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Sammi Daughter of Poseidon | 2 comments Mod
BP was the main cause for the oil spill in the gulf of mexico that killed more than 2000 dolphins in one day and more than 1000 mannatees and a bunch of other sea creatures.Also,this mite cause a great deppresion and louisiana to cease to exist because most of this state depends on fish,crabs,etc.it also sends these products to a bunch of other countries who will not be able to get them since louisiana wont have any left.And its not just me saying that its a bunch of other people that r inteligent enough to realize this.

Sammi Daughter of Poseidon | 2 comments Mod
if u want to get revenge for everything dat has and will happen join this group and stop using bp!!!

Katie (lapiñadramática) | 12 comments WOOHOOO lets go green and save the world
btw em if you dont know popeye died

Katie (lapiñadramática) | 12 comments I know right ;(
he died last friday aka 2 days ago

Katie (lapiñadramática) | 12 comments everyone as in the girl scout troop darlin

Katie (lapiñadramática) | 12 comments yeah i got out on the 15th

Katie (lapiñadramática) | 12 comments ok when i'm not avalible mon-fri

Katie (lapiñadramática) | 12 comments what did willy die ? did hunter ask you out?

Katie (lapiñadramática) | 12 comments ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok

Katie (lapiñadramática) | 12 comments uh ok *again

Katie (lapiñadramática) | 12 comments say what omg the world is going 2 end

Katie (lapiñadramática) | 12 comments lol hahaha what happened he get to smexy 4 u?

Katie (lapiñadramática) | 12 comments lol get on your email then

Katie (lapiñadramática) | 12 comments THE FAME MONSTER ONE

Cece i agree that using bp would be bad but i also agrree that it would be good. Personally i would just not use bp

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