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Leslie HI!
This is a game I leaned on a thread from another group on here and I really loved it. I thought us chics might want to try it too.

List two things that are different--for instance, an old book and blueberry pie.
How are they the same?
My answer is that they are both very enjoyable to consume. What's your answer?

Give your answer then list two things and wait for an answer about your two things.

To start the game I will say--a clock and Mars. How are they the same?

Angela Lynn Holland (griperang) Both are round

A blanket and a bunny rabbit - How are they the same?

Leslie both are fuzzy and cuddly

a bead and the Mona Lisa

Barbara (AuntBarb) | 164 comments both are lovely and colorful

A clock and a teacup

message 5: by Jo (last edited Feb 17, 2010 08:54AM) (new)

Jo (BloominChick) | 2991 comments Both make you look to see how much is left.

a garden in summer and a garden in winter

Psmith  (SmithaPrabhu) | 4852 comments both are a pleasure to the eye

a boy and a puppy

Brittany (MissBrittany) | 336 comments they can be cute but mischevious.

a bottle of water and a pen.

message 8: by Psmith (last edited Feb 19, 2010 06:55AM) (new)

Psmith  (SmithaPrabhu) | 4852 comments both quench thirst - of body and soul, respectively

a man and a woman

Kathryn (KathrynH)
both are human beings - one usually cannot live without the other

a quilt and sunshine

Psmith  (SmithaPrabhu) | 4852 comments both envelop us in their warmth

waves and tears

Kathryn (KathrynH)
both are a release of energy

an apron and a tree

Leslie both cover us--one with nice cool shade and one from splattering grease.

a cat and a calculator

Rose (ROSEO) | 1134 comments both start with the letter C.

a friend and a good book

Psmith  (SmithaPrabhu) | 4852 comments both are indispensable

the sea and the sky

Barbara (AuntBarb) | 164 comments both are vast

a clock and a glove

Psmith  (SmithaPrabhu) | 4852 comments both are associated with hands

black and white

Nadia (bagambo) both make a great cookie!

a magazine and flip flops

Brittany (MissBrittany) | 336 comments both are beach necessities

a chair and a wall.

Barbara (AuntBarb) | 164 comments both prop you up.

a rug and a stair

Brittany (MissBrittany) | 336 comments both are easy to trip over.

a towel and a key.

Psmith  (SmithaPrabhu) | 4852 comments both are indispensable for a hotel room

heaven and hell

Kathryn (KathrynH) friends in both places

tissues and a blanket

Psmith  (SmithaPrabhu) | 4852 comments both essential with a running nose and a high temperature

sun and moon

Kathryn (KathrynH) both are part of the day

sugar and clouds

message 25: by Rose (last edited Feb 28, 2010 02:22PM) (new)

Rose (ROSEO) | 1134 comments both can be white

wood and water

Psmith  (SmithaPrabhu) | 4852 comments both needed to build a house

honey and money

Rose (ROSEO) | 1134 comments both rhyme

events and dreams

Carrie (missfryer) | 530 comments Both can be hard to remember

dogs and are they the same?

Psmith  (SmithaPrabhu) | 4852 comments people pamper both

books and friends

Rose (ROSEO) | 1134 comments Both bring more pleasure in numbers.

men and women

Kathryn (KathrynH) You can't have one without the other (or can we???)

sunshine and rain

Britt☮ (genki_bee) Both help plants grow.

an eggplant and an octopus

Psmith  (SmithaPrabhu) | 4852 comments both may be consumed as delicacies

Sherlock Holmes and Watson

Elizabeth (Huggable) both are fictional men

tiger and elephant

Kimberley | 98 comments both are magnificent creatures but could be deadly if taunted

a baby and kitten

Psmith  (SmithaPrabhu) | 4852 comments both purr and mew and are cuddly and cute

blood and water

Britt☮ (genki_bee) Our bodies contain both.

a pilot and a surgeon

Kimberley | 98 comments Both have jobs that can kill people with one wrong move.

A globe and a map

Psmith  (SmithaPrabhu) | 4852 comments a geography student needs both

psychiatrist and patient

Rose (ROSEO) | 1134 comments both start with the letter "P"

paper and glass

Psmith  (SmithaPrabhu) | 4852 comments both can be painted upon

teacher and student

message 42: by Noemie (last edited Mar 23, 2010 11:06AM) (new)

Noemie (EspeciallyShameless) | 17 comments Both can learn from each other.

A house and a bed

Chantelle (Chantelle13) | 20 comments both my 'retreat' places.

computer and a book

Psmith  (SmithaPrabhu) | 4852 comments both essential for widening your horizons

coffee and ice-cream

Rona | 10 comments both make an enjoyable way to end a meal

children and bikes

message 46: by Psmith (last edited Mar 26, 2010 05:18AM) (new)

Psmith  (SmithaPrabhu) | 4852 comments both to be seen in hordes on the streets during vacation

blood and bile

Rona | 10 comments both are necessary to live

running and reading

Rose (ROSEO) | 1134 comments both can take you places

sun and sky

Psmith  (SmithaPrabhu) | 4852 comments we aspire to reach them.

prince and frog

Britt☮ (genki_bee) Both stressful at the time but (hopefully) remembered fondly.

children and the elderly

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