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Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Hi Annie. I will definitely read it tomorrow. :)

Callie (WriteRepublic) Awesome! Thanks Paige! :)

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Welcome! :)

Callie (WriteRepublic) Oh, and yes, I'm going to write more. I actually have a lot more to add...but I'm trying to decide how I want to piece it all together. But the next chapter will be up soon :)

Callie (WriteRepublic) Chapter 1 of Enigmatic Heroes is up :)


Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments YAY! I'm off to read...

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments A new group to join to find out about all the upcoming romance authors, reviews on existing romance books, chat with fellow reviewers, become a reviewer, win books!, and just have a great time.


Callie (WriteRepublic) Coolio. I'll check it out. :)

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments New reviews up on my blog!

Also, check out my reviews on The Romance Reviews Site!

Andrea | 469 comments Hi Paige :) I hope all is well. I've posted ch. 1 of a new story for comments/critiques. Would you mind taking a look? Thanks :)


Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Sounds great! Will check it out tomorrow for sure! :)

Andrea | 469 comments Thanks :) Good to hear from you again. It's been so quiet around here....

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Mimi (Mimibird) | 421 comments Hi Paige! Guess what? I'm writing a sequel to Veiled Secret for NaNo. I know, I know, I swore I wouldn't, but... Oh well. It happened. And now I have a chapter up. Clicky-link: http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/2...

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments YAY!!!!!!! I have to go read it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya think that's enough exclamation points? LOL

Callie (WriteRepublic) Here is chapter 3 of Enigmatic Heroes. I'll be putting up another one soon. Here you go!


Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Yay! Must spend day reading. I have so much reading to catch up on, but be sure that if I don't read and comment in November, I will no doubt get to it in December. NaNoWriMo has me in a vise grip. I'm so behind! :(

Andrea | 469 comments Hang in there, Paige. It'll be ok.

Ellen (booksanddalmatians) | 275 comments Yeah, NaNo has seriously killed my reading life... but then again, I think school did that too :(

Callie (WriteRepublic) Paige wrote: "Yay! Must spend day reading. I have so much reading to catch up on, but be sure that if I don't read and comment in November, I will no doubt get to it in December. NaNoWriMo has me in a vise grip...."

It's alright, it's the same for me too.

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Click it for the anti-zombie vaccine!


Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Thanks Andrea.

LOL Ellen, school should be held responsible for everything! LOL JK I loved school.

I hope that it gets better for you soon Annie. :)

Ellen (booksanddalmatians) | 275 comments Haha. Yes, it should.

Callie (WriteRepublic) New Enigmatic Heroes Chapter!


Andrea | 469 comments My book was published!!!!!!!!!!!


Time to party!

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments How totally awesome!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you Andrea! That's excellent news!

Andrea | 469 comments Hi Paige!!!!!!!! Thanks :) Welcome back. So many of you have been gone since NaNo started. It's good to see some familiar faces reappearing. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Andrea | 469 comments Happy New Year, Paige!

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NmzMK...

Everyone needs to watch this. It's my kidlet singing! Hehehehe

Andrea: Happy New Year back at ya!!!!

Andrea | 469 comments Hey Paige! How have you been?

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Well, after a looooooong spell of an aversion to the computer, my first ever, I'm back, I'm pretty sure for a looooong time. Now, I need to catch up on all of my reading, reviewing, blog posting, and commenting. It will probably be a week before I am completely caught up, but that means lots of fun stuff for you to read on my blog and on Goodreads...I don't know why I hated the computer for a while, but I just had no drive to be on it. Now, my zest is back and I'm hoping to catch up very soon.

Andrea, I've been okay, we have all been really sick in my house and are hoping to get over it soon. Upper respiratory infections, and then a uti. Not a fun few weeks! LOL How have you been?

Andrea | 469 comments Paige!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're back!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!! Sorry you all still aren't feeling well :( I hope everyone feels better VERY soon. I'm doing good.

I've had a lot of work come up so far this year, which is good, but I kind of burned out at the end of last year, and haven't worked on my book in over a month...I need to get back to it now that my schedule is pretty much set.

So glad to see you back. I'll catch you later. Take care.

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Hi Andrea!!!!! Yes, I am back! YAY!!!! Thank you for the well wishes and I'm glad you are doing well!

Very good that you have a lot of work this year! That's great! Yes, working on your book woul dbe great too!! :)


Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments New Review up on the blog!
Damaged Cargo by Sandra Sookoo
"A Science Fiction Adventure Romance"

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Okay, so I posted some re-writes and re-posted a story that I don't think I will ever do anything with, well one chapter of a story that I don't think I will ever do anything with if anyone is interested.

My life has been crappy and then awesome this week.
Found out that my husband didn't get his transfer, so I won't be moving and then also there is a transfer freeze for his job so we won't be able to transfer out of this hell hole for 2 to 5 years. Bleh!

Then, everything was great when I found out my sisters water broke and she had my nephew this morning at 5:43am. So, all in all, a weird week.

New reveiws up on the blog though!
Seducing the Duchess by the lovely Ashley March
Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt

Andrea | 469 comments Congrats, Aunt Paige! :) Sorry the transfer didn't go through, though :(

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Thanks Andrea, just at a loss now for what we are to do with the next 10 years of our lives. lol We will figure it out, just a lot of thinking.

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments My first mixed drink post...The Tropical Depression
A Paige Ray creation.


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Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments I finally get to start reading "The Chosen" by Andrea! Woot! I've been working diligently on my own writing in preparation to read this and I get to start tonight! YaY! Busy lately. I haven't been on the computer much other than job hunting and couponing!

Soooo...just been busy with normal offline life, I guess. LOL I don't know what to write because it has been so long since I have been on Goodreads.

Oh, and the entire topic folder for M-P has totally disappearedfrom the topics view, apparently collectively, all of us in that letter spectrum havn't posted for months! Bad, Tsk, tsk. Eh, I've been busy and I'm sure all of you have been super busy too.

Hopefully, I can get caught up with life enough to get on Goodreads every so often again soon. We shall see. Hi to all, bye to all! Hugz!

Andrea | 469 comments Paige!!!!!!!!!! It's so good to see you back on. How did the writing go?

I'm very excited to hear you're starting "The Chosen" :) I can't wait to hear what you think about it. Enjoy!

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Hi Andrea!!! Writing went pretty well last night, I reworked an entire chapter as I am completely changing the main characters relationship with another character, so lots of work. But a whole chapter, woot! I kicked it out quickly! I'm happy for that. My goal is to go over a chapter a day. That should be a good start.

I am excited that I have started "The Chosen." I can't wait to dive in further tonight! :)

Andrea | 469 comments Awesome job on the writing! I can definitely see that changing the relationship between the MC and other character will DEFINITELY provide a lot of editing for you...good luck! Just remember to have fun while reworking it ;)

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Thank you Andrea...been hard at work couponing and trying to write. Reading, well, I've been neglecting that, but will start back up again tonight!

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