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Cheyenne | 815 comments Saira, if the only thing you could bend was water then when you started bending it all the chemicals would be left behind :D Unfortunately if we go with the Avatar bending rules, we would be able to bend anything liquid. *sigh* No purified water for us.

I love Avatar. Please tell me someone else has seen the cartoon and not just the okay-but-slightly-crappy-movie?

Edward (EdwardThereseJr) | 2420 comments Seen all the original cartoon, have seen nothing of Legend of Kora. I thought the movie was far too unambitious. Insofar as what it did, it did alright, but there was simply too much missing.

Like humor. That movie should've been twenty times funnier at minimum.

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Kyra (Nikara) | 1226 comments I hated the movie. Sorry, but it was crap.
Loved the show, though. It was hilarious. Not Legend of Kora... it didn't seem as interesting. Like, Star Wars and Avatar combined. Good on their own, but asking too much to squish 'em together.
Toph was by far my favorite. Dunno why, but she was.

Edward (EdwardThereseJr) | 2420 comments Iroh. No argument.

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Saira (Herumouni) | 629 comments Zuko!

Michelle | 181 comments Toph....Or maybe Zuko, before he joined Aang and his group.

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Saira (Herumouni) | 629 comments I liked him before and after. I actually liked him more after.

Edward (EdwardThereseJr) | 2420 comments Still Iroh. He's both the comedic relief and the cool warrior. Okay, so is Aang, but he doesn't have the sheer jaw-dropping awesomeness Iroh does. When Aang fights, it's still more humor than warrior (how often does he use the air scooter?), but when Iroh fights he's something else entirely.

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Kyra (Nikara) | 1226 comments Iroh was hilarious. Especially in the first and most of the second season, when Zuko was still hunting Aang. "Zuko, you won't believe this. The Lotus Tile was in my sleeve this whole time!!!"

Cheyenne | 815 comments I loved Iroh! :) I don't think I can pick a favotite character.

Cheyenne | 815 comments Now I want to watch Avatar ._.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11366 comments Kyra wrote: "Iroh was hilarious. Especially in the first and most of the second season, when Zuko was still hunting Aang. "Zuko, you won't believe this. The Lotus Tile was in my sleeve this whole time!!!""

That's one of my favorite eps.


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Kyra (Nikara) | 1226 comments Cheyenne wrote: "I loved Iroh! :) I don't think I can pick a favotite character."

I ditto that. Unfortunately, it recently went off Netflix's instant queue, so if I want to see it, I'll have to rent the disk. Shame, that.

Cheyenne | 815 comments Really? It's still on my netflix.

Michelle | 181 comments Ahh, netflix. The only thing keeping me sane in the Big Apple.

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Kyra (Nikara) | 1226 comments You live in New York??? I love the Big Apple. Most of the time I feel a little claustrophobic and squeamish in big cities, but New York is my exception.

Michelle | 181 comments I don't live in New York, I'm visiting my uncles. Another thing keeping me sane is that there is a pizza place, a donut place, and a bagel place on practically EVERY BLOCK. Yummm...

Michelle | 181 comments Cheyenne wrote: "Oh jeez I would never let you guys hear my voice!! (I'm doing last minute laundry to pack...yes I'm stupid.) I HATE it. I sound like a ten year old boy. Seriously. Not attractive."

Me too! I have a super deep voice, unless I'm singing Then it gets really high. But sometimes it sounds... not terrible.

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Kyra (Nikara) | 1226 comments I like my voice. It's not much good for singing, and I stutter a lot when I'm nervous, but at least my sarcasm sounds like sarcasm. No one can tell when my dad's being sarcastic, just because he sounds so serious when he talks.

Michelle | 181 comments No one can tell when my dad isn't being sarcastic. He just has that kind of voice.

Edward (EdwardThereseJr) | 2420 comments I have a dead-pan sort of humor, so I'll be sarcastic without anyone noticing oftentimes.

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Kyra (Nikara) | 1226 comments Must be kind of annoying. I'd hate it if people completely overlook my sarcasm. It's my main humor mechanism, especially if I'm in a room full of people who can't tell humor from not.

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M | 9195 comments Nobody thinks I’m funny but me. It seems I’m always laughing at something I’ve thought of. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night laughing. My wife thinks it’s funny that I think the things I think up are funny. I just read this message to my wife. All I got was a smirk.

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Kyra (Nikara) | 1226 comments I for one think it's hilarious. I also think my thoughts are funny, but onece I say 'em aloud all I get is the occasional odd stare from passersby.

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M | 9195 comments Thank you, Kyra! I always say (though I can’t remember where I read it) that a person who can laugh at himself has an endless source of amusement.

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Kyra (Nikara) | 1226 comments LOL!!! I love quotes like that one. You don't realize how true it is until you hear it, and then it's all you can think about for the next fifteen minutes.

Michelle | 181 comments I know, right? And once you realize how true it is, you see so many occasions to refference it.

Edward (EdwardThereseJr) | 2420 comments I laugh at many of your comments M; I just feel silly typing out "ha ha" most of the time.

It's not that annoying, Kyra; there's usually one person who catches my sarcasm and then it's even funnier as were privately laughing while the rest of the group remains oblivious. I've also gotten people to laugh at my jokes hours after I told them; my tone was so serious at the time that they didn't catch it until later.

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Kyra (Nikara) | 1226 comments It still annoys me when I'm in a school project group of three other girls with ten tons of make-up on their face who say "like" every other word, and have no clue what "sarcasm" even means.

Edward (EdwardThereseJr) | 2420 comments That does sound annoying. I have a little group of misfit friends that can make each other laugh with either a ten-minute long impromptu improv theater bit or a couple of words.

Wood Lady ... heh.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11366 comments M wrote: "Nobody thinks I’m funny but me. It seems I’m always laughing at something I’ve thought of. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night laughing. My wife thinks it’s funny that I think the things..."

M! You know I think you're funny! Sheesh, man! You need to stop being so mean to yourself.

I wake up laughing in the middle of the night almost every night.

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M | 9195 comments Here’s an example of the stupid stuff that goes through my head all the time. This morning, as I was making coffee, I could hear Dolly Parton singing “Chobani” instead of “Jolene.” It seemed very funny. Chobani is a company that makes yogurt. Once I had a silly idea for healthy cigarettes made out of yogurt. Yogurettes.

message 1183: by Alex (Al) , Mistress of the Realm (new)

Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11366 comments I LOVE CHOBANI GREEK YOGURT.

Yogurettes is hilarious!

Don't worry, M. Stupid stuff go through my head all the time. It's an INFP thing I think or just an Al thing. I can't be sure.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11366 comments Funny, M that you thought of Chobani yogurt this morning. I was eating that this morning for breakfast.

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Guy (egajd) | 5662 comments M, I confess to frequently laughing with you too. Okay, so if yoghurt cigarettes are yogurettes, what would the Bic lighter be called? The Bicotics or probiobics?

message 1186: by Alex (Al) , Mistress of the Realm (new)

Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11366 comments Hehehehehe

message 1187: by M, Old No. 7 (new)

M | 9195 comments The Bic -er the better!

message 1188: by Saira (new)

Saira (Herumouni) | 629 comments I can't stand low-fat/no-fat dairy. It's disgusting. I like Greek Gods Greek yoghurt.

message 1189: by Alex (Al) , Mistress of the Realm (new)

Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11366 comments Greek Gods is my favorite but Chobani is good too. Greek Gods is really hard to find in the town I live in.

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M | 9195 comments Here, too. Mostly we have Christian churches, though there are some heathens who go to an Episcopal church.

Edward (EdwardThereseJr) | 2420 comments M wrote: "Here, too. Mostly we have Christian churches, though there are some heathens who go to an Episcopal church."

Ha ha. We have all types here; Mormon, Baptist, Seventh Day Adventist, Episopalian, Methodist, Unitarian Universalist, Free Mason, Muslum, Jewish, and, of course, Catholic. Now that I think about it, there are an extraordinary number of churches around here.

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Saira (Herumouni) | 629 comments Edward wrote: "M wrote: "Here, too. Mostly we have Christian churches, though there are some heathens who go to an Episcopal church."

Ha ha. We have all types here; Mormon, Baptist, Seventh Day Adventist, Episo..."

We are the largest American Navy base in the world. Not to mention all the other bases in the area.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11366 comments M wrote: "Here, too. Mostly we have Christian churches, though there are some heathens who go to an Episcopal church."




We have every church imaginable in the town we live in.

Edward (EdwardThereseJr) | 2420 comments Reading discussions about The Dark Knight Rises and recalling a lot of the reaction after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (the book), I've realized that a majority of people seem to hate endings or mysteriously lack some appriciation for them. Both these works seems (to me) to be exactly the sort of ending the series was building up to, but a lot of people who liked the series hated the ending for some reason.

Any thoughts?

message 1195: by Saira (new)

Saira (Herumouni) | 629 comments No idea. I just hate when a really good story ends. XD

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M | 9195 comments My interest is in getting to know the characters and the ambiance of the settings, the interior landscape. I don’t read much for the external characteristics of plot, so what happens in a story action-wise doesn’t usually matter very much to me. Adventure stories, detective stories, society stories that are all about intricacy of plot do very little for me, though now and then I can enjoy something like that, if it’s done well enough. I enjoyed Jurassic Park, but I didn’t think it was worth reading twice. It rarely spoils a story for me to know what the ending is. I don’t usually read a story or watch a movie to find out how it comes out.

Edward (EdwardThereseJr) | 2420 comments Nolan's Batman is all about ambience and relies heavily on philosophical/psychological questions to drive the plot. Batman Begins explains the fairly ridiculous premise of vigilante dressing as a bat by explaining that Bruce Wayne was actually afraid of bats himself and that he wanted to make Batman "more than a man [...] a symbol [...] incorruptable."

The first movie establishes Batman as undefeatable - he beats his mentor, takes down the leader of the mob, and stops the fear-inducing drug of an insane psychiatrist. My favorite part of the movie is when Dr. Krane, who at first just seems like some guy bought off by the mob to make all their men declared legally crazy when caught, suddenly turns into something more sinister when he says, "Would you like to see my mask?" Followed by one of the most hilarious lines: "When did the nut take over the nut house?"

The second movie pits Batman against an enemy that isn't stronger or better trained than him, but simply someone he doesn't understand. The Joker nearly destroys Gotham because his motives at first aren't understood, and even when they are they consist of not having a real plan. The movie emphasizes this by Joker asking people, "Do you know how I got these scars?" and giving a different story each time.

The last movie uses several points sets up in the previous movie for when Bruce Wayne is finally beaten in a straight fight - and outsmarted. The whole point of this movie is, for one, to destroy Bruce Wayne, and then to elevate the Dark Knight - to make Batman "more a man, a symbol." Using Bane, the villian famous for breaking Bruce Wayne's back, was perfect for the first part and the true villian was perfect for the second part.

And people who liked the first two hate this movie for some reason.

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Saira (Herumouni) | 629 comments I think it's the best one. :)

message 1199: by Ajay (new)

Ajay (Ajay_N) | 887 comments Couldn't agree more, Edward. I've been a huge fan of the franchise, and I felt that the ending couldn't have been better or bigger.

I was lucky enough to catch the movie on the first day of its theatrical release. I got super excited and attempted to write a short review of the trilogy, which goes like this:

Christopher Nolan has done what no one has ever done before. When Mr. Nolan picked up the flailing franchise, he must have had a vision, I suppose. And boy oh boy, did he have a good one. Quite simply, his creation is the most ambitious bare-it-all knuckle on chin super-hero trilogy to grace the annals of cinematic history. And how well, it completes a full circle.

Batman Begins (2005): The most difficult step in the process of a reboot: To set a tone, and how well it does.

It chronicles the origins of the caped crusader. Effortlessly captures on how Bruce Wayne battles his fear, embraces it and makes it a part of his self. It is what it is, a brilliant study on the metamorphosis of the human self. Christian Bale’s training sequences alongside Liam Neeson and the League of Shadows will stay with me for ages to come. Strike One.

The Dark Knight (2008): Need I say more? The blood curdling sequel that ripped through conventions and expectations alike. It is what it is, a dissertation on character evolution and complexity. Heath Ledger was a revelation as The Joker, and he simply stole the show. No frills attached. This movie will remain as the blue print for raising the bar. Err sorry, I meant pulverizing the bar. Strike Two.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012): The movie had a tag to it, as the most awaited movie of the year. Well, at least in my book, ahead of Prometheus and The Avengers. And it delivers, with a smirk.

Mr. Nolan had to dig deep this time. He was under the scrutiny of countless hearts and minds. So when I witnessed the event that the movie is, here is what I figured as to how he must have gone about his job, when he planned the movie. He must have trekked atop an ice-capped mountain top and must have engaged himself with a pensive brain-storming session. And when he was done with that, he rolled a chunk of ice and let it slide down the hill. That’s the exact way the plot unfolds. A small ball of ice picks up multiple plot lines which are strewn about and builds momentum. Slowly but surely, it gains and becomes ominous. And when it hits rock bottom, it goes boom! The Dark Knight Rises. It is what it is, a movie which touches base with the importance of digging deep when the chips are down. Strike Three.

I know that this one is definitely flawed, at many levels :) But I couldn't help myself, I was so excited after the movie.

Edward (EdwardThereseJr) | 2420 comments So ... I'm finally watching Smallville. I just finished season two.

The finale had a lot of good parts - Clarke's biological father's electronic ghost being revealed as evil, something weird with Lex's new wife (I'm thinking she really did skip town, leaving an opening for a shapeshifter or something), and a continuing squandering of the Chloe character.

Okay, I honestly don't know how this show made it past this point. There is nothing covered in these two seasons that couldn't be covered in a couple of movies which wast.es the potential of the television series format. The show wavers on the same issues for too many episodes; the love triangle should be the emotional plot line for one season, not two.

I've noticed that enjoyable television shows shift tones every season. Usually season one is primarily a bunch of short stories strung together with the same main characters and the occassional glance at the main plot; it establishes the "normal" of the show. Season two should alter the focus slightly, throw a wrench in "normal." If it is the type of show to have an extensive overall plot (not cop shows), then the main plot usually becomes a more center stage this season.

Season one of Lost is about surviving, season two is about exploring, season three is about escaping, season four is about ... you know, that season still confuses me, season five is about time travel (that one I understand perfectly), and season six is all-out warfare.

Season one of Supernatural is about two brothers driving around the country fighting monsters and occassionally looking for their father. Season two is about the same thing, but with a specific focus on Sam's unnatural abilities and his connection the yellow-eyed demon. Then (view spoiler), starting the real war in season three - which also focuses on Dean's impending death. Season four introduces a new faction to the war. I haven't seen past that ... it got too weird ... but it was good to that point.

Point is, Smallville is a show with a progressing storyline, but there is no shift between season one and two; it's just a really long season with the same intense relationships that steadily become more annoying. Even Lex Luthor, who was always the best part of the show, has started to become stale. "I'm conflicted, I like Clarke, I hate my father" has been his entire character until he got married, but even that was just a way to emphasis the previous ideas.

But my biggest complaint is the wasted potential in the Chloe character. She starts off as this awesome get-to-the-truth journalist who actually reacts well in dangerous situations, but as the show wears on her only motivation is her crush on Clarke. I've heard people complain about weak female characters, and usually they're actually ignoring the strong parts of the character simply because she happens to be in love (oh ... horror?), but in this case it's actually accurate. Even the season two finale, which has her accepting an offer from the probably evil Lional Luthor, explains all her actions from her infatuation with Clarke. Why not have her do a lot more snooping and end up in a lot more dangerous situations - even have her end up being essential to saving some situations? She is supposed to be an investigative journalist. For that matter, why does the normal friend find out Clarke's secret, but the investigative friend not? That would even make the love triangle rather more interesting, since Chloe would know more about Clarke than Lana.

It's not often that I can find the missing parts of a story so easily (usually I just find errors), but the gaping holes in this show are exasparating.

... Wow, that was much lengthier than it probably should've been.

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