterer

message 32: by Michael (new)

Michael (demzer) | 9 comments Hey all!

To celebrate the success of all the fantastic critical and reader response I've been getting over my sci fi thriller, NECROPOLIS, called "wildly exciting" by, I'm holding a big promotion: prizes include a Kindle Fire, Kindles and Amazon Gift cards. No purchase is necessary.

Check out the promotion on my website:

Necropolis Kindle Giveaway

where you can also read the first eight chapters for free, peruse the reviews, and watch a killer book trailer.

You can also check it out on FB: Necropolis

NECROPOLIS is published by Night Shade Books.

Thanks guys, and good luck!

Michael Dempsey

message 33: by Joanna (new)

Joanna Gawn (lazuliportals) Just entered, Michael, then realised (reading the small print at the bottom of the screen) that I'm not eligible as I'm in the UK. Oops! Great trailer, by the way.

message 34: by Michael (new)

Michael (demzer) | 9 comments Joanna wrote: "Just entered, Michael, then realised (reading the small print at the bottom of the screen) that I'm not eligible as I'm in the UK. Oops! Great trailer, by the way."

Go ahead and enter anyway. I just wanted to avoided postage to Antarctica. Cheer!

message 35: by Joanna (new)

Joanna Gawn (lazuliportals) Aw thanks! I have done :)

message 36: by Nicholas (new)

Nicholas Olivo | 3 comments Hi everyone!
I write thrillers and urban fantasy. My debut novel, Imperium (Caulborn #1) by Nicholas Olivo is the February book of the month over in the Urban Fantasy group. It's available at B&N, Amazon, Smashwords & Createspace.

If you'd like to learn more, drop me a line or swing by my website.

Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon!

message 37: by Joanna (new)

Joanna Gawn (lazuliportals) This looks great, Nicholas! Might have to add this to my "To buy" List...

message 38: by Nicholas (new)

Nicholas Olivo | 3 comments Joanna wrote: "This looks great, Nicholas! Might have to add this to my "To buy" List..."

Thanks, Joanna! :)

message 39: by Steve (new)

Steve Merrick (stevesevilempire) | 2 comments

Kego O'Grady, in The Navigator by Steve Merrick. Thats me if any ones curious the guy typing in this little box here typed this little post apocalypse sci fi book.

By the looks of it I will be doing some reading from this thread as there are a few interesting books here.


message 40: by Will (new)

Will Jones (willmacmillanjones) | 30 comments Anyone fancy a comic fantasy in the best tradition?

The Banned Underground

What could be worse? A holiday in the rainy Lake District with an aunt who turns people into frogs? Or falling in with a dwarf rhythm and blues band led by a jazz loving BogTroll? Or battling aDark Lord in his attempt to take over the underground dwarf mansion and its enormous collection of used pizza boxes? Or just being miles from McDonalds?

Join the teenagers and find out in this laugh-riot.

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