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message 1: by Robin (new)

Robin | 114 comments Congrats! Shoot, I've been stuck on number one still. :)

message 2: by Kerri (last edited Jan 24, 2010 10:58AM) (new)

Kerri Leigh Anne,
I am so excited to have come across your thread. I love all of your mini-reviews and the fact that most of the books you're reading seem to be "unknowns" or at least books I haven't run into before. I've already added a few to my TBR list. I plan on coming back to your post for more reviews....the pressure is'll have to keep "finishing" your books now!
I'd say you are off to a great start!

message 3: by Kerri (new)

Kerri I added this series to my TBR list based on one of your earlier reviews....this last review moves them up to the top of the list!!!!

message 4: by Kerri (new)

Kerri Hey Leigh Anne,
Still loving your reviews.....I've added a couple more to my TBR list. Twenty-five and it's not even March, yet!!!! You're on a roll.
I listed two of your books on a "challenge list" for one of my goodreads book clubs...."The Summer Tree" (which isn't actually one of your reads, but is the first in the Fionavar series) and "You Can't Drink All Day If You Don't Start in the Morning!" It may be a while before I get to them, but I'll report back when I do. "scary" is the "The Red Tree?" I usually avoid horror books, but this one looks interesting.

message 5: by Kerri (new)

Kerri Thanks Leigh Anne!

message 6: by Kerri (new)

Kerri Leigh Anne wrote: "#29 The Shack

Another read for book club. I'm starting to think this is not the right book club for me, despite my interest in matters spiritual. A man with heavy burdens spends..."

Leigh Anne, "The Shack" was, by far, one of my least favorite books I have ever read. My local club read it a couple of years ago. It was interesting to see the different ways each person responded to it. There wasn't a lot of middle ground....either they strongly disliked it or they LOVED it and thought it was "life-changing." I just thought it was kind of silly and, as you said, unbelievable. Did you know that the author was looking for forgiveness himself when he wrote this book? He cheated on his wife and was trying to reconcile with her. Ulterior motives????

message 7: by Kerri (new)

Kerri Clarification: I did not think any of the story involving the young girl was "silly." That part of the story was actually very moving for me.

message 8: by Kerri (new)

Kerri Leigh Anne, I loved this comment you made, "Great lit it ain't, but then again, it never claimed to be. If you want a good STORY, pick it up and watch the madness unfold under the dome." I always struggle with the whole "rating" system for books. Sometimes I finish a book and LOVE it, but it wasn't top notch, out of this world literature. Other times, I read a classic which is written beautifully, but I don't particularly like the story. Wish there was an "advanced options" button next to the stars to help define the rating....I guess that's what the review is for!

message 9: by Kerri (new)

Kerri Leigh Anne wrote: "Keri, I'm glad the comment resonated with you - I get really irked when reviews slam a book for not being "literary" - as if high literary sentiments were the only reason to read! Books are, I thi..."

Great analogy Leigh Anne!

message 10: by Kerri (new)

Kerri Okay Leigh were worried about actually finishing 50 books...only 11 more to go and it's not even April, yet. Wow!!!

message 11: by Carol (new)

Carol Neman | 469 comments Twitterature sounds like a hoot! In fact, the whole premise of 'tweeting' is funny to me in it's own right...I have put it on my TBR list.

message 12: by Carol (new)

Carol Neman | 469 comments Leigh Anne wrote: "#42 Renee Alberts

No Water

Renee works as a library assistant in the same library where I work, and we've worked in the same department, so mine is perhaps not..."

Nice review.

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