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Andrea | 2270 comments Mod
You too hunny!

Agnieszka T. (enga) | 561 comments 131. Почерк Леонардо by Dina Rubina

So, that's the end of reading in 2010 :)

I wih you a lovely year 2011 and see you in next thread :)

Andrea | 2270 comments Mod
That sounds very interesting!

Agnieszka T. (enga) | 561 comments Read it :) It's a message from a human "locked" in his body, incredible work done to create it! Impressive!

Andrea | 2270 comments Mod
I wanted to read The Diving Bell for so long and then I forgot about it until I saw you post it!

Agnieszka T. (enga) | 561 comments 110. Pieśniarz Wiatru by William Nicholson
Andrea - I also like it. The main character sometimes drive my crazy, but in general it was a good read and also worth reading for basically every modern women, that's what I think.

Andrea | 2270 comments Mod
Aga, I really liked Kabul Beauty School! I love learning about other cultures and this was really an eyes wide open view of the role of women in society.

Agnieszka T. (enga) | 561 comments Yeah, I think I'll make more than that even :) I have time for reading now.

message 114: by Joy (new)

Joy (joyful_reader) | 988 comments Wow, will you make it to 110? =)

Agnieszka T. (enga) | 561 comments Yeah :D And still some weeks to go :D

Andrea | 2270 comments Mod
Yay Aga 101!!!

Agnieszka T. (enga) | 561 comments I'm trying Joy :D

But seriously - I enjoy reading lately even more and have quite some free time, so it's a bit easier to get to 100 :)

message 106: by Joy (new)

Joy (joyful_reader) | 988 comments 100 is comin' up fast!!!! =)

Agnieszka T. (enga) | 561 comments Amdrea - thanks :) Yes, it works fine!

Andrea | 2270 comments Mod
Aga, I noticed that your list still wasn't moved so I moved it and I think I did right...lol

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