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Eh?Eh! | 4 comments I borrowed this in the early '90s but I think it was a little older than that. The description pretty much describes it. The cover showed a woman from the torso up, in traditional hanbok, red hair in a braid. I think there may have been a smaller image of a Korean man in one of the corners?

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Kenna (KennaS) | 11 comments While not fitting your description to a T, Byeond Sunrise comes close enough to warrent me mentioning it. A Scotish travel writer goes to the south pacific to seek adventure. A not so gentle man escorts her to see a tribe of dangerous head hunters and things go awry from there. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11...

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Eh?Eh! | 4 comments Thanks for the mentioning!

It's not the one I remember which is set in the romantic unspecified past, before technology. Oh, there was a side-story of one of the princes falling in love with a courtesan, but they were separated from each other because (it turned out) she was his half-sister.

This was the first romance novel I ever read so I was just wondering if it could be found, a nostalgia search.

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Eh?Eh! | 4 comments I came across it at a used bookstore over the weekend! Mystery solved, it's Highland Jade. I'll move this to the correct folder it a sec....

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