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Kurt I read this looking for motivation. I got something else.
I wanted Lance's determination to inspire me. I found his community to be more influential than inspired me.
I wanted to hear about mind over matter. I learned that cancer and treatment made him a freak.
I am less motivated to spend time on my bike, more motivated to build the right community.

The wife is a heroine. Now they are divorced.


Laina Interesting... I am not yet done with the book, seeing as I am using it for a project in my English class. From what I have read so far, though, I think it is motivating, but in a different sense. Is the point of the book to really motivate people to go out and get on their bikes? Or is to make people realize the reality and normality of cancer and how realy people--even idolized ones-- react to it? I have been truly and totally inspired by only a few chapters, as I have realized that it's not about the bike or the cancer... it's about the reaction.

Eric I learned tons and it motivated me to look at scenery and such when i exercise and not just do the motions of left - right repeat

Mike Enriquez My mother in law gave me this book when I was diagnosed with the same cancer as Lance at age 26. 3 years later, I am cancer free and have ridden my bike 50 miles or more in each of the last 3 LiveSTRONG events in Northern California. This book really helped me get through a tough time in my life and has created an interest in a sport that I never understood.

Nagarjun There is a lot of spirit in this book,its not just about cancer but anything which is troubling you and threatens your life can be over come with strong will and character.Winning life really inspired me,you have to move on in life, but as a better and a stronger human being.

Jyoti Loved every bit of it. Really mootivating... I could do so many things just thinking about Lance's way of life.

May "Victoria" This really is not about the bike. I's a good read.

Jason Moser I felt this book was very motivating. It has nothing to do with being on a bike or wanting to get on a bike, just as the title suggests. It has everything to do with determination and fighting a battle. It proves that no matter the circumstances or the grim diagnosis of a situation, we need to try to persevere and continue to fight through it. Reading this book motivated me to keep striving for new goals and working to attain them and never stop setting them. That is what I got from this book. EXCELLENT READ.

Vasavi I found the book very motivating and inspiring.. but when I came to know that he has won by cheating, I thought I should not have read this book at all. Lance Armstrong managed not only to cheat the sports officials, but also he managed to write a book which gives a feel that he is very genuine and true.

Meryl I would have felt inspired had I not read it post Lance's confession that he won by cheating.

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