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Alias Reader (AliasReader) | 7390 comments GUIDELINES:

We want everyone to have fun here, so here are a few guidelines that must be followed:

Treat other members courteously, as though you were a guest in their home.

Nobody has the right to abuse anyone verbally, to spam the forum, or make offensive remarks, including but not limited to posts that include racism, sexism, or comments derogatory to another’s sexuality.

Arguments are a part of the forum experience. Opinions on this site are diverse and sometimes directly polarized. We all love reading threads where there are many opposing ideas, but any differences must be addressed with respect.

We will not tolerate when individuals go beyond these boundaries— it’s not fun to read and destroys community atmosphere. Keep the arguments restricted to books and ideas, don’t attack people.

Abuses to the above guidelines will result in an immediate warning. Continued abuses will result in a second, and final, warning. Persistent abuse after the two warnings will result in a ban from BNC.

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