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message 1: by Lily Rose (new)

Lily Rose | 29 comments Just get to know each other here. We don't need to talk just about Wicca.

message 2: by Lily Rose (new)

Lily Rose | 29 comments I'm Lillian (Lily). I've been into the whole Wiccan religion for about 2 years and still feel i haven't scratched the surface of the religion.

message 3: by Lily Rose (new)

Lily Rose | 29 comments I'm reading "The Witch's Journal" by Selene Silverwind and any quotes i write are from her book.

message 4: by Kat (new)

Kat I'm Kathryn. I've been into Wicca for about a year now, and I KNOW I haven't even scratched the surface. It doesn't help that I can't tell anybody that I enjoy Wicca because my family doesn't approve.

[ eff. i have no clue! ^o^ ] (me_want_cookie) | 5 comments I'm Shelby, I've been into Wicca for about six months and I'm still confused. I've Read alot of Silver RavenWolf Lately and it helps alot. But I don't know where to start.

message 6: by Patricia (new)

Patricia Della-Piana (PatDellaPiana) | 11 comments I'm Patricia, more commonly, Pat. I'm not exactly Wiccan, but Wicca was my way onto the path I now follow, so I feel a community here.

message 7: by Maiya (new)

Maiya | 1 comments I'm Maiya (spelled maiya pronounced Maya) I've been into Wicca for a few months but my family doesn't approve, So now i'm starting to really get into it more not really careing what my family thinks. Being Wicca seems more...right then being christian like the rest of my family.

message 8: by Lily Rose (new)

Lily Rose | 29 comments At first my dad didn't approve of me learning about wicca but he's much more open to it now. My mom tries to understand some of the things i talk about.

Ammi: Did your mom keep a book of shadows? Maybe you could read that. Her Book of Shadows might have her view on Wicca and spells she's performed. Personally i believe in reincarnation. So i think your mom is still alive but not in your mom's physical body.

message 9: by Lavender (new)

Lavender (Lavendercrystalbear) | 47 comments Mod
most of us have christian families so we all have a lot of teaching to do. ammi, im sorry to hear about your mom, did she not share her beliefs with you before she passed on? Im sure she will reincarnate somewhere some day and will continue her journey of learning as will all of us.

message 10: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 2 comments I'm Elizabeth, and I have been into Wicca for a little over a year. I also know I have not even scratched the surface. Luckly, my parents' approve of what I'm doing, though they still think it's strange.

message 11: by Gothic chick (new)

Gothic chick | 6 comments Hiya,

My name is Sydney. My wiccin name is Purple Raven Feather. I was born into the Wiccin religion with my mom dad sister and brother. I am a middle child and love this religion. I finally feel comfrontable talking with people i know are my religion. Thanks for making this group. For not being afraid to just go out and make it.
Yours Truley,
Gothic Chick

message 12: by Lavender (new)

Lavender (Lavendercrystalbear) | 47 comments Mod
Anyone care to update their path status? For me I'm more committed to nature paganism. Not so much into ritual but do appreciate a good spell when needed. I'm mostly practicing the healing arts.

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Hello everyone...
My name is Elizabeth and I am what a good friend of mine would call a born-again Wiccan. She started calling me that because I was baptized Catholic to please my father, baptized Mormon to please my mother and finally decided that it was time to please me.
I call myself Wiccan because it is the term that best fits my beliefs although I tend to study and practice more of what the ancient Celtic Druids believed. I am not so much into the witchcraft aspect however, I do perform some healing, protection, and cleansing rituals on occasion. I am a solitary practitioner for the most part; however, I will participate in solstice rituals with a group.

I look forward to getting to know you all through the group discussions.

message 14: by Lavender (new)

Lavender (Lavendercrystalbear) | 47 comments Mod
Hello. Nice to meet you. I would consider just calling yourself celtic druid pagan if thats your path. Rather than claim wicca or witchcraft

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

I have considered that but haven't come to a decision regarding what to call myself, mainly because I have pulled ideas from a variety of paths and sort of combined them into my own set of beliefs.
I do, however, appreciate your input and opinion.

message 16: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (jaeaaliyah0102) Merry Meet! I'm a nature-based Pagan(Hedgewitch) and have been on this path for a few months. I've always felt a strong connection to Nature and I have psychic abilities. My patron deity is Yemaya.

message 17: by Noctowl (new)

Noctowl | 3 comments Hiya, I'm Noctowl (yes, I'm obsessed with Pokemon, shut up!). I wouldn't exactly call myself wiccan, since I study multiple magic paths so I can find the one thing that links them all together (I guess those are my instincts as a science buff). My family are witches, except my big sis, who isn't sure what she is, but still has powers (teenagers, they can be so annoying). Oh, and I run a group for teen magicians, if there are any teens on this site

message 18: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Avery (SarahAvery) | 3 comments Hello, everybody! I've been Wiccan for over 20 years, initiated in the Blue Star lineage for about 15 years. I've just started exploring the Groups feature on GoodReads, now that my first book is out. Tales from Rugosa Coven is a collection of linked contemporary fantasy novellas with a humorous slant, about a coven of very real Pagans who live in an even weirder version of New Jersey than the one you think you know.

I hope that's not spammy. I poked around this group's threads, looking for guidelines about appropriate publicity. Did I miss them? I figure, if the Law of Threefold Return kicks in, I get to find out about three Pagan books I otherwise wouldn't know about, which sounds pretty good to me.

In that spirit, do you guys have favorite Wiccan/Pagan fiction that's come out recently?

message 19: by Amy (new)

Amy Bradley (Fractaldragon) | 2 comments Brian wrote: "Pagan fiction: Dance Of The Goblins Demoniac Dance The Forever Girl

There you go, three books. All of them slated to be made into films so you know ..."

Umm, Brian, I have to disagree. Being slated to be made into films is not at all a guarantee that the books are good! Just look at Twilight! *snerk* But they do look rather interesting.

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