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Jennifer Woollven | 30 comments Mod
1. Title of your book.
2. Describe the overall theme of your book.

message 2: by Janie (new)

Janie | 27 comments Mexican white boy
The theme is to never give up on something and to trust other people and to not think so much.

message 3: by Ashlee (new)

Ashlee Wilson | 24 comments The collected poems of Langston Hughes
The theme is emotions...feelings.Poems about what he's experienced and how he feels.

message 4: by Christian (new)

Christian Medrano | 21 comments Superman/Batman Public Enemies

No matter what, teamwork triumphs all. Or two heads are better than one.

message 5: by Dominique (new)

Dominique | 13 comments Persepolis

Lost of inocence.

message 6: by Miriam (new)

Miriam Delgado | 21 comments Freefall
Its fight for what yhu believe in and also to be brave when nobody wants to be.

message 7: by Maleeca (new)

Maleeca | 28 comments Payback
The theme is bullying is wrong and just because people hurt you doesn't mean you have to get payback because that could just make it worse.

message 8: by Edith (new)

Edith (3dith) | 27 comments Jennifer Woollven wrote: "1. Title of your book.
2. Describe the overall theme of your book."


Growing Up and Understanding Life

message 9: by Quedisjha (new)

Quedisjha Sotelo | 15 comments The Glass Castle
Stay strong when you're having problems because other people might be going through harder things than you are.

message 10: by jasmine (new)

jasmine (heartsjasmnehearts) | 18 comments the house of the scorpion;

a human is a human.

message 11: by Maria (new)

Maria Santos | 14 comments freefall
the overall of this book is that there is war and love all in one and Aggie wants to be part of both. =]

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