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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) | 89 comments ((No just a caugh but I have to take pills three times a day.))

message 632: by Hannah, Headmistress (new)

Hannah (NormalGirl) | 1190 comments Mod
(Oh. I'm sorry. Flu?)

Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) | 89 comments ((Pretty good. Still sick though.))

message 630: by Hannah, Headmistress (new)

Hannah (NormalGirl) | 1190 comments Mod
(Lol. Sorry! How are you?)

Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) | 89 comments ((Nice.))

message 628: by Hannah, Headmistress (new)

Hannah (NormalGirl) | 1190 comments Mod
(I dont remember why though.)

Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) | 89 comments ((Quinn wanted to meet Akex here with Noah.))

message 626: by Hannah, Headmistress (new)

Hannah (NormalGirl) | 1190 comments Mod
(Lol. I forgot why.)

Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) | 89 comments ((Oops. I guess it's too late now.))

message 624: by Hannah, Headmistress (new)

Hannah (NormalGirl) | 1190 comments Mod
(Abby and Sam, you better show up. lol)

Ember (EmberSmith) | 65 comments ((Okay.))

message 622: by Hannah, Headmistress (new)

Hannah (NormalGirl) | 1190 comments Mod
*drumming her fingers at the bar watching the red cloak walk away through the snow*

message 621: by [deleted user] (new)

(Jonas will come later. And Fau, wanna rp with David?)

Ember (EmberSmith) | 65 comments ((Nah. It's okay. We'll just pretend she left. But if you would like to create a new guy to RP with her in the corridors, that would be fabulous.))

message 619: by [deleted user] (new)

(If I had someone available, she wouldn't.)

Ember (EmberSmith) | 65 comments ((So yes, let's just let Ember freeze to death. :/))

message 617: by [deleted user] (new)

(Yes, well, I do rp the baddies.)

message 616: by Hannah, Headmistress (new)

Hannah (NormalGirl) | 1190 comments Mod
*taps her blue nails on the counter drinking firewhisey to warm up*

message 615: by Hannah, Headmistress (new)

Hannah (NormalGirl) | 1190 comments Mod
(Which describes Aaron's new charries to a T.)

Ember (EmberSmith) | 65 comments ((Well, black is sort a demonic color.))

message 613: by Hannah, Headmistress (new)

Hannah (NormalGirl) | 1190 comments Mod
(Aaron has a black theme. Its always feathers: roses, or smoke.)

Ember (EmberSmith) | 65 comments ((Thoughts? You want to put that thought into action?))

message 611: by Hannah, Headmistress (new)

Hannah (NormalGirl) | 1190 comments Mod

Ember (EmberSmith) | 65 comments ((NO! Make him come back! :0))

*The second he was gone, she dropped into the thick snow, snowflakes clinging to everything much like a magnet. She shivered, but not so much from the cold.*
But I was one too....

message 609: by [deleted user] (new)

Sorta. Lets just say Im Anti. Listen, if you blow my case, you'll see my bad side. And by bad side, I mean Voldemort will have both of our heads. If you excuse me, you've learned too much about mee. *He apparates, and black feathers start to drop from where he apparated*

Ember (EmberSmith) | 65 comments *Her eyes almost seemed to roll in the back of her head, appearing for a split second that she was going to pass out. However, her eyes snapped back into place, the pupils shining a brighter blue than ever before. She spoke, her voice crisp and slur-less.*
You're a death eater.
*She spoke quietly, every syllable annunciated.*

((Lets say they're outside of the Hog's Head instead. In the snow and cold. MUWAHAHA.))

message 607: by [deleted user] (new)

*He watched Ember, in horror, and asked the bartender to call a doctor. He just shrugged. He picked her up and carried her back to the castle* Tell me, where did you see me before?

Ember (EmberSmith) | 65 comments *Ember wasn't listening to his sob story the second she noticed his tear.*
You're lying. You're...I've seen you before.
*She gulped and attempted to get off her stool. Too much alcohol. She fell on the floor, her vision violently dancing around.*

message 605: by [deleted user] (new)

No, a different. There was a boy, named Aaron. He was a good chap of mine, but succumbed to Voldemort. Some man actually asked a person to kill him. And they did. He was only...16. *A small tear rolls down his cheek, but it had a little black on it.*

Ember (EmberSmith) | 65 comments A different death? Or is this the same unfortunate person?
*She reached for the drink again but the bartender shook his head. She frowned.*

message 603: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes, I hear it was gruesome. Enough about that, I want to appologize. Ive been grieving a death.

Ember (EmberSmith) | 65 comments Sacrifice. Hmmm. I've never actually thought of that.
*She noted before finishing off her firewhiskey.*
Interesting, though. I wish I could've seen it happen.
*She took a sip of her new drink, the world around her starting to sway.*

message 601: by [deleted user] (new)

She was...sacrificed. Another girl was killed, but someone sacrificed Skylar's life which saved the girl who was murdered. Very saddening. She actually went to this school. *He drank his drink in one gulp, and drank 2 more*

message 600: by Hannah, Headmistress (new)

Hannah (NormalGirl) | 1190 comments Mod
(I know! She was my charry!)

Ember (EmberSmith) | 65 comments *She looked up from her drink, swaying a bit before grabbing the stool to stay steady.*
No. But death is always an interesting topic. What ceased her existence?

message 598: by [deleted user] (new)

I see...So we have nothing in common. Tell me, Ember. Did you hear about the death of a girl here. Her name was Skylar.

Ember (EmberSmith) | 65 comments We share nothing, then. That- that match is useless. I promise.
*She scoffed, as if implying a hidden message.*

message 596: by [deleted user] (new)

But I did enjoy fire at one point. I used to carry...a match. *He took out a match that was all black. It must have been used in a fire*

message 595: by Hannah, Headmistress (new)

Hannah (NormalGirl) | 1190 comments Mod

Ember (EmberSmith) | 65 comments Oh. I started to think we actually shared....an interest.
*A corner of her mouth perked up in a mysterious way and she took another drink.*

message 593: by [deleted user] (new)

(Aaron! Hi!)

message 592: by [deleted user] (new)

Well, the persons nickname was fire. I should've made that clearer. *smilez*

Ember (EmberSmith) | 65 comments *The waitor brought her back a firewhiskey and she took a quick swig before his words registered in her mind.*
Fire was your only friend?

message 590: by [deleted user] (new)

Nothing, as I should say. My only friend was fire. *looks a something else*

message 589: by Hannah, Headmistress (new)

Hannah (NormalGirl) | 1190 comments Mod
(*bites lip watching intensely*)

Ember (EmberSmith) | 65 comments Mmmm.
*She smiled and whispered something in the bartenders ear. He nodded and left.
Turning back to Jonas, she just grinned mysteriously.*
Same way everything came to be, dear. I guess that also describes the story of my life. What about you?

message 587: by [deleted user] (new)

(I know. I was on Skittles. :p)
I mean, whats happened in your life? I can go first, by all means. *He looked at her, contently. He really didnt care who went first* By the way, where did that cloak come from, EMBER?

message 586: by Hannah, Headmistress (new)

Hannah (NormalGirl) | 1190 comments Mod
(That was my charry Aaron.)

*sat irriatated at the bar knowing he would want to follow her and keep an eyeout. What a p*** off.*

Ember (EmberSmith) | 65 comments ((Mmmm. I wasn't aware my name was Skylar now. :p))

*EMBER sat at the bar and quickly ordered a butterbeer to start with.*
By all means, go ahead. I have no idea why you asked me to this affair, anyway. I'm interested to find a point.
*Her red cloak has somehow appeared again and she rolled back her long sleeves to warm her hands against her drink's warm surface.*

message 584: by [deleted user] (new)

*walks Skylar in and sits her down* So, where to begin?

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