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message 51: by Laura (new)

Laura I did too - I see now. Well, at least we all know...

message 52: by Vince (last edited Jul 18, 2010 02:39PM) (new)

Vince (VChile) | 163 comments Sometimes I forget we can google everything. (When I was a boy, we didn't have all this fancy...) The movie is just now available on Netflix in US for rent or to stream instantly. And yes, it's quite good. (I'm loving"...Hornet's Nest")

message 53: by Barbara (new)

Barbara (Cinnabar) | 2110 comments Donna wrote: "Hi Vince, I did a little Googling and "Terribly Happy" is based on a novel by Erling Jepsen but it doesn't seem to be available in English.

The movies does sound interesting and here is a link t..."

Blockbuster online has the movie "Terribly Happy." I like the Scandinavian noir movies so I put it in my queue. I should get it in a few days.

message 54: by Donna, Co-Moderator (new)

Donna | 1994 comments Mod
There was a review this week in the Washington Post of Karin Fossum's book Broken now in an English translation. It is not in the Inspector Sejer series and is more suspense than mystery but it seems interesting.

message 55: by Ann (new)

Ann (AnnRumsey) | 16 comments Thank, Donna!
This does sound intriguing and lucky for me the library has a copy on order so I am on the hold list.
A stand alone may be a good way to get a peek at Fossum's style. I wonder why the Kindle version is only available in the UK. Publishing rights I suppose, surely the translation is the same.
Donna wrote: "There was a review this week in the Washington Post of Karin Fossum's book Broken now in an English translation. "

message 56: by 4cats (new)

4cats (fourcats) | 81 comments I love the bleakness of alot of the writing, you get a sense of place and person with most scandanavian/icelandic authors. I also think that the translation is extremely important, tried Ake Edwardson, but the language was very stilted, presume it was something to do with the translation as i desperately wanted to read the series and enjoy it, but it didn't flow so was put off.

message 57: by Vince (last edited Aug 25, 2010 06:42PM) (new)

Vince (VChile) | 163 comments Just read about The Ice Princess (Patrik Hedstrom, #1) by Camilla Läckberg The Ice Princess byCamilla Läckberg being newly translated into English. Looks promising; this is the first in a series that's apparently very popular in Sweden. (I guess the guy whose article I read was a little behind in his writing; this has been out since May. Still, it looks like it may be good. Has anyone here read her work yet?)

message 58: by Vince (last edited Aug 25, 2010 06:49PM) (new)

Vince (VChile) | 163 comments I answered my own question by going back a page. Drat, thought I had a scoop!

message 59: by 4cats (new)

4cats (fourcats) | 81 comments Vince, The Ice Princess is a really good read, translation flows well worth a go. Don't know if you've tried Asa Larsson The Savage Altar (may have changed title) but that is an excellent debut as well.

message 60: by 4cats (new)

4cats (fourcats) | 81 comments If anyone hasn't tried other euro crime the Inspector Dekok series is worth a read, set in Amsterdam, the translation isn't bad. The author is Baantjer. Worth investigating

message 61: by Donna, Co-Moderator (new)

Donna | 1994 comments Mod
jo wrote: "Vince, The Ice Princess is a really good read, translation flows well worth a go. Don't know if you've tried Asa Larsson The Savage Altar (may have changed title) but that is an excellent debut as..."

The title of the Asa Larsson book in the US is Sun Storm. It was very good.

message 62: by Jerry (new)

Jerry (sanddawgg) | 1 comments I just finished Sun Storm by Asa Larsson, a murder mystery set in Northern Sweeden. Great novel!

message 63: by Ann (new)

Ann (AnnRumsey) | 16 comments I'll be picking up Karin Fossum's Broken at the library this week!

message 64: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 71 comments Sorry for the long post, but I just found this list of translated Scandinavian crime novels in a used bookstore newsletter:

"The titles below have all been translated into English, and I believe all of them are available in paperback editions here in the US. This is by no means an exhaustive list; there are other authors that have been translated into English, and the authors below may have more titles than are listed below."

Alvtegen, Karin - A Swedish author of psychological thrillers. Three of her books have been translated: Missing (2000); Betrayal (2003); and Shame (2005).

Arnaldur Indriðason - An Icelandic writer of crime fiction with his Detective Erik Erlendur series: Jar City, (2000); Silence of the Grave, (2001); Voices (or Roddin) (2002); The Draining Lake (2004); Arctic Chill (2005); Hypothermia (2007).

Dahl, Kjell Ola - A master of Norwegian crime: The Last Fix (2000); The Man in the Window (2001); and, The Fourth Man (2005).

Edwardson, Åke - A Swedish author, with four Inspector Winter novels: Death Angels (1997); Sun and Shadow (1999); Never End (2000); and Frozen Tracks (2001).

Ekman, Kerstin - a Swedish novelist who wrote a string of successful detective novels, including: Under the Snow (1961); and, Blackwater (1993).

Eriksson, Kjell - a Swedish crime-writer, author of the novels The Princess of Burundi (2002) and The Cruel Stars of the Night (2004).

Fossum, Karin - The "Norwegian queen of crime" is the author of the Inspector Konrad Sejer series: Don't Look Back (2002); He Who Fears the Wolf (2003); When the Devil Holds the Candle (2004); and, Black Seconds (2007).

Holt, Anne - One of the most successful crime novelists in Norway: What is Mine (2001); What never happens (2004).

Joensuu, Matti Yrjänä - A Finnish writer of crime fiction, whose novels include: The Stone Murders (1987).

Jungstedt, Mari - A Swedish journalist and popular crime fiction author of three novels featuring Detective Superintendent Anders Knutas and the journalist Johan Berg: Unseen (2006); Unspoken (2007); and, The Inner Circle (2008).

Lackberg, Camilla - A popular Swedish crime writer: The Ice Princess (2002).

Larsen, Michael - a Danish author. Among his works is Uncertainty (1994).

Larsson, Åsa - a Swedish crime-writer, who is the author of: Sun Storm (2003); The Blood Spilt (2004); and, The Black Path (2006).

Mankell, Henning - A renowned Swedish crime writer best known for a series of nine mystery novels starring Inspector Kurt Wallander: Faceless Killers (1991); The Dogs of Riga (1992); The White Lioness (1993); The Man Who Smiled (1994).

Marklund, Liza - is a Swedish journalist and crime writer. The crime novels featuring crime reporter Annika Bengtzon have become international bestsellers. Two books in the series are: The Bomber (1998) and Studio Sex (1999).

Nesbø, Jo - A Norwegian author primarily famous for his crime novels about Detective Harry Hole, including: The Redbreast (2000); Nemesis (2002); The Devil's Star (2003); and, The Redeemer (2005).

Nesser, Håkan - A Swedish author, who created the Chief Inspector Van Veeteren series: The Mind's Eye (1993); Borkmann's Point (1994); The Return (1995); and Woman with Birthmark (1996).

Rygg, Pernille - a Norwegian writer who wrote the crime novel, The Butterfly Effect (1995).

Sjöwall, Maj & Per Wahloo - A well known team of detective writers from Sweden, who conceived and wrote a series of ten Martin Beck novels, including: Roseanna (1965); The Man Who Went Up In Smoke (1966); The Man on the Balcony (1967); The Laughing Policeman (1968); The Fire Engine That Disappeared (1969); The Abominable Man (1971); and, The Locked Room (1972).

Yrsa Sigurðardóttir - an Icelandic writer, of crime-novels: Last Rituals: An Icelandic Novel of Secret Symbols, Medieval Witchcraft, and Modern Murder (2005); and, My Soul to Take: A Novel of Iceland (2006)

message 65: by Donna, Co-Moderator (new)

Donna | 1994 comments Mod
Hi Lauren. What a terrific list. I am familiar with a number of the authors on this list but not all. More for my TBR mountain.



message 66: by 4cats (new)

4cats (fourcats) | 81 comments have heard and read a fair few of them but am going to investigate Rygg, michael larsen and joensuu who i havent't tried many thanks for the list.

message 67: by Barbara (new)

Barbara (Cinnabar) | 2110 comments Thanks Lauren.

message 68: by [deleted user] (new)

Thanks Lauren, I have read books by 14 of those authors and have book by another two ready to go on my TBR pile but there are still some new-to-me names on there that I will happily investigate. I'm participating in a Nordic Book Challenge this year so always on the lookout for interesting new crime fiction from the region.

message 69: by Gatorman (new)

Gatorman | 7250 comments I tried reading Last Rituals but it was so boring I stopped after about 30 pages and never went back. I enjoyed the Larsson "Millenium" books even though I, too, was not fond of Salander as a character. Way too angry to be interesting (even though I get why she is angry, it takes away from any real character development).

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