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Nena This is a great book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Julia is a rich wealthy girl who has two sisters. During the summer of A.D 79 she has to deal with two weddings...her sisters weddings. Sura is her slave. She has straight black hair,with green eyes that have little spikes of gold. Sura looks nothing like Julia. Julia has curly black hair,and dark brown eyes that almost looks jet black in the light. Julia also has the Curse of Venus.....a withered arm.(It's on the left arm.)Sura is almost 16,she's four years older than Julia.She knew Julia since she was born. Later that summer there is a volcano that is sound asleep or dormant. Until one day it erupts, and Sura and Julia are faced with the true meaning of freedom. This book is by Kathryn Lasky.The author has done many children books. She has also won a New Berry award.She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Kathryn grew up in Indianapolis,India. She got married to Christopher Knight. The main characters are Julia and Sura.


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