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Alex | 190 comments I'm not in any way affiliated with that site. I think it's a super neat concept that for some reason often ends up less interesting than I want it to be. But anyway, the theme of this week is Africa so I guess they're covering a different country every day. Today's Nigeria. Thought y'all might be interested.

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Muphyn | 820 comments Mod
Thanks for posting this, Alex! It's quite interesting reading these people's life stories/interviews... makes my life seem very boring. ;) But their choice in books is equally illuminating and makes for some great book suggestions.

I found this one by Georgina Godwin on Zimbabwe interesting too. Peter Godwin is Georgina's brother.

Wendy (wendywoo) | 82 comments Really interesting inteview w/ Georgina Godwin. Thanks for posting it Muphyn. I heard an interview this morning on the way into work on BBC World Service about Zim's "new farmers". Definitely interesting to hear about the land reform issue from the perspective of Mugabe's war vets (and benificiaries of much of this land). Here is the link if you want to listen --

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Marieke | 2209 comments Mod
oh no! wendy, the link didn't work...i would love to listen to this.

Wendy (wendywoo) | 82 comments

Try this link instead. Sorry for the technical difficulties!

Andrea | 655 comments We read The White Giraffeas a family read aloud. Of my two "listeners," one liked it and one didn't. But the "disliker" was going through a "nothing about Africa" phase at the time, so she might have been biased:). I thought it was a fun, suspenseful read, but quite a lot of emotional content for younger kids (the girl's parents die in a house fire at the opening of the book.)

Alex | 190 comments So cool that you read books like that with your kids, Andrea. How old?

Andrea | 655 comments Right now they are 18, 15 and 10 and still like family read alouds! But I read this book about two years ago, I think, with the younger two, so they would have been 13 and 8.

Alex | 190 comments That's very, very cool, Andrea. Even the fact that one of them was going through a "nothing about Africa" phase tells me that they'd had plenty about Africa, which makes them privileged above kids like me that were basically never taught anything about Africa. Makes me happy.

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