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A book about growing up?

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message 1: by Sam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sam I read this as a book about youth from the perspective of a remorseful adult. Putting aside the many unique aspects of this book, it gave to me the idea of everyones growth from youthful destruction into useful production. It said to me that anyone, even Alex, can be forced into discipline but truly 'growing up' takes a willingness to do so that is inevitable in time.

From this book I pose this question;

Is self discipline learned from societal structure or can it only come from within ourselves?

message 2: by Kaylee (last edited Jul 30, 2008 09:24AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kaylee I don't see this as an either/or issue. The answer is both. While society cannot force self-discipline, it is an indispensible model for it. Alex learned self-discipline as much from seeing his friend all grown up as from feeling the urges within himself. Society shows children how to behave. Whether they choose to follow that model comes from within. But both forces work hand-in-hand.

But I do very much agree that this is fundamentally a book about growing up.

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