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message 1: by Rick (new)

Rick F. | 10 comments I recently ordered 3 Richard Haney Books - 39 steps and its two sequels - its listedon Kindle as Pulp Fiction collection
anyone fans of Richard haney?

message 2: by Werner (new)

Werner I read The 39 Steps recently, and liked it! (My review is posted here on Goodreads.) But I haven't read any of John Buchan's other novels, including the other ones that feature Hannay.

message 3: by Rick (new)

Rick F. | 10 comments well I saw them on Amazon-and felt- 3 books for .99 cant be bad! and I loved the Robert Donat film - The 39 Steps
also bought 4 Bulldog Drummond Books for .99

message 4: by Rick (new)

Rick F. | 10 comments werner-Gary from the James Mason Group is very interested in Ellery Queen Magazine- perhaps you can msg him about this great group and also about pulp fiction magazines currently available

message 5: by Jim, Co-moderator (new)

Jim (JimMacLachlan) | 231 comments Mod
Are the Bulldog Drummond books like the Radio Show? I liked that.

message 6: by Rick (new)

Rick F. | 10 comments They appear more like the 1930's films- quick reads- never heard the radio shows- so cant answer that- but really enjoyable

message 7: by Werner (new)

Werner Rick, I'll try to get a message to Gary sometime soon. My Internet time might be a little limited today due to the holiday, and our daughter from North Carolina is coming in tomorrow, weather permitting. So it may be next week before I get to it; but I WILL get to it! :-)

message 8: by Rick (new)

Rick F. | 10 comments THANKS! WERNER

message 9: by Werner (new)

Werner Rick, I messaged Gary just now (hope I clicked on the right Gary! :-)). Our daughter won't arrive until the afternoon, so I had a little time to work with.

message 10: by Rick (new)

Rick F. | 10 comments thanks werner- I will try to find the right Gary! forgot there was more then one- but it is the one who sent multiple posts to DB and John K on the Author Forums

message 11: by Werner (new)

Werner You're welcome, Rick! I messaged the one in Missouri, who'd posted yesterday or early today on three of the threads in the James Mason group.

message 12: by Rick (new)

Rick F. | 10 comments I think this one lives in NY or NJ- but thanks!

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