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jenjn79 (isisfg) | 290 comments Mod
What are your favorite single title releases?

jenjn79 (isisfg) | 290 comments Mod
It might be easier to pick ones that aren't my favorites!

But my favs are:

Public Secrets
Honest Illusions
True Betrayals


Montana Sky
Carolina Moon
Divine Evil

Michelle | 6 comments I agree that it is easier to pick the least favorite rather than favorite, but the two I reread the most are Carolina Moon and Montana good!

jenjn79 (isisfg) | 290 comments Mod
There are just so many of her single title releases that I really enjoy. On the reverse, there's only 1 that just didn't really appeal to me.

Michelle | 6 comments which one is that?

Miss Kim (thatsmisskimtoyou) I love all of those!

As for not liking...High Noon wasn't one of my fav's. It was ok.

jenjn79 (isisfg) | 290 comments Mod
Genuine Lies just didn't do anything for me. I just could not get into that book.

Gina (GinRobi) | 40 comments All time absolute fave: The Villa. It's probably because I relate to a lot that's in the book. Being Italian is one, used to help my grandfather make wine, that's two.

Followed closely behind by:

Blue Smoke, Montana Sky, Carolina Moon, Honest Illusions, The Reef, True Betrayals and the list could go on and on, LOL!

One that I really couldn't get into: Northern Lights. I had a really hard time with that one.

jenjn79 (isisfg) | 290 comments Mod
Gina, isn't it hard to pick just one fav? I can never limit it to just one. Some days I think Public Secrets is my fav, others Honest Illusions, recently it's been True Betrayals. They're all so great.

Teryl Gosh, that is a tough one. True Betrayals, Divine Evil, the one where Tucker is the hero (can't think of the title). those are the ones that popped into my head first.

jenjn79 (isisfg) | 290 comments Mod
Tucker...I think that's Carnal Innocence?

Teryl That's the one. The ending shocked the heck out of me.

jenjn79 (isisfg) | 290 comments Mod
Agreed...definitely an interesting ending to that one. The antagonist was an unusual pick.

April (aprilc) | 5 comments Montana Sky is probably my favorite.
Happy Reading,

Stacy | 41 comments Oh! This is a tough one. I loved The Villa, and Blue Smoke i think the best. All of her books are great though

Melissa (mkloempken) It's so hard to choose just one! My favorites right now are The Villa, The Reef, Blue Smoke, and Hidden Riches.

Sherry (wstridgerunner) Wow, favorite huh? Hard choice! I think Carnal Innocence, simply cause the bad guy wasn't who I thought it was, surprise ending. And of course I fell in love with Tucker!

jenjn79 (isisfg) | 290 comments Mod
I liked Carnal Innocence, too. I loved Tucker, and the bad guy, loved how that went. This was one of the first few NR books I read and I've always remembered it.

Amar | 134 comments Hard to pick a fave but Blue Smoke, Honest Illusions and Villa are at the top of my list...loved Montana Sky too.

Deborah | 3 comments I think I'm going to have to go back and re-read some of these. Honest Illusions and Carnal Innocence definitely. Hard to remember. Getting too old!

Sherry (wstridgerunner) Ooohhhh Carnal Innocence was a good one! I fell in love with Tucker Longstreet!

Ruth | 5 comments Honest Illusions - reread frequently - the tribulations and resolution suck me in every time. I also have to give a runner up to True Betrayals - since it was the first one I read and hooked me.

Laurie (Ardelia27) My favorite stand-alone so far has to be Honest Illusions. As for least favorite of those that I have read, it would have to be Northern Lights. I really struggled with that one even though I loved the setting being in Alaska!

Holli I loved Midnight Bayou and The Villa...both excellent books. Another fave was Carolina Moon!

Nikki ♥ | 61 comments So far my favorites are Montana Sky and Midnight Bayou. I haven't read too many of her single title releases.

message 26: by Heather (last edited Jun 12, 2009 06:23PM) (new)

Heather (heatherlovesshawn) | 11 comments i read divine evil i love is one of my favorite... but my favorite will always be tears of the moon

Amar | 134 comments I just read 'Remember When", first half written by NR and the second half by JD Robb...pretty good, esp. the first half.

Amar | 134 comments I just can't pick one favorite from her single title releases...Midnight Bayou is a good one Melody, just loved Declan!! Tribute was really good too, loved Ford, the sweet, nerdy antihero! Another all time fave is Blue Smoke...

Miriam | 36 comments mmm...Favorite?....Have a tie between Blue Smoke, High Noon, and Carolina Moon. Another one that is in my top 10: Birthright.

Sherry (wstridgerunner) Birthright......another outstanding title....I think it's very unfair to have to pick "a" favorite, it seems none of us can limit it to 1 title!! LOL

Amar | 134 comments Ooooh Birthright, loved that one...have to put that on my re-read list.

Heather (heatherlovesshawn) | 11 comments i seen midnight buyou on lifetime it was not that good but i bet that the book is pretty good... but i thought that divine evil was a great book cuz you wouldnt expect who the leader was... i thought that the mayors wife didnt even know but i was wrong i like it alot..

Miriam | 36 comments Heather wrote: "i seen midnight buyou on lifetime it was not that good but i bet that the book is pretty good... but i thought that divine evil was a great book cuz you wouldnt expect who the leader was... i thoug..." My motto is "Never see the movie if you can read the book" ... Lately I have not seen a movie that can compare to the book.

Heather (heatherlovesshawn) | 11 comments "MIRIAM" i agree with you that movie's are not better than books. they just cant do it like the books. but i did think it might be good but i was wrong?

Natascha i really loved the reef, montana sky. midnight bayou is one of my least favorites(i didn't like the way the sister-in-law was killed)

Sierra Rose (SierraRose) | 15 comments Honest Illusions and Sweet Revenge are my favorite single titles with Homeport a close third.

Sobia (SoBe1982) | 8 comments I loved, loved, loved Tribute, so that would be my favorite, Northern Lights, Public Secrets and Birthright all come really close :)

Cathy | 13 comments Birthright has to be my favourite- just for the Jaws theme music reference alone. Of the single title releases I think the heroes stand out rather than the books- High Noon in particular. The only NR I couldn't read again would be the one with the artist going back to her home town and the ritual killings. That was just disturbing.

Amar | 134 comments Love that Jaws music in Birthright, Cathy, that book had some hilarious exchanges between the h/h.

Cathy | 13 comments Still makes me laugh now and I read Birthright for the first time 10 years ago! Jake and Callie are definitely one of NR's best pairings- when she finds out they were never divorced is hilarious

message 41: by Tamera (last edited Jul 30, 2009 04:53PM) (new)

Tamera (ldytamera) | 18 comments My very favorite is the Irish Trilogy:
Jewels of the Sun
Tears of the moon
Heart of the sea

I also very much liked the Three Sister Island
Dance Upon the Air
Heaven and Earth
Face the Fire

you guys are nameing other books that I am dying to devour lol I just can't read fast enough.

Tamera (ldytamera) | 18 comments No one has mentioned the The sign of Seven trilogy I have the lined up to read next as soon as I am done with the the book I am currently reading. What did you think of it?

Sherry (wstridgerunner) It was good I thought, I lot darker and deeper than her other works under NR....different.....

message 44: by Sobia (last edited Jul 30, 2009 05:36PM) (new)

Sobia (SoBe1982) | 8 comments I wanted to mention them, but then I saw the topic was for the single titles... The sign of 7 and the Key trilogy are my favorites of her trilogies! ( Though I'm also pretty sure those two are the only NR trilogies I've finished!)

I agree with Sherry though, they are darker, though that may have been what I liked about them :)

Tamera (ldytamera) | 18 comments SherryD wrote: "It was good I thought, I lot darker and deeper than her other works under NR....different....."

yes unfortunately I noticed that too afterwards sorry guys. I will read better next time. I am still a newbie here :)

Tamera (ldytamera) | 18 comments SherryD wrote: "It was good I thought, I lot darker and deeper than her other works under NR....different....."

I wondered if it wasn't a book where the two alter egos meet lol thank you for telling me I think I will buy it this saturday.

Tamera (ldytamera) | 18 comments Melody wrote: "Tamera,
I am reading Blood Brothers now just started the Sign of the Seven Triology and so far I like it.It deals with kinda the parnormal genre which I am finding that I like more."

Surprisingly I have found that I like that stuff too. I love the irish Triology. :) I will be starting it soon I m half through the book I am reading (by a different author so I wont mention it here.)

Tamera (ldytamera) | 18 comments I have to withdrawal any posts I have made that the key series was slow. I am so very sorry. I loved that series it was as magical as the books. Not as good as my FAVORITE the irish trilogy it is awesome if you like fantasy, mythism, and Ireland. OMG Nora can paint an irish scene like your right there. I so want to go. :( you will enjoy the series.

Kaz. I've read and loved all 3 books in the Sigh of Seven trilogy, all the characters were very likable.

Natalya (NatalyaVqs) For adventure, love The Right Path and The Villa; for trilogies, the Keys; for depth of characters, Genuine Lies; Sanctuary is a runner up for the adventure/setting

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