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Rose and Dimitri

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Flameholly161 Rose and Dimitri NEED to be together!!!!

count down to how many days until it comes out:

May 18, 2010
(according to her website [richellemead.com:])

four months and seventeen days =[ way too long

Jasmine Totally! They're so compatiable! Or, they were before Dimitri turned into an evil, blooksucking monster whose current hobby involves stalking, threatening, and killing Rose. But even if Rose and Dimitri get together, read, DImitri is magically cured via magic, what about Adrian? He's so nice too. It would be sad if RIchelle Mead didn't give Adrian a happy ending.

message 3: by Marla (new)

Marla i don't think rose and dimitri should get back together as too much has happened the relationship would eventually desintergrate, realy they both need a clean slate

message 4: by Marla (new)

Marla Yeah blood promise was just a waste of time it completely sucked. I can only hope that spirit bound is better

Jae345 Yeah I totally think rose and dimitri should be together, I mean they're like soul mates- I think the new series that Mead writes about will be about Adrian- I'm thinking Adrian is a big boy, and he'll be absolutely fine- Dimitri needs Rose right now to help him- he never turned his back on her when she needed him- I can't imagine rose with anybody else but dimitri- what a disappointment these series would be if they don't end up being together....

Alease Monestela tell me that rose and dimitri will be together again or else i will die

Tamara Bailey wrote: "tell me that rose and dimitri will be together again or else i will die"

of course dimitri and rose will be together again!!1;)

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