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Silver | 650 comments When I saw this book on the list I was looking forward to reading it becasue it has been on my shelf for a while, and since it just barely did not win, I figured I would start up a side read for it.

message 2: by Mary (Marbear), Founder (new)

Mary (Marbear) Blackburn (mbeth45) | 9188 comments Mod
Hi Silver. Thanks for setting up the thread. I'd love to read it too. I'm reading two books now so I doubt I'll have time. Seems like I don't get as much reading done now. I did great in January. Can't figure out what's changed.


Liz I hope I can fit this book in this month. If not, I'll come back to this discussion when I can. I've heard the book is wonderful!

DJ  (DJDivaofJava) | 2985 comments Count me in!!

Jill (Jillybeans) | 4474 comments Hi Silver. Yep it was a close one! I recently purchased both Rebecca and Possession. I am finishing up Outlander, will most likely read Shutter Island if I can find at the used book store since hubby wants to see the movie bad. Then, I think I can join in on Rebecca this month as well.

Silver | 650 comments I will look forward to it!

Tina Thanks for starting the thread Silver--I voted for Rebecca as it's been sitting on my shelf for awhile now and I'm reading it for another book club too. I'll participate here too!

Kris | 101 comments Count me in too!

LynnB Yup, me too! I read this many, many years ago (40?) and have been thinking about reading it again because I don't remember it too well.

Jamie  (jaymers8413) I also would love to read this. I would rather read a book I have than go buy another one (I have a problem and have to buy all the books I read...just in case I want to reread it, let my future children read it, and the fact that I have a shopping problem)

Elena | 165 comments I read this book some time ago. Very predictable story, but entertaining. I gave it a 3.

Lea (Leaspot) | 1902 comments I read this book last month and really enjoyed it. It had been on my TBR list for years and years. I gave it five stars, which is somewhat unusual for me.

DJ  (DJDivaofJava) | 2985 comments Lea I have read it many times and I also give it 5 stars and like you I am a tough Cookie when it comes to dishing out the stars!!

Maggie | 492 comments I may join the discussion - I have read Rebecca a few times and love it (5 stars too!) but it is due a re-read if I can fit it in!!

DJ  (DJDivaofJava) | 2985 comments hi Maggie
Rebecca is one of those books that you have to go back and reread every so often.....

Maggie | 492 comments Hi DJ,
yes it is. I remember years (and years!) ago when my friend and I started our 'serious' reading she was an Agatha Christie gal and for me it was Daphne du Maurier - I read the lot. I loved them then and I love them now!

Silver | 650 comments I just started reading Rebecca today, I thought that the first chapter was some of the most beautiful and enchanting work of prose I have read.

DJ  (DJDivaofJava) | 2985 comments Maggie I am with you on both Authors...
Silver the opening of Rebecca has always been one of the most gripping to me as when have we all bot at some point in our lives dreamy of being back somewhere where we have left behind a piece of ourselves??

Silver | 650 comments It is a wonderful scene! I love the way she describes Manerley in her revisitation in dream. It has a touch of the gothic.

DJ  (DJDivaofJava) | 2985 comments It does indeed Silver....I think in that respect she brings and prepares us beautifully for Mrs Danvers,who truly belongs in another time!

Marie-vicky (grimace) | 531 comments Hi,

I just bought Rebecca Today.I love Daphne du Maurier books.I remenber reading Jamaica Inn when I was in College.This book capture all my attention.I exactly know when I read haunted me for so many nights.It wasn't scary it was totally mysterious.
I will start Rebecca at the begining of the week.I'm leaving in Florida tomorrow for ten days.I finally made my mind what I will bring in my suitcase with Rebecca.I will bring Forgotten Garden.

I still have to finish New York by Edward Rutherford.I am making progress.I have 400 pages\on 860 pages. I decided to put it away for a heavy to carry in my suitcase.

Happy Easter.....

Lea (Leaspot) | 1902 comments DJ wrote: "Lea I have read it many times and I also give it 5 stars and like you I am a tough Cookie when it comes to dishing out the stars!!"

DJ, I can see how this would be a book to re-read. I re-read very few books (too many others to read for the first time), but every year, I re-read a few. This book has so much subtlty, I think I could enjoy it all over again. It is haunting. It is beautiful.

Silver | 650 comments The prose is truly lyrical, and indeed it does seem to have a very haunting qualility to it.

message 24: by Mary (Marbear), Founder (new)

Mary (Marbear) Blackburn (mbeth45) | 9188 comments Mod
Hi all. Okay, you all have convinced me that I have to stop by Barnes and Noble on Monday and buy this book. Sadly it is not in print for my Kindle. I'm reading "Possession," now. It's not exactly easy reading.


Yorky Caz (YorkyCaz) | 2188 comments Dilema I have said that I will read this book in May as another joint read but it sounds soooo good I want to read it now!!! Curse you book addicts!!!

DJ  (DJDivaofJava) | 2985 comments Hi Yorky I'm supposed to read it in May too but I couldn't wait and I can always make time to discuss Rebecca!!
Er,ok I can usual find time to read discuss most books......LOL!!
Yorky to keep you up to date I read 10 books in March and I'll give you an end of year total as well as monthly update...
Toodles for now...

Yorky Caz (YorkyCaz) | 2188 comments Hey DJ read some books the other day that I think you would absolutely love, have you read any of Jacqueline Winspears Maise Dobbs books?

DJ  (DJDivaofJava) | 2985 comments Hi Yorky,
Happy Easter!!! The Easter Bunny brought me 2 Eggs and a New Book!!!
I haven't heard of these books but I would love to know more,ok,in part because my Mum was called Maisie!!
Hope you and your other half have a Great Time...I'm kind of assuming you will be seeing the littles?
Happy Reading x.

Yorky Caz (YorkyCaz) | 2188 comments Happy Easter! I saw the kiddies last weekend when we had an Easter Hunt round my parents garden. Last year my present was in a tree, this year I had to find it buried in the ground using a metal detector!!! Please do read the Maise Dobbs books and let me know what you think they are soooo good!!!

DJ  (DJDivaofJava) | 2985 comments What was the present?
I will look them up :-)

Yorky Caz (YorkyCaz) | 2188 comments Handmade sweets, It was a metal bar that was buried that I had to swop for the chocolates, Very fun day!

DJ  (DJDivaofJava) | 2985 comments Pure Dead Brilliant!!!

KarenLee | 474 comments Yorky wrote: "Hey DJ read some books the other day that I think you would absolutely love, have you read any of Jacqueline Winspears Maise Dobbs books?"

I second that. Loved the Maisie Dobbs books!

message 34: by Mary (Marbear), Founder (new)

Mary (Marbear) Blackburn (mbeth45) | 9188 comments Mod
Hi all. I broke down and stopped by Barnes and Noble and got the paperback version. It was not availble for the Kindle. Hope I have time to start it soon.


Tina MarBear wrote: "Hi all. I broke down and stopped by Barnes and Noble and got the paperback version. It was not availble for the Kindle. Hope I have time to start it soon.


Sigh, I think all books should be kindle books too :-)

message 36: by Mary (Marbear), Founder (new)

Mary (Marbear) Blackburn (mbeth45) | 9188 comments Mod
Hi Tina. There was a place on the books Amazon page to click if you'd like the publisher to put the book in Kindle form. I need to go back and do that.


Anna Anderson (AnnaAnderson) | 373 comments I am VERY new to Book Addicts and Good Reads, but I came across this message regarding Rebecca and I was excited b/c it is on my TBR list and I cannot wait to get started on it. I actually put it on my TBR list after reading The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton b/c she lists it as one of her favorite books. Also, I saw someone mention the Maisie Dobbs series and they are on my TBR list as well, so I just have to say that I am SO glad that I joined this group. Thank you for having me!

DJ  (DJDivaofJava) | 2985 comments Anna,you are most welcome.It sounds like you've just slotted right in....The only downside is the amount of new books and authors we will all lead you to.Hope you jave a few empty shelves as they will soon fill up!!

Jill (Jillybeans) | 4474 comments Welcome Anna. You will love all the wonderful members in Book Addicts.

I started Rebecca

message 40: by Marie-vicky (last edited Apr 13, 2010 06:15AM) (new)

Marie-vicky (grimace) | 531 comments Hi everybody,

Back from Florida.I'm glad to know that many of you are reading [Rebecca}:] or will start soon.I havenI loved Maisie Dobb Story I will love it to read on the side.I have to finish New York by E.Rutherford. I'm progressing .....

message 41: by Mary (Marbear), Founder (new)

Mary (Marbear) Blackburn (mbeth45) | 9188 comments Mod
Hi Marie-Vicky. Glad you had a good time at Disney. We went to Disney World several years ago. Tried to see everything in four days. Just not possible. We'd love to go back and spend 7 days. I bought "Rebecca," but haven't started it yet. I have to finish "Possession," for my challenge list and it's a tough one to read.


message 42: by Marie-vicky (last edited Apr 13, 2010 06:30AM) (new)

Marie-vicky (grimace) | 531 comments Hi Marbear.

We did 6 days.I really think it was enough.we took 3 days tickets and 3 other days to relax around the pool.One Night we went to see LA NOUBA-Le Cirque du Soleil.Great great and wond wonderful show.Don't miss it if you think to visit Disney again.
I really looking forward to read Rebecca.I still have 100 pages to go with New york.I'm really glad to not have give up that book even if I complained a lot.I finishing it this week and will share my comments.I have no plan to read an other 800 pages book for a while because sincerely I won't never reach my Goal.I just have to take time to put it together and write something about it.its kind hard to summarize 800 pages.English is my second language and I need to put more time in writing....
Possesion is really tough to read and I understand your feeling.I read it but many years ago and in French.No plan to re-reread it....I like to read what people have to say about it.

Anna Anderson (AnnaAnderson) | 373 comments I am getting ready to open up Rebecca and get started, so I am excited to FINALLY be reading it. I will post again later when I have had a chance to get into the book, but I am definitely looking forward to it!

I just finished Kate Morton's other book The House at Riverton and I have to say that I enjoyed The Forgotten Garden better, but they were both GREAT, so I personally highly recommend either one, but I am a huge sucker for historical fiction, especially family drama/mystery ones, so I might be biased by preference. Kate Morton actually recommends Rebecca and several other books at the end of both books and on her web site, so I better go get started!

Yorky Caz (YorkyCaz) | 2188 comments Hey Anna I didnt know that Kate Morton recommends Rebecca, I love the link as I was planning on reading that next after the forgotten Garden!! Thanks for the info

Tracyene | 9 comments I haven't read Rebecca yet, but I did read The House on the Strand which I loved.

Yorky Caz (YorkyCaz) | 2188 comments Starting this book today having just finish House at Riverton, most excited, hope its a good read!

Anna Anderson (AnnaAnderson) | 373 comments I finished Rebecca a week ago and I hate to say it b/c I know it is a classic, but I was a little disappointed. Maybe it is because I had built in up in my mind so much, that the real thing just could not compare, I don't really know, but I do know that I liked The Forgotten Garden better than Rebecca.

Yorky Caz (YorkyCaz) | 2188 comments Hmm this could be interesting then I'm going in with an open mind but lets see how it turns out!

Anna Anderson (AnnaAnderson) | 373 comments Yorky, I am sure you will enjoy it, as did I, there was just something missing for me and I cannot put my finger on it exactly. That is why I was wondering if it was the built up expectations or just the book/story itself. Also, it was a little bit slow for me, which I was not expecting. I just assumed I would fly through it and I did not, so maybe that was part of it for me. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to what you have to say about it!

Yorky Caz (YorkyCaz) | 2188 comments Im over 100 pages in and really liking it so far, its different to what I thought as for some idea I thought the writing was going to be much more old fashioned and slow? no idea why

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