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Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Dialogue! Ugh, I hate dialogue and I am horrible at it. I need some dialogue advice. :)

I have some excerpt type stuff posted on my goodreads profile, but we can exchange e-mails and send some writing, that would be cool.

Need to - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, for the Writer's Review group, and two books that I started months ago that I haven't read in a while, and the last one is a new book that I have to read and review for a review website that I contribute to, it's always a two week deadline with their reviews.

Those two books sounds really interesting, I'm going to add them to my to-read.

Malin (Tusenord) Alright, I'll mull on dialogue tips for a while and see what I can dig out of my brain.

I'll check your excerpts (as soon as I'm done with the short story! - or stuck on it).

Is it fun to write reviews? I never have, unless I'm forced or had a real strong opinion about a book (and then it's usually just a short paragraph).

The Honor Harrington series is a bit "crammed". If you love sci-fi, it's worth a read. Not fabulous writing, but great fighting scenes.

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Yay for dialogue!

The excerpts are very small, so if you want to read like whole chapters or real short stories, we can email or message, because pretty much what I have posted on here is bleh!

I love writing reviews, especially when the author stops by and thanks me for a review. It's the coolest thing. This new website that I am reviewing for is awesome too, because they have more followers and such, so they have opportunties to get even my reviews out there, in magazines or whatnot. Hasn't happened yet, since I just started, but there is a chance for it which is cool.

I definitely loooooooooove sci-fi! And fight scenes, I must check out the Honor Harrington series!

Malin (Tusenord) Alright, I'll check your excerpts and see which one I want to start with! Do you want me as a proper beta reader, with all the rough-and-tough editing to go with it?

That must be a fabulous feeling indeed!

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Sounds great! Edit whichever way you are most comfortable, that's what I always say. I like to get many different opions from many different people. :)

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Unlocked Website


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My short story 'Where They Belong' is one of the 10 tales included in this YA anthology.

Check it out!!

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments GIVEAWAY of Unlocked in the paperback form on my blog!!


Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Really? No one is interested in a free book?

I have one entrant on my blog. Enter if you are interested!


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Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments 2nd Posting! Need more entrants!!!

GIVEAWAY of Unlocked in the paperback form on my blog!!


Unlocked by Jaimey Grant

Just Plain Ray (Ray_of_Sunshine) | 234 comments Two bits of happy news!

1. Newest chapter of My Life in a Ramen Cup is up for reading!

2. Ramen Cup just broke 15k! Haha, I'm so happy~

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments YAY!!!!

Just Plain Ray (Ray_of_Sunshine) | 234 comments -dances-

Haha, I'm glad I dug this old puppy out and finished it c: It certainly paid off!

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments I loved Ramen Cup, I haven't seen it posted in a while, any updates so I am glad I caught this one. :)

Just Plain Ray (Ray_of_Sunshine) | 234 comments Heehee, I made a mental note to inform you, Paige :) So no need to worry about not getting any updates on Ramen Cup (not that there are much, anyway)

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments lol YAY! Seriously, the story was awesome when I read it so long ago. I noticed that I missed a few chapters, so yay! I get to read a bunch at once. :)

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments OH SNAP! The GIVEAWAY for Unlocked on my blog has been extended. You now have until September 1, 2010 to submit an entry to be in the running for a paperback copy.

Good luck!

Malin (Tusenord) How's it going with your writing and other things?

Ellen (booksanddalmatians) | 275 comments Paige wrote: "Ellen: Nick Jr. has a show called The Upside Down Show and the kidlet looo..."

Is that the one with the two comedians; one has brown curly hair and the other is bald?

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Malin: Writing is going okay. I have been trying to catch up on all of my reading lately. I was able to write a few words on my novel and went through it again changing a few things. The great news is that I was able to read some of your manuscript, about 3 chapters and I absolutely love love love it! I can't wait to devote more time to it. I can send you the first five chapters of mine right now too, if you'd like it. It's YA...

Ellen: That is indeed The Upside Down Show, David and Shane. My son and I love watching it together. :)

Just Plain Ray (Ray_of_Sunshine) | 234 comments Paige wrote: "Malin: Writing is going okay. I have been trying to catch up on all of my reading lately. I was able to write a few words on my novel and went through it again changing a few things. The great news..."

You watch the Upside-Down Show too?! Oh my lord, that is the best children's show on the planet :) A friend and I used to watch it in the mornings, but then they moved the time to 11:00 pm so I can only watch on Fridays and such :( Too bad they didn't get past a couple of episodes.

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Yes! I love The Upside Down Show! Those guys are the way teachers should be in the lower grades. They make learning soooooooo fun!

My son loooooooooooves them and so I watch it with him. Here they come on at 8pm and they play two episodes everyday. I think we have seen everything they have out there.

I didn't know that they were cancelled already?
They need to take off that stupid show Oobi that teaches kids to talk like babies and replace it with The Upside Down Show.

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments "Udder Chaos!"

Malin (Tusenord) Oo, I'm glad you do! And send along your chapters. I've realised I taken quite a lot on my plate lately, so don't expect any miracles when it comes to the time frame, but I'll get around to reading it sometime this year :D

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Malin: No hurry at all, just wanted to send something of mine your way so that you don't think that I'm stalling. LOL That sounds just great. And your story is awesome!!! :)

Ellen (booksanddalmatians) | 275 comments Paige wrote: "Malin: Writing is going okay. I have been trying to catch up on all of my reading lately. I was able to write a few words on my novel and went through it again changing a few things. The great news..."


Hehe. I get the joke now :D

Just Plain Ray (Ray_of_Sunshine) | 234 comments Paige wrote: ""Udder Chaos!""

I love that tune (should get it for my iPod). And I tried learning the Fly Diddy, or whatever its called. Haha, much to fun xD

"Off with the cushions!"

"Knit one, pearl two. Knit two, Pearl Jam."

Some of my favorite quotes :)

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Oh, I love those! Hahaha Yeah, that show is just too good!

What I love is that my husband and I are kind of like that with our son, we try to make everything super fun. And we are weird and nerdy, but it's all fun! We get a lot of things from them.

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments There is a huge GIVEAWAY going on on this site. Check it out for more details.


Malin (Tusenord) I got your story now! I'm curious to see what it's like, and I'm telling myself I need to do math tasks first.

So what do you think of mine? *dyingly curious*

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Yay! I bet you won't like mine though. It's first person and YA, but we will see.

I really like yours. I can't wait to continur reading it. It's very intriguing and mysterious. I have been making little notes here and there of things that I love and stuff like that too. :)

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Yay Tink! *runs off to read...*

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments The Winner of my Unlocked GIVEAWAY has been announced. Check out my blog. Lot's of book reviews on the way too!


Paige Miller | 672 comments Paige wrote: "Yay Tink! *runs off to read...*"


Paige Miller | 672 comments Paige wrote: "Visit the blog for a review of Graceling by Kristin Cashore.


Graceling... such a good book. :) I liked the prequel Fire even better.

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments I need to get Fire and read it, but there are so many books right now, it's hard to say that I want that one right now. I guess I shouldn't care about anything else, I got Mockingjay, hahaha! :)

I can't believe I was so behind on Heartfire!

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Just got home from sitting at a road block for the Canyon Fire. Crazy to see it crest the mountain and see a whole town be evacuated. It was an incredible sight, but not in a good way. It was very devastating.

Paige Miller | 672 comments About Heartfire:

Oh no worries, Paige! :)

About the Canyon Fire:

I heard about that! Isn't it horrible? :(

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Heartfire, I have a few more chapters to get caught up. I'm still loving it though.

Yes, it is horrible, the smoke has infiltrated my lungs and nostrils, and I have such a headache! It was raining ash all day today and they had it out at one point, but it sparked back up and now it's threatening a whole little town, they had to evacuate.

Malin (Tusenord) I hope the canyon fire dies out ASAP! Are you living near enough to be in danger by the flames as well?

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Thank you, it's about 8-11 miles away right now, but there are two semi-mountains that separate us from the fire. The problem with it right now is, it's threatening a decently large community. I think it's about half a mile from a major grouping ot mountain mobile homes, so if those catch fire, the whole town will be in trouble. I'm most afraid of the propane tanks, every house has one. I just hope that this can be taken care of soon, though my husband tells me from his sources that it's not likely it will end for a while. When I woke up this morning, I felt like I had smoked several packs of cigarettes and have been hacking up dead trees all day. :( I hate this!

Malin (Tusenord) The silverlining is that if you ever describe a fire in a story, you'll know exactly how it feels... :/

Callie (WriteRepublic) I'm so sorry Paige. I wish the best for you and your family.

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Thanks Annie & Malin, it seems as though they were able to get it under control and the last I heard it was 75% contained, so it should be smooth sailling from here, but I drove through the area that burned the other day and I was just depressed, so many trees and how many animals. Yucky. They also think a human started it. The smoke has cleared out a good amount now, I still don't like going outside, there are piles of ashe everywhere.

Malin: That is so true! I makes me want to have a fire in a story so that I can use it. :)

Andrea | 469 comments Paige, I just got caught up with your "room." I hope everything will be ok by you. I can't believe a human might have started this one. As if there aren't enough natural ones forming this time of year... How terrible. Take care of yourself and your family. My thoughts are with you.

Marley (Marleyme95) Paige, darling, I hope everything is better. :(

Paige (anauthor) | 357 comments Thanks guys! The fire was 100% contained on Monday of last week which was really nice considering the weather this week. Over the hundreds. Bleh! So, the heat would have been a real nuisance in putting out the fire. Also the wind died down a bit for a few days which really helped with the fire fiighters work. I drove through the area a few days ago and it made me so sad. So much devastation, along the highway to town, the grass is all black. Many of the trees survived thankfully, much better than the fire that was across the lake earlier this summer.

Anyway, I'm glad that it's all over and it actually helped me come up with an idea to put into my current novel, so the experience was a learning experience, which is good sometimes, but sad all the same. It's bitter-not-so-sweet-but-a-little-sweet.

Callie (WriteRepublic) Hey Paige! I've got a new story on Goodreads, and if you would read it, that would be beyond amazing! p.s. I love feedback!


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