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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments Al: (Wakes up from a horrible dream, drenched in a hot sweat. She feels Frank’s gaze on her.)
Putnam: Good evening. You slept for a while, twelve hours to be exact. You hungry? (He takes a bite from an apple and holds it to Al’s mouth.)
Al: (Tilts her head away rather disgusted.)
Putnam: Hmm, that’s right, I forgot you dislike the red delicious. “Tastes like wet cardboard,” as you said once. (Walks around the table to the other side of her face.) Well, I don’t have anything else for you to eat.
Al: I don’t want your stupid apples. I want to get out of here.
Putnam: I can’t let you go. You know that. I have some plans for you. You see these? (He indicates a trail of wires running from a machine to Al.) Electroshock. Supposed to be used for therapy, but I think it works just as well as a torture technique.
Al: Huh, how about that?
Putnam: (Flipping on a switch on the machine.) How’s your leg by the way?
Al: (Sarcastically) It feels great.
Putnam: I’ll start it on the low setting. We’ll work our way up to the higher ones. (He turns a knob a click, causing Al to twitch.) Remember, it’s okay to scream.
Al: Hey, Frank.
Putnam: Hmm?
Al: I know something you don’t.
Putnam: And what would that be?
Al: You know my arm straps?
Putnam: Hmm.
Al: I got out of them.
Putnam: (Looks at her perplexed as she right hooks him in the face. He tumbles backward. She pulls the wires off of her and jumps off the table, careful of not putting weight on her leg.)
Al: Yeah, I know you better than you think. (She punches him again.) After all, I created you. I knew you would loosen the straps making it more comfortable to sleep. (She throws another punch.) So, I pretended to be asleep as I slipped out of them. I don’t get why you loosened them though. (She throws her fist at him again.)
Putnam: (Catches her arm and kicks her in her injured leg. He catches her before she falls to the floor.) You’re supposedly know me very well. You should be able to come up with that answer.
Al: (Struggling to get out of Frank’s arms.) It’s because you’re an idiot.
Putnam: I’m not an idiot.
Al: Then why did you and why do you want me dead? What’s the real reason, Frank? Why haven’t you killed me yet? If you really wanted me dead, you would have killed me a long time ago.
Putnam: No, I wanted to kill you slowly. I wanted you to feel pain.
Al: No, Frank. You don’t really want me dead do you?
(They stop struggling. Frank turns Al to face him. Grabbing her head in his hands, he pulls her face to his. Lips meeting each other, he gives her a harsh, passionate kiss. Al struggles at first, but stops and kisses him back. Frank breaks the kiss after a long moment. Al backs away, sitting back on the metal table.)
Putnam: I want you to feel pain, because, because you made me feel the pain. I couldn’t have you because of what you made me. Pain, Al, pain. Every day I felt it. When you were in the orchard talking to them. Those horrible people you created. The people you liked, the heroes, the good guys. You loved them, but showed me none of that affection. Every day I would see you loving others while I loved you, but you never gave me a look like you gave them. And then you fell for him. Buxton. How I loathe him. Every kiss, every look, every touch you gave him, coursed pain, pain through me. My only thought, my only way I could get you was to bring you here. And I wanted it, I wanted you to feel the pain you made me feel, and I want you.
Al: Frank. I-.
Putnam: It’s too late, Al. Nothing you can say will make it better. The pain will always be there. I don’t want you dead, but you have to be dead. It’s the only way the pain will go away. (A knife appears in his hand.) After you die, we all will die. Without you we’re nothing. I’m nothing. We’ll be free. Free together with no pain. (He walks after her.)
Al: No, Frank. Don’t.
Putnam: Tell me, Al. Tell me you love me. I just want to hear those words come from you for me.
Al: I can’t. I don’t-
Putnam: Tell me. Just tell me you love me.
Al: (Steps back into the table.) I don’t love you.
Putnam: You do. Admit it. You wouldn’t have written me if you didn’t love me. Please Al. (He’s close enough for her to feel his hot, rapid breath.)
Al: I only wrote you because I needed a bad guy.
Putnam: You needed me. You admit that you needed me.
Al: No, Frank. It’s not like that. I don’t love you.
Putnam: Tell me Al. Don’t deny it. You love me. Say you love me. (He grabs her and brings her back against him, putting his head against her shoulder.)
Al: I can’t. (Tries struggling to get out of his arms, but something in her doesn’t want him to let go.) I don’t love you.
Putnam: You do. We’ll be free after we’re dead. I’ll make it quick, dear.(Holds the knife to her throat.) I’ll plunge it straight into your heart. You won’t feel a thing. Just tell me. Oh, please tell me.
Al: Frank let me go, let me go. This won’t fix anything. Oh god, Frank. Let me go. Don’t please, please.
Putnam: We’ll be together now. After this is all over we’ll be free. I just want to hear those words.
Al: Fine, I love you! I love you Frank! Just let me go! Let me go!
Putnam: (Kissing her neck) I knew it. I knew you loved me. Underneath that mask of hatred I always knew there was love for me. Now we’ll be together.
Al: No! Frank! You don’t have to kill me! I can, I can take us away from here. Create a place only we can find, and we can stay there. We don’t have to die! Frank, please!
Putnam: No, I thought of that. Oh, I wish I didn’t have to do this. I wish we could live, too, but we can’t. There’s too much pain in this world. (He lines the knife up with her heart.) Goodbye, love. I’ll see you soon.
(The tip of the knife travels into Al’s chest, but stops only a small way in. Frank’s arms leave her, causing her to fall against the metal table. Al hears a thump behind her. Arms wrap around her again. She screams.)
Brent: Al, it’s okay, it’s okay. It’s me.
Richard: He’s dead…for now.
Brent: She’s out cold. God, she looks horrible.
Richard: Let’s get out of here and get her somewhere safe.
Brent: I have a feeling that creep is going to come back. For some reason Al won’t let him die.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments Ugh. Creeper. Lol.


(Brent and Richard are in a cabin in some woods. Al is lying on a couch opposite a fireplace with a small fire burning. Richard and Brent drink coffee while sitting next Al in wooden chairs.)
Brent: Al?
Al: (Dreaming, in the middle of a REM cycle, tossing and turning, mumbling in her sleep.) Get away. Don’t. Please.
Brent: She’s still sleeping, but not well.
Richard: The only thing I have is valium and morphine, but it’s not enough, and I don’t have anything from keeping her leg from getting infected. It looks pretty bad. The moron didn’t even take out the bullet.
Brent: What the crud was that psycho thinking?
Richard: He wasn’t most likely. I knew a guy once who tortured people to get what he wanted. His plans always went wrong. He said he always he a plan, but I think he never thought ahead.
Brent: I’m still ticked about him stealing my identity.
Richard: Me too, but luckily we were in his mind. If we weren’t, I’m sure Al would be dead.
Al: Get off. Let me go!
Brent: (Shivers) What kind of crazy would do such a thing? Al’s a great girl. How could someone hate her so much?
Richard: The others would. They think she ruined their lives by creating them as bad people. Unfortunately, they all want her dead and unfortunately, she wasn’t smart enough to make enough good guys to stop the bad ones from killing her.
Brent: She shouldn’t have let us live in her mind.
Richard: She shouldn’t even had created us in the first place, or I should say you. She didn’t create me after all, just her own version of me.
Brent: Give her more valium. She’ll ruin her vocal chords from screaming.
Richard: (Popping a needle in Al’s arm.) That’s the last of it. I hope that after she wakes up she’ll be better. (He sits back down.)
Brent: I need a beer.
Richard: Me too. I didn’t find any of that in the cupboard.
Al: (Jerks up, gasping.)
Richard: (Sets his coffee mug on a coffee table and goes to her.) You okay?
Al: Where are we?
Richard: In a cabin.
Al: Whose mind are we in?
Richard: Mine. I thought it would be safer for you to be here.
Al: What happened to Frank?
Brent: He’s dead. Richard stabbed him.
Richard: We don’t have to worry about him anymore.
Al: (Grasping her leg.) You’re a horrid liar.
Richard: (Smirks.) I’m just trying to keep you from worrying.
Al: He won’t stay dead. There’s something that brings him back. I don’t know what though.
Brent: (Sipping from his mug.) I think I know.
Al: I thought you two were dead.
Richard: You aren’t that lucky.
Al: How did you find me?
Brent: Frank left us in his mind, locked in a room.
Richard: We escaped. The idiot left a key hanging by the door.
Brent: And then we heard you, so we went looking.
Richard: We found you just in time it seems. One more second and you would have been dead.
Al: He said he wanted to kill me so we could be together.
Brent: Why would he want to be with you? I thought he hated you.
Al: No, he doesn’t. He loves me. I never thought he-. (Puts her hands to her temples.) Dangit.
Brent: What?
Al: It’s nothing. Just-I hear stray thoughts of people sometimes.
Richard: You should get more rest.
Al: You have anything for pain? My whole body feels like someone smashed it with a hammer.
Richard: That’s a problem. I have some morphine, but not enough for a whole dose.
Al: I guess I can live with it.
Richard: Sorry.
Brent: Whoa.
Al: What?
Brent: You feeling that?
Al: The dark feelings of hopelessness?
Brent: Yeah.
Al: Yeah.
Brent: Where’s it coming from?
Al: The dark territory. I think someone’s making an army.
Richard: Who would that be?
Al: Red.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments Erica: You feel that?
Charlie: Feel what?
Gershwin: I feel it.
Buxton: Yeah, me too.
Iz: You guys feeling all clear in the head too, eh?
Gershwin: Something’s happening, something dark.
Buxton: Look at that cloud.
(They look to the south. The sky is turning black.)
Mossers: A tempest is coming.
Gershwin: More than a tempest. That’s the dark territory.
Buxton: I used to live there until Al made me a good guy.
Mossers: Aye.
Erica: What does it mean?
Gershwin: They’re coming together. The bad people.
Charlie: Why?
Gershwin: I’m not sure, but we have to find Al before they do.
* * *
(Richard is sitting in his wooden chair next to the couch where Al is sleeping fitfully. He turns a page of The Fountainhead. The book gives off a small rustle sound. Al shuffles on the couch. Richard sets his book down.)
Richard: You awake?
Al: I can’t sleep anymore.
Richard: You hungry? I made some broth earlier.
Al: No, I can’t eat either.
Richard: Hey, it going to be alright.
Al: No, it’s not. I’m scared. He’ll come back.
Richard: (Grasps Al’s hand.) He can’t get to us in here. He won’t be able to find us.
Al: (Sobbing.) Yes he will. He got to your mind before.
Richard: There’s nothing to be afraid of. He’s gone, Al. I made sure of that.
Al: I can still hear him. His voice…and I feel him…his thoughts. Oh, I wish I could just let him go, but I can’t. He’s going to be here, forever.
Richard: Al, I’m sorry. If he comes back-.
Al: He kissed me. He kissed me and I-I tried but, I kissed him back. It was like something in me was waiting for him to do that. Something in me actually liked it. And when he told me to tell him I loved him, it was hard for me to tell him I didn’t. Then when I did tell him, it was so easy. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I wish, sometimes I wish I never created any of them.
Richard: You love him, but it took you long to realize it, but when you saw Buxton it took you no time to come to the conclusion you love him. Not to sound clichéd, but we all have a dark side and a good side. Your love’s a good example of that.
Al: Who? Buxton?
Richard: (He nods) He’s the one who you truly love.
Brent: (Comes in through the front door holding a bundle of wood.) Wow, you wouldn’t believe the trouble I had to go through to get these. (He sets the wood down by the fireplace.) A bear almost attacked me down by the river. Luckily, I had some-hey, you’re awake. How goes it, chick?
(Al and Richard stare at him blankly.)
Brent: Well, I got some more wood for that dying fire. (Shoves sticks in the fireplace.) You’re looking a bit down. You hungry?
Richard: Brent. (Shakes his head as Brent looks over at him.)
Brent: Oh, well. I’ll just go in the other room and make some more coffee…or something. (He walks out into a different room.)
Al: Thanks, Richard. Tell him I’m sorry. I just want to be alone.
Richard: He’ll understand. (He stands and walks to the door of the other room.) If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask.
Al: Richard.
Richard: Hmm?
Al: No hard feelings? I mean I did sort of dump you suddenly…without letting you know.
Richard: If you’re happy with Buxton, then I’m happy.
Al: (Smiles.) I still think you’re tall, dark and handsome, but-.
Richard: I’m not the right guy for you. (Grins.) I told you 200 is too old for you.
Al: I guess you’re always right.
Richard: Get some rest. I’ll be in later to check on you.
Al: For the record, I still love you, but not in that romantic sort of way.
Richard: I still do too. (He leaves the room.)

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments I hope Amanda's okay with me writing Nightmare. He's kind of essential and she's not here! :o

(Red, Nightmare and a whole sort of shady looking bunch sit around a table in Dims Hall. A candle at the center of the table produces a small amount of light. Rats squeak from the corners of the room. Vincent Gregory, Eve Madora’s “puppy dog” is the first to speak.)
Vincent: So, why are we here again?
Red: (Bangs her fist against the wooden table.) Shut up and sit down, mongrel! I’ll tell you when to speak!
Vincent: (Sits down, throwing his feet on the table glumly.)
Red: Now, it seems we’re missing some people. What a shame. It appears as if some deserted and went to the light. Pity. (She smashes a beetle on the table top.) It seems we’re going to have to destroy more people. (She goes around the corner of the table, to Nightmare and puts her hands on his shoulders.) As you all are aware we were given certain restrictions as to what we may do in this mind.
Eve: Vanessa, if I may speak?
Red: I like you, Eve. I guess it won’t kill me to let you speak.
Eve: These restrictions you speak of are for our own good.
Red: Oh, really? Maybe I don’t like you after all. I thought you were intelligent.
Eve: (Huffs.) Vanessa, let me speak. Al put restrictions on us by locking us here in the dark territory. It’s so they don’t revolt and harm us.
Vincent: They meaning?
Eve: The “good guys” you moron.
Red: But it’s time for us to revolt! We must kill her! Kill Al!
(Many shouts and hoorahs are raised. Nightmares slams the table and stands up. All become silent.)
Nightmare: What makes you think killing her is the best idea?
Red: Because it is. When she’s dead, we’ll be free to do what we want.
Nightmare: You won’t be anything without her.
(Keegan Thann, a short, dark haired man from The Manipulator raises a hand.)
Keegan: I agree. Without a mind of our creator I believe-.
Red: Does it look like I care about your beliefs? I say we kill her!
Eve: Killing her will do nothing, Vanessa, only kill us.
Red: You too, huh? How many here think killing Al will destroy us?
(Everyone except Vincent and a dark figure in the corner raise their hands.)
Red: Well I think you’re all morons!
Nightmare: Maybe you should listen to them and me. After all, I’m trying to help free you all from Al’s wrath.
Red: Fine, you can speak mon petit chou.
Nightmare: (He stands and walks around the table.) Now, many of you seem to want Al dead, right? I know something about this that some of you don’t. If you kill your creator, you will die.
(Some people boo. Nightmare holds up his hand.)
Nightmare: But! If you find another’s mind to inhabit, you will survive.
(Silence invades the room. Everyone contemplates that thought.)
Nightmare: But there’s a downside to that. Obviously, every creator of characters will reject you.
(More boos.)
Nightmare: However, there is another thing you can try.
(He pauses. They wait.)
Nightmare: You can capture Al and hold her forever, and her mind will eventually become willing to do your bidding. (He sits back down.)
Eve: That might work.
Red: I still think she needs to be killed!
Vincent: I just want to go home.
Keegan: Capturing her is our best shot.
(The shadowy figure in the corner rises, and approaches the candle light. His black cloak surrounds him. His face is hooded.)
Hooded Man: Maybe I can be of help.
Eve: Who are you, stranger?
Hooded Man: That I can’t say.
Red: How can you possibly-?
Hooded man: I know things about Al that no one knows. I know things about her that will help us lure her right into our hands.
Keegan: How do we know we can trust you?
Hooded Man: (Tosses something onto the table in front of Eve.) Look at it.
Eve: (Picks up the thing and gasps, dropping it back onto the table.)
Red: (Snatches it up.) How do we know it’s not a fake?
Hooded Man: Give it to him. (He points at Vincent.)
Vincent: (Grabs the object out of Red’s hands and looks at the hooded man.) How did you get this?
Hooded Man: I told I know things. You’re the only one who can reveal its powers, that is if it isn’t a fake.
Vincent: (Warily holds the object in his hand. He closes his eyes, pointing his face toward the wooden rafters. The thing glows in his hand. He drops it back onto the table, hissing.) Hadley.
Hooded Man: I told you it isn’t a fake.
Eve: How did you acquire it? It hasn’t been seen in hundreds of years.
Hooded Man: Does it matter? I’ll give it to you. I know you’ve been looking for it.
Nightmare: What is it?
Eve: We’ll inform you later. Right now we need to talk business. What do you know of Al, stranger?
Hooded Man: (Chuckles softly.) I know all her weaknesses.

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M | 9091 comments I like it when Al tells Frank, "I only wrote you because I needed a bad guy," and when Red calls Nightmare her little cabbage.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments Haha. Mon petit chou. :)

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M | 9091 comments My God, Alex! Are you really reading Hesse's Siddhartha? What a mind you must have. I shouldn't say this, though I've been tempted more than once: I miss your old, cute photo with the sunglasses.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments Unfortunately, I picked up the book because I thought it would be a good light read after my Dean Koontz books and unfortunately, it was an awful book. I finished it tonight. But the whole while I was reading it I kept thinking, since I'm a Christian, that Siddartha's life would have been much better if someone were there to tell him about God and introduce him to Christianity. I also wanted Siddartha to shut up and stop droning on about how miserable his life was...but anyway...lol. I miss that picture too. I wonder what on earth happened to it. It should still be on my computer, but I cannot find it.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments There we go! That pic feels more like me. Ugh, after reading that depressing book I need something cheerful. Maybe I'll go write a story for this week.

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M | 9091 comments Alex, it's the old you! I wish I could quit grinning long enough to write a decent reply. If you write a story for this week, maybe you'll inspire me. My well has dried up. I've gotten a good response to the western story I wrote, but I can't seem to come up with anything else like it.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments Haha, yes, the old me. Actually that picture was taken a couple years ago when my hair was short....Nonetheless, it's up and I just took another one with my glasses and a book I finished reading today and posted it. Updated me. Lol.

I tried to write a story, but I've been writing and reading so much I'm at a dead end. I started a story but I'm not sure if I like it. Plus, to make matters worse I'm having a horrid day and nothing I seem to do is cheering me up. Not even a good Dean Koontz novel.

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M | 9091 comments Sorry I dropped the thread, Alex! My battery runs out about 9 p.m. I hope your day got better. Have you ever read 'Salem's Lot or Ghost Story?

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments No, I haven't and unfortunately, my night was horrible and this morning....chruch didn't even help. Ah, well. Hopefully some brilliant story idea will pop into my head.

Ugh, I hate it when my battery dies. Lol.

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M | 9091 comments I can't imagine you being short of brilliant story ideas! From some of the things you post, I wonder how you write fast enough to keep up with what you're seeing in your mind.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments God, my fingers can't keep up with my mind. So many story ideas, so little time. I actually do have so many story ideas I want to write down, but I don't have enough inspiration right now. It's a week before school and my mind's going nuts. Last semester was not fun at all, so going back isn't going to be plesant.

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M | 9091 comments I went home for the summers all through college and for several years in graduate school--until I was in my mid-twenties. Home was like a paradise to me. I dreaded school weeks in advance.

Great photo! I love what you did with the color in it. I'm not good at reading backwards, but it looks as though you're holding The Once and Future King (or, as we used to call it, The Once and Forgotten King).

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments Oh, haha! That's what I call it! Yep, The Once and Forgotten King. Pretty good book. Almost done with book two. Thanks, by the way. I thought I needed an updated version since i'm not reading Twilight anymore. ;]

Ugh, I'm not looking forward to school, but I have to keep an open mind and a cheerfull mind. I'm praying it won't be as bad as last semester. I like home, but I'm kind of wishing I had my own place to go to and relax. It's hard living in a tiny apartment with four adults who like to get under each other's skin....

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments Oh, and finally. I was able to write a story.

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M | 9091 comments I just read the story you posted. I have a feeling your novels are going to keep a lot of people awake at night. You're really good.

Having a place of your own will make a huge difference, however modest it may be. I lived in a dorm during the semesters. At Centenary, I had a third-floor room with a great view. I wound up there in the second semester of my freshman year and managed to get assigned the same room until I graduated. It was a small room with cinderblock walls, but it was mine and I came to think of it as a home away from home.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments I go to a community college, so no dorms for me. At home all the time, but it's too cramped sometimes. Not a good place to study either.

You really have no idea how much that comment meant to me. One of my goals as a writer is indeed scare my readers. Like Dean Koontz. Reading his books inspired me the most I think. King on the other hand made me want to make my readers find something hilarious in dark times. I just can't seem to take Stephen King seriously. Some may find his writing "scary", I just find it hilariously...hmm, well cheesy isn't the right word, but nothing else is coming to my mind.

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M | 9091 comments I read 'Salem's Lot when I was fifteen and home sick from school. It's the only thing by him I haven't found utterly unpalatable--cheesy is the right word for it. I think Anne Rice's writing is terrible, too. I've got a copy of Interview with the Vampire in French, though. It has a lot of atmosphere in French!

Hanzleberry (Doughboyissweet) | 1065 comments Hey, sister and M! :) I must say I really do enjoy reading about your characters! So funny! You two are awesome writers! But, I can see that it's a lot of fun. I wish I had characters of my own. :( Sadly, I only write poetry.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments Your only character is Lady Gaga's orbit. Heh heh. Sorry. I shall poke fun no more.

Yes, well, maybe cheesy is the right word. I read Misery and the movie is actually a lot better. The Shining. Now's there's a good one to laugh at.

I wish I knew more French. I would so love to read an entire book in that language.

Hanzleberry (Doughboyissweet) | 1065 comments I can't believe I ever wrote a poem about Lady Gaga... How could I stoop so low? Lol. It WAS quite a lot of fun, actually...

Hanzleberry (Doughboyissweet) | 1065 comments And, by the way, Al, Siddhartha did have a lot of good stuff in it. I liked the book. Not loved. Liked.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments And it WAS quite fun to read. It gave me a good laughing spell.

Hanzleberry (Doughboyissweet) | 1065 comments Well, I am always exceedingly happy, almost giddy, when you have when of those laughing spells. Also a bit frightened.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments Good, you should be. ;]

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M | 9091 comments I cratered and missed all the fun! Serves me right for getting up at 4:30 a.m. I've been doing it for years, but not for any good reason other than that I like the world when it's quiet. I'm ridiculously introverted. When I'm online, though, I turn into my outgoing alter ego (till my batteries run down).

Hanzle, when I write, I just wait for a movie to come on the screen in my mind, and I write what I see. Sometimes I just sit there in the dark while my muse giggles.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments I'm ridiculously introverted too. I don't really talk to people unless I know them or they start a conversation first. Online I'm a mad woman. :D

That's what I do. It's like some movie playing in my mind. Giggling muses. I can't contain my laughter.

Hanzleberry (Doughboyissweet) | 1065 comments :D I guess we all have our creative quarks.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments Haha, sitting in the dark while his muse giggles. I just can't stop giggling at that myself. Hilarious mental picture.

Anyway. I'm really in an odd mood tonight. I just finished another book in one day and that brightened up my mood drastically. I'm having a much better week. I want to write something, but I have nothing to write for.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments Time for more torture! I actually have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote these, if I was actually thinking....

Brent: She’s screaming again. It’s awful. I don’t think I can stand another minute of it.
Richard: I don’t have any more Valium.
Brent: Can’t we do something though? She’s screaming horrible things about him. Ugh, if he wasn’t dead, I’d beat the living-.
(Something creaks on the front porch of the cabin. Richard and Brent look at the door.)
Richard: Get the gun.
Brent: You don’t think it’s-?
Richard: If it was him, I would have felt him enter my mind, but I’m not promising it’s the milkman.
Brent: (Goes past the couch with a screaming Al to a table. He grabs the gun off of it and hands it to Richard.)
Richard: Get behind me. (He goes to the door and turns the knob, holding the gun to the opening. He opens it quickly, revealing nothing but the night.)
Brent: Paranoia right there, man.
Richard: (Holds his index finger to his mouth.) Something’s out there.
Brent: Okay, I’ll stay in here. You go out there. Try not to die okay?
Richard: (Leaves the cabin and enters the night.)
Brent: (Closes the door behind Richard and locks it. He then goes to Al who is still sleeping fitfully.) Oh crud. What do I do? Of course, we only have one gun and he took it. Dangit. (Shakes Al’s arm.) Hey, wake up Al.
Al: (Jerks upward, eyelids flinging open. She yelps in pain and grasps her leg.) Uh! Ugh, it hurts!
Brent: Hey, Richard thinks someone’s outside. He’s searching the perimeter. I dunno if it’s-.
Al: Uh, my leg!
Brent: Hey, you okay? You look like crap. (He sets his hand on her forehead.) Uh oh. Not good.
Richard: (Comes back in through the front door.) I didn’t see anyone out there.
Brent: (Goes to Richard.) You aren’t gonna like this.
Richard: Is someone in here?
Brent: No, no. No one came while you were out there. It’s Al.
Richard: (Looks at Al who is shifting uncomfortably on the couch, mumbling.) Fever?
Brent: Yeah, bad.
Richard: It’s her leg. I thought it might be fine, but it appears I was wrong.
Brent: Can we do anything?
Richard: She needs antibiotics. I don’t have any.
Brent: Where are we going to find some?
Richard: I have an idea, but it’s a three day trip from here.
Brent: That’s not good enough is it?
Richard: I’m going to have to try. If she dies-.
Brent: It’s not gonna be good.
Richard: I’ll be back in three days. If I’m not back by then, don’t come to find me and…
Brent: And what?
Richard: If I’m not back by four days, you’re going to have to cut her leg off so the infection doesn’t spread.
Brent: Be back before then.
Richard: I’ll try. Here, take the gun.
Brent: But if you run into anything-.
Richard: I’d rather her be alive with one leg than her and I both dead.
Brent: Right.
Richard: Take care of her. Don’t tell her, but I still love her.
Brent: Will do. (He closes the door behind Richard and turns back to Al.) Well, chick, looks like you and I are going to have a blast.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments (Brent is in the cabin, pacing back and forth in front of the couch where Al is sleeping looking pale and parched.)
Brent: Come on, Richard. (He makes his way to the door.) It’s been three days and Al’s not getting any better. (He goes back across the floor.)
Al: (Groans and shifts slightly.)
Brent: (Goes to her.) Hey, chick. How’re you doing?
Al: Gr-Gr.
Brent: I know it sucks, but Richard’s going to be here soon.
Al: Get Gershwin.
Brent: Who?
Al: Gershwin. He’s-he’s in my mind.
Brent: I don’t think going there will be a good idea, not with all this stuff going-
Al: Get him. (Weakly lifts her hand.) He’s the only one. (Falls sleeps again.)
Brent: (Stands and goes back to the door.) Who the crud is Gershwin and how the crud am I supposed to find him? (He goes back to Al.) I have to do something. If Richard isn’t here….(He walks back to the door.) But if I leave and don’t come back….(He walks to the couch again.) What am I supposed to do? You need help and I’m useless. If only I knew who this Gershwin dude was and why you need him. (He went back and forth to the door and to Al. He finally stopped by Al and sat in a wooden chair close to her side. He placed his palm on her forehead.) Dangit, Al. Come on chick. Get better. You don’t need those stupid antibiotics. You’re gonna get better without them. For goodness sake! You’re Al! You made us and you can make yourself better! You don’t need those antibiotics! Come on, Al.
Al: Brent.
Brent: Al. (He grabs her hand.) Richard’s not here yet, but he’ll be-.
Al: Gershwin. I need Gershwin.
Brent: Who is Gershwin?
Al: Think. Gershwin. He’ll come.
Brent: (Watches as she slips back into a disturbed sleep. He stands up, frustrated, pulling at his hair.) Why must we always go through this drama?! (He sits down on the floor, back against the door and rubs his temples with his index fingers.) “Think Gershwin”. What is that supposed to mean?
Gershwin: What’s wrong?
Brent: (Stands up, pulls the gun out from under his belt and points it at the man who seemed to come out of thin air.) Who are supposed to mean?
Gershwin: What’s wrong?
Brent: (Stands up, pulls the gun out from under his belt and points it at the two men who seemed to come out of thin air.) Who are you?
Gershwin: (Goes to the couch.) What’s wrong with her?
Buxton: (Also goes to the couch.) Oh my god. What happened to her?
Brent: You’re that Buxton guy right? But who are you?
Gershwin: (Examining Al’s leg.) Her leg is bad, but I can try to fix it.
Brent: Is that him?
Buxton: What?
Gershwin: (Mumbling something under his breath, moving his hand over her injured leg.)
Brent: What’s he doing?
Buxton: I dunno. Why didn’t you do something about this?
Richard: (Comes in through the front door causing Brent to almost shoot him.) You guys gotta get out of here.
Buxton: Who are you?
Richard: They know you left. They’re trying to get through my force field.
Brent: You have a force field? Who? Who’s coming?
Richard: Some red head and her army.
Al: (Screams)
Buxton: Goes over to Al and Gershwin. He gasps as Gershwin stabs Al’s leg with a knife.) What the hell are you doing to her?
Gershwin: (Pushes Buxton aside and goes back to his mumbling and waving of the hands.)
Richard: (Sets his eyes on Al for a brief moment and looks back at Brent and Buxton.) I can hold them off for a bit, but they’re going to get in and find her.
Brent: Where do you think we should go then?
Richard: We can’t take her to any of your minds. She created you. Your minds lie in her mind. We have to get her out of my mind, though into someone else’s that isn’t affiliated with her. (Al screams again.) What is he doing to her?
Gershwin: (Stands up after Al stays calm.) Her leg’s better. Only a small scar remains. (Turns to Richard.) You said we have to get her into someone else’s mind?
Richard: Yes, but how did you-?
Gershwin: I think I know whom we can give her to. I’ll be back in a moment. Don’t wake her up. She needs to stay awake until we move her somewhere else.(He vanishes with a pop.)
Brent: Who the crap was that?
Richard: (Shrugs.)

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments (Gershwin pops into a dark room. There is a table sitting in the center of the room. One lone, lit candle is on the table. A man sits in a chair next to it.)
Nightmare: You know they’re tracking her mind.
Gershwin: It doesn’t matter.
Nightmare: Don’t speak. Think. The walls have ears.
(Gershwin and Nightmare exchange words through thoughts.)
Nightmare: I see you need my help.
Gershwin: Al needs somewhere safe to go.
Nightmare: And what makes you think my mind is the best choice?
Gershwin: You made a promise to your creator you wouldn’t harm her.
Nightmare: And you need someone whose mind isn’t linked to Al’s.
Gershwin: You didn’t go with Vanessa.
Nightmare: I told her I couldn’t help her.
Gershwin: Is she tracking your-?
Nightmare: No. She thought there was no need.
Gershwin: And your creator’s?
Nightmare: No and Vanessa doesn’t know who enters Al’s mind. She only knows if someone does, so if I come, she won’t know I betrayed her.
Gershwin: They’re going to kill her.
Nightmare: I know, which leaves me no choice but to help her.

(They both leave the room, back to the cabin.)
Buxton: (Watches Gershwin and Nightmare come into the room.) What’s he doing here?
Gershwin: He’s helping us.
Buxton: (Stops Gershwin with his hand.) Oh no, uh uh. She’s not going in his mind.
Nightmare: (Faces Buxton.) You’re the one she loves. If you love her back, you’d let me have her.
Buxton: You’re going to kill her. You’re on Red’s side.
Nightmare: I may be on her side, but my loyalty lies with my creator. (Goes to Al and takes her hand.) So, we meet again. (He disappears with Al, leaving Buxton looking furious in the cabin. It is only a moment until he comes back again, alone.)
Nightmare: She’s safe. When she wakes up she won’t remember anything.
Buxton: What did you do?
Nightmare: What someone should have done a long time ago.
Richard: (Peering out the window.) They’re close.
Nightmare: I erased her memory, created a copy of her real reality, a false reality.
Buxton: (Charges after Nightmare.) Why the hell would you do that? Do you know what you just did?
Brent: (Catching Buxton by the shirt.) Hold it! It’s for her own good! He only did what he thought was-!
Richard: (Turns around to face them.) They’re here.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments This is turning into something like a twisted soap opera....or a Koontz book. Oh, dear. I've been reading too much. I didn't even think that was possible.

(Al suddenly realizes she is in a bathroom, standing in a shower. Hot water is pouring over her. Steam rises around her. She pauses, holding her hands up to meet the water that is streaming down from the showerhead. She feels as if she had been daydreaming, though she can’t remember what.)
: Alex?
(She shakes her head slightly. What was she just thinking?)
(Someone knocks on the bathroom door, frustrating Al.)
Alex: What?
: Are you almost done? You’ve been in there for a half an hour! I need to get my hair done!
(Alex turns the water off and steps out of the tub, wrapping a towel around her. She goes to the mirror and rubs her hand over it, wiping the steam away. She looks into it, but doesn’t see her reflection. She blinks, confused and startled, but sees herself in the glass.)
Alex: Wow. I need to stop taking antihistamines before I go to bed.
(She walks out of the bathroom, passing her sister’s room and goes into her bedroom. She gets dressed and heads downstairs for breakfast. No one’s in sight.)
Alex: (Sitting down at the table, grabbing a spoonful of Cheerios and the newspaper.) No one wants to eat breakfast with me I see.
(The phone rings. She waits for someone else to pick it up. It rings four more times. She answers.)
Alex: Yo, whatsup?
(Static rings over the phone and a bunch of whispers.)
Alex: Um, you’re gonna have to call back later. I can’t hear you. (She hangs up. A cat jumps up on the table next to her.) Oh, hey Tux. How goes it? (She runs her hand through the black fur.) I’m having a weird morning. Let’s just say I’m not taking Benadryl before bed ever again. I had some creepy dream about being shot in the leg. (The cat gives a soft mew. She smiles at him.) I know right? (Laughing slightly, she gets up from the table and goes to the sink and turns on the tap. No water flows from the faucet.)
Alex: Wow. Guess we don’t have any water. Han’s gonna be ticked.
Han: What did you do with the water?
Alex: (Jumps and turns around to see a tall, thin blonde looking at her.) You scared me.
Han: (Goes to the table and picks up the paper.) Sorry. Guess I won’t be taking a shower today.
Alex: (Walks to the medicine cabinet and takes out a bottle of Benadryl. She examines the bottle label.) That’s weird.
Han: What’s weird?
Alex: It says nothing about seeing thing here…or not seeing things.
Han: What are you talking about?
Alex: Oh, nothing. (Tosses the bottle in the trash can.)
Han: That was full. Why’re you throwing it away?
Alex: It’s making me crazy.
Han: You already are crazy. Hey, I forgot to tell you, Colin called last night while you were out shopping.
Alex: (Shrugs.)
Han: I thought you liked that guy.
Alex: Yeah, but I don’t feel the need to see him…or talk to him.
Han: Weird. You two were inseparable the other week.
Alex: I just don’t really want to be around him right now.
Han: What’s gotten into you?
Alex: I dunno. (Pets the cat who is no on the counter.) I just don’t feel right today.
Han: Okay, well I’m off.
Alex: Where are you going?
Han: To the library of course.
Alex: Okay, see ya.
Han: Bye! (She leaves the kitchen. Al hears the front door open and close.)
Alex: (To her cat.) Well, looks like it’s just you and me.
(The phone rings.)

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments Nightmare: Bye. (He vanishes back to Dims Hall.)
Buxton: If I ever see that jerk again, I’m going to kill him.
Brent: I told you he was-.
Richard: S-t. They’re flinging fire at the cabin.
Gershwin: (Looks out the window.) We’re outnumbered.
Brent: What’ll we do?
Richard: We could surrender.
Gershwin: Vanessa will kill us. Her thoughts are of killing only, nothing else.
Buxton: Dangit, I’m going after that moron and getting Al back.
Gershwin: (Snatches Buxton by the collar.) Don’t you dare. She’s safe with him. You don’t want to get her killed, do you?
Buxton: (Pushes Gershwin off him.) Fine. If you insist.
Gershwin: There’s someone with them. I don’t know who. He’s thinking about Al like…
Richard: Like what?
Gershwin: I’m not sure, but he doesn’t want to kill her.
Brent: Then why is he on her side?
Gershwin: Vanessa’s your-?
Brent: SHH! No one’s supposed to know! And stop with the mind reading!
Gershwin: Sorry. I can’t help it really.
Richard: We have to get out of here. There’s another place I can take us, but it’ll only be a matter of time until they find us there.
Gershwin: Then onward. I don’t want to be cooked by a crazy woman’s lightning bolts.
(The four leave the cabin, just as the front door sets on fire.)

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M | 9091 comments I laughed at the part where Richard says, "I'm not promising it's the milkman." I got a little confused at the part where Brent stands up twice and pulls the gun from his belt when Gershwin and Buxton arrive at the cabin.

The surreal scene at your house sort of reminds me of the kind of stories I write, with its seemingly ordinary setting but unexplained things like the sudden absense of running water and the vaguely-referenced side-effects warning on the label of the antihistamine bottle.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments Oops, I pasted it twice. Well, I'll fix that. He was only supposed to stand up once....Since Gershwin reads minds, he catches people's thoughts that travel through Al's mind. He can find Al wherever she is if she only thinks his name, hence him and Buxton popping out of nowhere.

Ordinary settings with unexplained happenings are one of my favorite things to create for stories. The antihistamine thing is actually a real story. I found taking Benadryl was giving me some creepy and horrific dreams and hallucinations before I went to bed. I don't take that stuff anymore...lol.

Haha, milkmen. There's a rumor going about that I'm the milkman's child. My mother has a very odd sense of humor. Most random little things in my stories come from her and my sister.

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M | 9091 comments That's funny about the milkman. I'd probably relate offhandedly to Mom, in a moment when I could take her off guard, that I had scrutinized the milkman that morning, and that when he had asked me why I was giving him the once over, I had told him I wanted to see how much I looked like him.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments Hahahaha! Too bad there aren't a lot of milkmen-if any- around anymore. My grandfather was talking about milkmen once a couple years ago around me and he turned to me and said, "Well, I guess you have no idea what I'm talking about. You weren't alive when there were milkmen." I looked at him impishly and told him I was the milkman's baby. He, being my father's father, walked away looking puzzled. Ah, I miss him.

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M | 9091 comments I'll bet his jaw dropped when you said that! What a bright, interesting family.

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Kat (psych-enthusiast) | 2819 comments haha nice al :)

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments It did actually. He has a hilarious sense of humor. You can never tell if he's joking or being serious, and after he says something he'll laugh. Oh, goodness. My father's side is strange, my mother's side is even stranger.

Alex: (Picks up phone.) Hello?
Colin: Alex?
Alex: Oh, hey.
Colin: Wow, don’t sound so enthused.
Alex: Sorry, I’ve got a lot on my mind.
Colin: Are you up to anything?
Alex: Not really.
Colin: Wanna go catch a movie?
Alex: Um….
Colin: You’re choice. I don’t really care what we see. Afterward we’ll go get lunch.
Alex: I’m not feeling it today.
Colin: Oh, okay. Wanna talk about it?
Alex: Eh.
Colin: Wow, who are you and what did you do with my Al? (He laughs.)
Alex: I have to go.
Colin: Um, okay…I’ll see you later then?
Alex: I dunno. (Hangs up and looks at the cat.) What? Stop staring at me. I’m going back to bed. (Gets up off the couch and goes back to her room.)
* * *
Alex is walking through a white abyss. Nothing is in sight. She moves on, wanting to find something, though finding nothing. Something appears in the distance. She moves toward it. It vanishes. Something is behind her, but she can’t turn around, so she moves on. She stops and gasps as something sharp pierces her right leg. She hears a ‘bang’ and sees a shadow in the distance once more.
She wakes as the doorbell rings.
Alex: (Runs downstairs to the door, noticing her leg is throbbing. She looks through the peephole to see a blonde haired guy standing outside. She opens the door a crack.)
Colin: Hi, oh. (He gazes at her through the crack of the door.) You kinda look like crap. You sick?
Alex: I’m fine.
Colin: You going to let me in? It’s hot out here.
Alex: (She opens the door and sits on the couch.)
Colin: (Closes the door behind him and joins her.) Okay, I did something wrong, but I’m a guy and can’t figure out what. You want to fill me in?
Alex: (Sighs.) It’s not you.
Colin: Oh, it’s you, right? (Grins and takes her hand in his.) That sister of yours being an idiot?
Alex: No, it’s not her either.
Colin: (Stays silent waiting for her to tell him.)
Alex: I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I feel…weird.
Colin: You are weird.
Alex: Shut up.
Colin: God, what is wrong with you? You’re losing your sense of humor I love so much.
Alex: (Stands up.) Get out. I don’t want to talk to you. (She goes upstairs.)
Colin: (Perplexed, follows her.) Hey, Al! What’s wrong? (She slams the bathroom door in his face.) Ah, come on, Al! Open the door. You can talk to me you know. You haven’t had a problem with that in the past. Come on, Al. I wanna help you.
Alex: (From the other side of the door.) Get out! I said I don’t want to talk.
Colin: (Sighs, sits with his back against the door.) Okay, then you don’t have to, but I’m staying here just in case you change your mind.
(They stayed silent for a long moment until Al emerged from the bathroom, eyes red.)
Colin: (Wraps his arms around Al. She clings to him.) I’m not going to force you to talk to me, but I just want you to know I’m here and I’ll listen.
Alex: I can’t. I can’t. (Sobs.)
Colin: Okay, you don’t have to.
Alex: No, I can’t see, I can’t see.
Colin: What?
Alex: I don’t know. I’m losing my mind.
Colin: You’re not losing your mind.
Alex: Something’s wrong and I don’t know what. The phone, the mirror, my leg.
Colin: What about a mirror?
Alex: I can’t see anything in it.
Colin: Um.
Alex: And the phone’s being creepy.
Colin: How can a phone be creepy?
Alex: And my leg is throbbing.
Colin: Why’s it doing that?
Alex: And these dreams. They’re so terrifying.
Colin: Benadryl?
Alex: Ugh, and I’m so confused. I was standing in the shower and I still don’t know what day it is.
Colin: It’s Tuesday.
Alex: Or the date.
Colin: August 2nd.
Alex: Or the year.
Colin: 2011.
Alex: And I can’t remember anything.
Colin: What can’t you remember?
Alex: If it is August 2nd, what the crap happened to July?
Colin: It did go by rather quickly.
Alex: I don’t remember July. I remember June, but July?
Colin: (Stares at her with a confused expression.) You honestly don’t remember?
Alex: (Shakes her head.)
Colin: You hit your head?
Alex: No.
Colin: Did you take anything?
Alex: What?
Colin: Did someone give you little green pills?
Alex: (Slaps his arm.) This is serious, Colin!
Colin: I am being serious. You’re scaring me a bit.
Alex: I’m scaring myself.
Colin: Maybe you need a break.
Alex: From what?
Colin: From everything?
Alex: I dunno.
Colin: Let me take you out.
Alex: I don’t feel like-.
Colin: (Smiling) No, none of that. I’m taking you out.
Alex: (Smiles back.) I can’t say no to that face.
Colin: I’ll go start the car.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments (Brent, Richard, Gershwin and Buxton land in the dark.)
Brent: Where are we?
Richard: The Black Rock. It’s an old slave ship that got land locked.
Buxton: Where?
Gershwin: (Steps on something crunchy.) Le gasp!
Richard: What? (Lights a torch.)
Brent: (The light fills the room, causing Brent’s eyes to go straight to a crumpled up skeleton underneath Gershwin’s feet.) Ugh! Why’d you bring us to a place with skeletons?
Buxton: Gersh says “le gasp”?
Richard: Those skeletons would have been me, but I escaped.
Buxton: Oh like back when you were young?
Richard: Yeah, thirty.
Brent: (Stepping through the ship’s corridor, trying not to gaze at the shackled skeletons in the corners.) This is disgusting.
Richard: Sorry. I’m sort of attached to this place. It’s the first thing that popped into my mind.
Gershwin: A dark spirit has been through here.
Richard: Yeah, I wouldn’t doubt that.
Buxton: Well, I guess we should make ourselves comfortable. I mean until they start to look for us again.
Richard: What did you guys do to the pirates?
Buxton: How did you know about them?
Richard: Word travels fast.
Buxton: They decided to split.
Richard: Hmm, well I guess they wouldn’t come in any use anyway.
Brent: Who?
Gershwin: The pirates.
Brent: I don’t want to know.
Richard: Here, follow me. We can make ourselves comfortable in the captain’s quarters. (He leads them up the stairs, onto the deck of the slave ship and through a set of doors. They walk into a large room with dark wooden walls and gaudy furniture and decorations.)
Brent: Wow. This is…strange.
Richard: Stay here, I’ll go get some wood for the fireplace.
Buxton: You’re sure they won’t find us here for a while?
Richard: Somewhat.
Gershwin: That’s comforting….

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments (Colin and Alex are sitting at a table in a restaurant. The light is warm and the atmosphere is cozy and comforting.)
Colin: (Looking at his menu.) I have no clue what I want. What are you getting?
Alex: I dunno. Something.
Colin: Hey, come on, don’t be so down, babe.
Alex: (Looks at him.) What?
Colin: I said don’t be so down.
Alex: Oh, I thought-nevermind.
Colin: How about the Chinese special for you?
Alex: Um, no, I think something like a hamburger or-wait, what?
Colin: Huh?
Alex: You said-I thought you said-(Looks to the table next to where they are sitting. A dark haired man man sitting at the table in the shadows looks up at her.)
Colin: You thought I said what?
Alex: (Faces Colin and whispers back at him.) Something’s familiar about this.
Colin: Why are you whispering?
Alex: I want to go home. (Looks back at the man. He smiles at her.)
Colin: Why do you keep looking over there? What’s going on?
Alex: I-I just have to get out of here.
Colin: Um, okay. Don’t you want lunch?
Alex: (Stands up, knocking a glass of water onto a passing man’s shoes. Apologizing she looks up at the large, tall passerby.)
Passing Man: (Gazes down at Alex.) Those were my good shoes.
Alex: (Jaw dropping.) I’m sorry. I just…come on, Colin.
Colin: (Following Al who is rushing toward the door.) Hey, what’s gotten into you?
Alex: (Gazes behind her. The man at the table is gone.) I don’t know. I just have this weird feeling.
(Colin and Alex get in the car. Colin starts it and heads back to Alex’s house.)
Colin: What was that in the restaurant?
Alex: (Puts her feet on her seat and pulls her knees to her chest.) Ugh, I have to get out of here.
Colin: Of the car?
Alex: No, here.
Colin: I’m not getting it, Al. I have no idea what’s going on.
Alex: I have no idea either! Everything’s just…familiar.
Colin: Is that a bad thing?
Alex: The man at the table, the guy with the shoes-
Colin: A lot of people have shoes.
Alex: -and the car. (A panicked expression washes over her face.) Oh my god. The car! (Turns to Colin.) Stop the car! Stop the car!
Colin: Why?
Alex: I don’t know. I just have this feeling. Pull over!
Colin: (Pulls the car over.) Okay, there. Happy?
Alex: We have to get out.
Colin: Um?
Alex: Of the car! (She opens the door and gets out. Colin follows after her.)
Colin: What in the world is wrong with you? You really are being…cryptic. I’m kinda worried about-.
Alex: The car! Someone’s going to crash into it! We have to get away! (She pulls Colin by the sleeve.)
Colin: Al, come on. What is wrong with you? You’re scaring me.
Alex: (Runs down the street and into someone’s yard.) I don’t know what’s wrong, but something is totally off. (Runs into a guy wearing a lab coat and another guy with rolled up sleeves.)
Lab Coat: Oh, sorry. I’m in too much of a hurry to watch where I’m going. Busy day, you know, probably the biggest day of my life.
Alex: (ignoring the two men, run into the street with Colin.)
Colin: (Stops Al.) Stop Al. Please just tell me what’s going-
(A car speeds down the road after Colin and Alex. The driver is the man who was at the restaurant. Colin, seeing the car quickly pushes Al out of the way, but it’s too late. The car rams into both of them, making Al fall into a white abyss.)

message 447: by M, Old No. 7 (new)

M | 9091 comments I think the idea of a landlocked slave ship as a place to hide is cool!

When Alex knocks over a glass of water in the restaurant and the Passing Man says, “Those were my good shoes,” I laughed through most of the rest of it. I was at once suspicious of Lab Coat, but he seems harmless here.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments Thanks! It's not really my setting though. I had to think of one where Richard would go, and since he's not really my character the ship isn't really mine either.

Lab Coat and Rolled up Sleeves. I can't wait to make that one a short story series or a novel and develope those characters more. Yes, he's somewhat harmless until the pirates meet him. Big Guy-oh I don't know if you read They're Coming or not, but Big Guy, the one with shoes, is the one who works for Red and goes after Brent. I used a lot of lines from my stories and novels to show Al something is amiss. It gets a bit weird from here.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments Alex is walking through a white abyss. Nothing is in sight. She moves on, wanting to find something, though finding nothing. Something appears in the distance. She moves toward it. It vanishes. Something is behind her, but she can’t turn around, so she moves on. She expects to feel something pierce her leg, but nothing does. She expects to hear a ‘bang’, but she does not. Instead, she hears a voice.
“I’m sorry, Al.”
There is a mirror in front of her. Afraid she will find nothing in it, she does not look at it.
The voice is familiar, like the white abyss. It is somewhat comforting, yet somewhat frightening.
“Al. Look in the mirror.”
Not able to resist the command, she sets her eyes on the silver framed glass. Instead of seeing her reflection, she finds that of a man.
“I didn’t realize that your reality consisted of them.”
Alex is confused by his words. She wonders if she’s dead.
“Don’t worry, you aren’t dead. Of course if that was your reality and you really were run over by that car you would be. Since you’re here though, you’re still alive.”
What are you talking about?
“Your stories, your creations. They are your reality. I tried making you forget, but you’ll never be able to.”
Who are you? she asks as he smiles.
“Your worst Nightmare.”
She watches him give her a wink as he creeps toward the edge of the mirror. Where are you going?
“Don’t worry, I won’t be far. Just look in the mirror.”
He vanishes. She falls into darkness.

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Alex (Al)  (almfr) | 11330 comments Nightmare: (Pops into the captain’s quarters.)
Brent: (Jumps.) You freaking scared the literal crud outta me!
Nightmare: Sorry. Where’s Buxton?
Brent: He’s out exploring the area outside while I’m in here cleaning up. (Trips over a piece of rope.) Ow, dangit. Whoever the captain was, he was messy.
Nightmare: I have to talk to you, Richard and Gershwin. It’s best if Buxton isn’t around to hear what I have to say.
Brent: Oh? Well Richie is out collecting coconuts and wood. I have no clue when he’ll be back.
Nightmare: Where’s Gershwin?
Brent: Down in the brig. He said he wanted to find the source of the darkness that lurked down there. Whatever that’s supposed to mean. (He picks up an early 1800s women’s dress hanging on a chair.) The captain must have been a ladies’ man. He had a lot of these lying around.
Nightmare: Well, since Buxton is out of earshot I’ll tell you. I think I made a horrible mistake about Al.
Brent: What’s wrong with her?
Nightmare: I made a false reality for her.
Brent: Yeah, I remember you saying that.
Nightmare: So, I trapped her in a part of her mind where she can live out her real life…well, sort of real life. It appears I made a fatal error.
Brent: So, wait, she’s living in a copy of her reality?
Nightmare: Yes, not thinking her creations where actually part of it.
Brent: Wait, you mean us?
Nightmare: All of you were there. Her plots to her stories were being played out. She was run over by a car by a copy of Keegan Thann, just like in her story The Manipulator.
Brent: What the…how does that work?
Nightmare: She can’t remember any of you, or me for that matter, but her stories were almost real for her, therefore-
Brent: The plots are played out somehow.
Nightmare: Because I didn’t put any restrictions on what could happen.
Brent: Can you put restrictions on what happens to her?
Nightmare: I’m trying, but she already fell prey to her true reality. No matter how hard I try I can’t stop her from remembering her stories and creations. I think it’s because some of you linger in her mind still.
Brent: So, it’s actually us who are playing out her life?
Nightmare: Because she still has a mind. I made her unable to access it directly because she lives in mine now, but she is still linked to it.
Brent: So what? You said she was run over by a car? Is she dead? Lingering in limbo or something?
Nightmare: She was for a while lingering, but I recreated things. She’ll wake up, safe…for now. Whatever I do, I can’t let her remember anything about any of you or else she will be able to access her mind directly, meaning-
Brent: Red’ll find her.
Nightmare: Exactly, and we don’t want her dead for good.
Brent: This is all very confusing. I’m not sure how a person like Al will forget everything. She cared about us too much.
Nightmare: Her mind has been fighting her false reality I created. She recognized Keegan the minute she saw him.
Brent: Why Keegan?
Nightmare: He must be in her mind trying to access information. I hope he doesn’t know about her whereabouts.
Brent: He’ll tell Red the moment he knows where Al is.
Nightmare: I think I’m going to have to play double agent for awhile, throw them off and find out what Keegan is doing.
Richard: (Enters the room holding a bag full of coconuts.) Oh, you’re back.
Nightmare: And I’m just about to leave. I have to find out what Vanessa is up to and Keegan Thann. Brent will inform you about Al, but please do not let Buxton know anything about her. He’ll come after me with an ax if he found out.
Richard: Okay….
Nightmare: I’ll be back as soon as I talk to Vanessa and Thann. (He leaves with a ‘pop’.)
Richard: What’s all that about?
Brent: Come on, let’s go down to the brig. Gersh has to hear this.
(The two go to the deck and to a set of stairs in search of Gershwin.)

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