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message 151: by Michael (new)

Michael Vorhis (mike_vorhis) | 34 comments Kevin wrote: "Ok folks, about 12hrs left on the FREE Kindle book giveaway (last one on this book for a long time) for The Lost Dialogues of Table 18 (a U.S. favorite): click on the link and it's free book (proba..."

Grabbed your book Kevin; looks to be a unique read.

Fort Wayne, eh? I'm from Lebanon Ohio...same kind of town albeit a little smaller. Used to drive my old 1952 Ford pickup out to Brookville Indiana of a summer day as a young man, to canoe the little river there.

message 152: by Hendrik (new)

Hendrik Witmans (sfwriter) | 11 comments Hello everyone,
I'm a total newcomer to Goodreads, and still finding my way around. This is just to let everyone know that this Friday and Saturday, Febr. 24 and 25, my collection of short stories, Problems with Portals, will be offered for free on Kindle select. These eight futuristic stories are about teleportation, and its emotional influence on people, both good and bad.
If anyone is interested, I would appreciate any comments, discussions, or questions about the book.
The URL is
Thanks very much.
Hendrik Witmans

message 153: by K.J. (new)

K.J. Wetherholt (RepansedeSchoye) | 3 comments Hi, everyone. I thought I'd post here, both because I'm a true fan of historical fiction, but because the one I wrote is being sold for a good cause.

With the sale of this book, about war correspondents during and following WWI on the Western Front, proceeds go to publishing projects on war and conflict-affected populations by the MIPJ (, in association with their partners (such as VII, etc.).

With the deaths of friends and colleagues recently who were war correspondents, I'm even more hell-bent and determined to support works that examine the causes and effects of war itself.

In terms of accuracy (I know, important for all of us!!) the book was vetted by current war correspondents and WWI historians at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

Coverage by Reuters: link:


Author page:

I would truly and warmly welcome your support.

Kindest regards,

message 154: by Laura (new)

Laura LaRoche (LauraLaRoche) | 50 comments Hello All, I would like to share my book, Black Woods. Mystery/Thriller
Ebook description
Avid mushroom hunters and volunteers with the local Search and Rescue Department, Laura and Julie, who are in their sixties, remember that first encounter in the woods years ago. Four young men, who are fun by nature, travel to the woods with high hopes of a hunt they won't forget. A call to the Search and Rescue Department will bring them shockingly together in the... Black Woods.

Amazon link:
Smashwords link:
My website:
Thanks, Laura Wright LaRoche

message 155: by Dougie (new)

Dougie Brimson (dougiebrimson) | 51 comments Some nice PR for my two thrillers (one of which is a free download!)

message 156: by Rosanne (new)

Rosanne | 12 comments The cover of Camera Obscura is almost there! More pieces have been cut out with Tony Szmuk's jigsaw, and any readers who are photography freaks will possibly recognize one of the shapes. The painstaking tasks that go into the making of a book ... writing, rewriting, editing, typesetting, design ... are all done, and it is now being poured into the nine digital formats that will transport it around the world to all readers. Paperback too will be available, all simultaneously, on the same day, at once!

Readers will then take in this action novel, where I once more use real locations, real artifacts and incidents that really happened to weave a story about deceit, crime, death, and the most unusual love story in fiction.

If you can get into Facebook, see what you can see of the cover so far here:

message 157: by Cindy (new)

Cindy Rush | 8 comments Hi, I'm the self-published author of Broken Road, looking for ideas from other fiction writers on how to get the word out about my novel. Would be interested to hear some ideas.

message 158: by John (new)

John Logan (JohnAALogan) | 106 comments Hello All!
I published my new novel, The Survival of Thomas Ford, as a Kindle ebook on Christmas Day 2011.
It means a lot to me to finally have a chance to get this book out to readers, because this novel had been locked in under contract with a London literary agent for over a year...nearer 18 months...felt longer...
My agent was certain he could sell the book, and the film consultant at the agency, who had been responsible for discovering Slumdog Millionaire as an unpublished manuscript and getting it developed into a film, thought my book was the best she had read at that agency in the last 4 years.
My agent found several editors who "loved the book", but the sales depts of the publishing houses did not agree and no sale was made.
So I have taken the book back into my own hands to sell direct to readers (hopefully)!
The novel is contemporary fiction, what you might call a literary thriller.
I would love to know what readers think of it!
All very best, John

The Survival of Thomas Ford has 12 five-star reviews now on

Perfection, by Tristan Hopkinson:
John Logan has created that rare thing - a thriller with a seriously literary voice behind it. His story-telling is marvellous, but it was the beautiful poetic lyricism of his writing that really got me. I hope to see him on a bookshelf very soon.

Gripping, by DphiLsi:
Purchased, downloaded and read inside 24 hours. This book had me gripped from the first few sentences until the very end. As someone who grew up in the Highlands I have always been very aware of the dark mysteries that the nights seem to hold up there... particularly in the forests. "The Survival of Thomas Ford" is a gripping story which you will find difficult to put down. Only start it if you have plenty time on your hands!

Page Turner, by Julia Knox:
Read this on the train to and from work, couldn't put it down, wished the journey was longer so I could read more!! great read.

Excellent literary thriller, by Rita Davidova:
John Logan has written a gripping, atmospheric novel. It's stayed with me for some time after reading it. The dawn of a strong new talent.

Last weekend The Survival of Thomas Ford went to number 13 in the top 100 bestselling paid literary fiction ebooks on Amazon; to number 18 in the Top 100 bestselling paid literary fiction including the paperbacks; (but it is also very much a thriller! It went to number 80 on Saturday in Top 100 bestselling paid thrillers...)
Goodreads page:
Thank-you to the Goodreads readers here who have helped with this!

message 159: by Sterling (new)

Sterling Gate Books (sterlinggatebooks) | 37 comments Greetings from Down Under

Hi there - Great to e-meet you!

I’m one half of a New Zealand father-and-son writing/publishing team here at Sterling Gate Books.

My son James Morcan and I have co-authored two new release novels which have already appeared on Amazon’s bestseller lists in their respective categories.

One of these, an international thriller titled The Ninth Orphan, recently held the #1 ranking for one full week. In December, it was at #3 on Amazon’s ‘Movers & Shakers’ site for the biggest gainers for all books in its Kindle Store in the previous 24hrs.

Our second book, a historical adventure-romance titled Fiji, is already outselling our first book in some weeks, which bodes well.

We are delighted that both books are receiving predominantly 5-star reviews. We are pro-actively seeking more reviews for both books, and that’s one reason we joined this group. That and to exchange views with like-minded people.

Best from NZ


message 160: by Lee (new)

Lee Holz | 383 comments John wrote: "Hello All!
I published my new novel, The Survival of Thomas Ford, as a Kindle ebook on Christmas Day 2011.
It means a lot to me to finally have a chance to get this book out to readers, because thi..."

Now on my TR list.

message 161: by Charlotte (last edited Mar 05, 2012 10:58AM) (new)

Charlotte Browne | 16 comments Hi all I have just published my first ebook, Coven on amazon. It is a fantasy/adventure. It is free untill Wednesday 7th of March, and I am looking for some feedback before I publish it as a printed book. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Here is a breif synopsis:

Coven is a story about a young woman named Katie whose life was turned upside down. After a series of tragic events Katie cries herself to sleep on her sofa, only to find when she wakes up that she’s in a whole new world. A place where the worst creatures from your darkest nightmares exist, all their efforts bent on killing her.
But fate it seems has other ideas for her as she quickly forms a friendship with a man named Bargo; who not only reveals to her why she is in so much danger, but ultimately who she is. Through him she learns that she is being hunted by an army of witches, wizards, werewolves, orcs, trolls, ogres and all manner of other dark creatures. That they themselves are governed by a ruling race of vampires, led by Cilia. From the moment she meets Bargo her name doesn’t seem to right anymore and she quickly shortens it to Kate. Kate learns of the Coven of sorcerers whose sole purpose it is to track down and destroy evil; and that she is destined to lead them to victory against Cilia and her armies.
Once united with the entire Coven Kate feels as though she truly belongs for the first time in her life. Along with true friends Kate finds true love with Balthazar a fellow Coventian. Along her journey Kate also discovers the truth about the deaths of two of the founding Coven members, and a secret that could change the fate of the Coven.

message 162: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Bird (StephenCBird) | 12 comments Hello Goodreads People,

My 2nd book, "Catastrophically Consequential" was released on February 16th, 2012.

Here is the page for this title:

Here is a 500 Word Synopsis of "Catastrophically Consequential" :

Here is a brief description of "Catastrophically Consequential":

“Catastrophically Consequential” incorporates non-linear plots; comical rants and satirical inner monologues; stream of consciousness dream sequences; psychedelic, surrealistic personae; and time-traveling characters. Revel in the chaotic confusion of sociopathic celebrities, suburban swingers, suicidal trust fund girls, decadent jet setters, D-list standup comics, maladjusted dreamers, medieval princesses, passive-aggressive jokers, "Evilangelists", lost souls with a tentative grip on reality, and a host of disreputable, vindictive losers in their hopeless, collective search for metaphysical clarity. This work encompasses the following genres: Adult, Experimental, Fantasy, Fiction, Humour, Satire, Short Story.

Thank you for your interest,

Stephen C. Bird

message 163: by [deleted user] (new)

just passing through seeing who has posted new content and has new books i can check out. looking great everyone! looking forward to some new good reads :D

message 164: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Bird (StephenCBird) | 12 comments Dear Goodreaders,

"Catastrophically Consequential" is also available as an e-book on the Kindle Store on for $1.00. Here is the link:

A Product Description is included on the Amazon page. A 500 Word Synopsis of "Catastrophically Consequential" can be found at this link:

Thank you for your Apathy, Bemusement, Benign Indifference, Dedication, Disgust, Enthusiasm, Irreverence and Pragmatic Opportunism.

Steve / Stephen C. Bird

message 165: by Zoë (new)

Zoë S. Roy (zoesroy) | 4 comments Elle wrote: "Hi All,
I have a question. I have heard that if someone leaves a review for you on amazon but does not buy your book thru amazon, they will not put up the review. Does anyone know if that is true o..."

To my unbderstanding, a reviewer can't post anything unless she/he is a customer of Amazon meaning she/he has bought at least one item, not necessary a book. Buying a pen is fine.:-)

message 166: by Harold (new)

Harold Titus (HaroldTitus) | 81 comments Zoe, you are correct. If a reviewer has bought something on-line from Amazon beforehand (doesn't have to be a book), he will have his review posted. If the reviewer hasn't, he will have to buy something, wait several days, and then submit the review. Barnes and Noble has the same policy.

message 167: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Stiles (skstiles612) | 27 comments Hi, My book "Steps to Courage" is available as a free Kindle download today, Easter Sunday. Check it out.

message 169: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Lowe (michellelowe7gmailcom) | 20 comments Hi there! My name is Michelle Lowe, author of a science fiction/mystery novel, The Warning. For anyone interested, it's being offered for free on Smashwords! this is the code needed: HA28T

“Wow, the best of two worlds, a good sci-fi story and a great mystery all rolled into one. The author has woven a superb tale of murder, double-cross, conspiracy, and betrayal. The characters are first rate, and the plot is intricate enough without being over the top. Very nicely done.”

—Readers Favorite

Brief description:
The longest night in Nikolai Crowe’s life begins when he’s framed for murdering his ex-girlfriend, Jade Sho. To save himself, he must find the real killer without getting caught by crooked cops, who rather see him dead than captured. Luckily Nikolai has help from a human clone identified as Alpha Replica 3007. This clone’s mission is to guide Nikolia toward something Jade left for him before her death.

message 170: by Joseph (new)

Joseph (jazzman) If you're a fan of the finest literary magazines, please check out my controversial "The Honey Wagon" and "Story Cloth." The former will appear in the summer 2012 issue of the wonderful North Carolina Literary Review , while the latter will appear in the spring 2012 issue of Potomac Review. "The Honey Wagon" also took second place for the Doris Betts Fiction Prize. Thanks to all my friends.

message 171: by John (new)

John Logan (JohnAALogan) | 106 comments Lee wrote: "John wrote: "Hello All!
I published my new novel, The Survival of Thomas Ford, as a Kindle ebook on Christmas Day 2011.
It means a lot to me to finally have a chance to get this book out to readers..."

Thanks Lee, I hope you enjoy it!

New book blogger review of The Survival of Thomas Ford:

25 five-star reviews now on Amazon UK!

14 five-star reviews on Amazon USA!

message 172: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Caplan (Bookfarmer) | 11 comments Thanks Joseph. You're stories sound great. I am definitely impressed by the sound of your collections and will check them out. Joseph wrote: "If you're a fan of the finest literary magazines, please check out my controversial "The Honey Wagon" and "Story Cloth." The former will appear in the summer 2012 issue of the wonderful North Carol..."

message 173: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Caplan (Bookfarmer) | 11 comments Hi there, some great books and great writers on this site. Such a privilege to get to share here. I've been writing since I was 27 and am not sad to see the walls of trad pub crumbling before our eyes. Free at last, people!
Okay. Got that out of the way. It's Saturday night, forgive me.
I've written two road novels tracing the meanderings of Billy Kagan from New England to Ireland and back home again. The two books in the Billy Kagan series so far are Birdman and French Pond Road and they are available on Kindle and in paperback, although the Second Edition of Birdman is not out in paperback yet, only on Kindle. i would wait on that if you are interested in it as a paperback. It will be released by the end of June with a new foreword from the author and at about a third of its current new price.
Also at the end of June:
LATITUDES - A Story of Coming Home,a child abduction/coming of age/prep school novel about a boy overcoming dysfunction, dislocation and distance... Look for it. If anybody is interested in a review copy, email me at
Birdman -
French Pond Road -

message 174: by Joseph (new)

Joseph (jazzman) Thanks,Anthony.
It's not so much "the kindness of strangers," but the kindness of other writers, that many of us have learned to depend upon. Best.

message 175: by Grouphug (new)

Grouphug | 2 comments ha i'm 16 and been writing since i was 14

message 176: by Mark (new)

Mark (mark_jones) | 8 comments Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to Goodreads and I'm thrilled to let you know about my psychological suspense novel, Single Minded. I hope the below whets your appetite to looking at the sample chapters available on the Kindle Store.

"Hal Symonds is in two minds - literally. But how to extract the spirit whose resentment and desire for revenge over a doomed marriage threatens to ruin his own carefully constructed facade of respectability? Hal struggles to work out where his personality ends and the other begins, whilst also beating off the mind games of his ex-girlfriend Erica. "Single Minded" is a psychological romance with a supernatural twist."

I post a short synopsis so as to share some titbits from my first review (completely unsolicited I'm thrilled to add):

"I greatly enjoyed this book - I felt the tone, language and style were spot on..." "I am not aware of many books that explore the male view of relationships and life to this kind of depth, which I think makes this a very interesting read" "It also made me wonder about the impact of the spirits and character of those who have lived / been in houses we then live in... do we all leave a little bit of our soul in the places we have been?? Would recommend this to you - its a good read and a good experience."

message 177: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Caplan (Bookfarmer) | 11 comments Timothy wrote: "PS - For readers and other authors who want to support my efforts, I ask you to go to:

and subscribe to my channel on You Tube! It's eas..."

I just did and I want to say I think it's a great trailer and advertisement for your book.

Anthony Caplan | Author of Birdman, French Pond Road and the forthcoming Latitudes - A Story of Coming Home

message 178: by Michael (new)

Michael Murphy (mmurfy) | 45 comments They met at Woodstock, and their love lasted a lifetime. Brokenhearted but determined, he calls on his two best friends to help him return to where it all began. One last roadtrip. One last chance to say Good-bye, Emily.

My return to Woodstock novel, Good-bye, Emily will be released by Koehler Books in January. Here's more information about Emily and me.

message 179: by Susan (new)

Susan Buchanan | 20 comments Hi there, I'm Susan Buchanan, author of Sign of the Times. Centring on family, friendships and fidelity, Sign of the Times is a contemporary drama featuring 12 characters, each one a different sign of the zodiac. Set principally in Italy & Scotland, it charts the lives of the characters, the events which befall them and the ties that bind them.. (UK) & (US & other)

message 180: by Debbie (new)

Debbie Behan (Debbiebutterflykissbookscom) | 24 comments Hi there, My name is Debbie Behan and I'm only a newly independently published author. I began writing after reading the Twilight series. It interested me that an author could make my fear of vampires go away, sparkle. One novel became a sequel of three and then came the Cloud Riders, and ended up a series of five. Sorry, no vamps in my novels. Romance, Greek mythology and fantasy make up the Cloud Riders novel that is also available in eBook. Available most online book stores.

message 181: by Tom (new)

Tom Conrad (Tom_Conrad) | 33 comments Last 4 hrs of my FREE promotion is approaching.

Rich Pickings For Ravens, is FREE on Kindle today - LAST DAY of a 3 day promo. Be great if you quickly download it and much appreciated. Hope so.

“Fate was for emperors, fools and soppy lovers: - fate was the self-important egotism of those doing well, and perhaps most of all fate was the sheer unbearable arrogance of the living.”

A book which involves ghosts, detectives, banana skins and knockers!



Rich Pickings For Ravens (The Afterlife Crisis Trilogy #1) by Tom Conrad

message 182: by Erin (new)

Erin | 10 comments Hi everyone! I'm an Australian writer based in London. I'm new to indie publishing, having recently published my first novel on Kindle. I am currently organising a print version as well.

Contemporary fiction 'Run to Me' -

"What does it take to set you free?
For Abby Fox and Paul Beckett, life in the lakeside Australian town of Jungilla is far from idyllic. Running is the only thing that brings them peace.
Abby is a teacher tortured by her unfulfilled dreams. When she takes on the role of running coach at Whateley School, she never imagines it will unravel her whole life.
Paul is sick of watching his back. His father seems to hate him and he’s got a bully after him as well. All he needs is something worth fighting for.
Told in the alternating voices of Abby and Paul, this story explores what can happen when life takes us somewhere unexpected."



message 183: by D.M. (new)

D.M. Anthony (DMAnthony) | 11 comments ANARCHY: A Love Story What an exciting group! Just wanted to introduce myself. Hope I posted to the right thread.

ANARCHY - A LOVE STORY is my debut novel, but not my first book. This is a different kind of love story. Someone said it's "Sid & Nancy meets Romeo & Juliet." I've latched on to that as it sums up both the grittiness and beauty of the story.

If you click on the book link, you'll be able to read a little about the storyline. I would also welcome "friends" as I'm new to goodreads.

Blessings to all. Hope to read some other debuts as well.

~ D.M. Anthony

message 184: by D.M. (new)

D.M. Anthony (DMAnthony) | 11 comments ANARCHY: A Love Story What an exciting group! Just wanted to introduce myself. Hope I posted to the right thread.

ANARCHY - A LOVE STORY is my debut novel, but not my first book. This is a different kind of love story. Someone said it's "Sid & Nancy meets Romeo & Juliet." I've latched on to that as it sums up both the grittiness and beauty of the story. $2.99 ebook. Available in trade paperback as well.

If you click on the book link, you'll be able to read a little about the storyline. I would also welcome "friends" as I'm new to goodreads.

Blessings to all. Hope to read some other debuts as well.

~ D.M. Anthony

message 185: by Glenn (new)

Glenn Snyder | 6 comments Hi Everyone,

I wanted to introduce you to my debut novel, One Moment in Time

One Moment In Time by Glenn Snyder
One Moment In Time

It's an exciting and inspirational story about how one person can change the world.

I wrote the story thinking about all of the opportunities each of us has everyday to make a difference, and that most people don't take advantage of those opportunities.

Please visit my author page Glenn Snyder or my website, where you can see more about the book and see some of the revieviews I've received.

If you choose to read the book, I'm always open to discussions and feedback.


Glenn Snyder

Thank you

message 186: by John (new)

John Podlaski (Pdogg) | 55 comments Wanted to let everyone know that an audiobook version of "Cherries - A Vietnam War Novel" is now available on Audible dot com. The narrator brings this story to life - each character has their own distinct voice which makes the story more exciting and intense. Even if you've already read this fine novel - listening to it in this format will keep you listening well into the night. Please visit and listen to a free sample.
Cherries Audiobook

message 187: by [deleted user] (new)

Writers will be interested to know that there is a site called Awesome Indies.

One only has to check out the kindle forums to see that there is a lot of hostility towards Indies, due to the fact that some write their own 5 star reviews.

Books listed on this site have passed the strict criteria.

message 188: by Gareth (new)

Gareth (GarethW) | 12 comments Hi all,

My name is Gareth Worthington. My new book Huahuqui (pronoucned Wow-Kay, in Quechua) is now on sale as paperback and kindle ebook (currently working on other formats)

Huahuqui by Gareth Worthington

It just receieved honorable mention at the New York Book Festival 2012, and is being read by Prince Albert of Monaco!

Why not take a look?!

I am also writing a sequel for release this time next year...


message 189: by Robert (new)

Robert Clear (RobertClear) | 5 comments Hi everyone, my name's Robert Clear and I'm the author of The Cambridge List.

The Cambridge List by Robert Clear

With a student-turned-serial-killer stalking Cambridge, professors are cowering in terror, locals are looking fearfully over their shoulders and newspaper editors are rubbing their hands together with glee. Who is the evil genius striking terror into the heart of the sleepy town, and why is he picking-off lecturers one by one?

James Connor thinks that killing his former professors in cold blood is actually rather a bad idea. Unfortunately his head has been commandeered by a bloodthirsty family of Greek gods, so he doesn’t really have a say in the matter. With Hera and Aphrodite at each other’s throats and Dionysos failing to keep order, James’s brain has become a cosmic conflict zone, and he’s worried they’ll leave it in ruins. There’s only one way out: he has to go from socially inept young man to slick sociopath fast. If only he wasn’t so squeamish about mass slaughter.

Forget the serene deities you’ve seen carved in ancient marble. Forget the quaint charm of England’s most English university. Here in the cut-and-thrust world of Cambridge the rule of the jungle prevails, and nothing is sacred. Follow the world’s least menacing serial killer on his awkwardly murderous journey, where ancient rituals, scheming academics and divine politics collide. And where murder has consequences unforeseen even by the gods themselves...

"This is a Cambridge novel like no other. Taking in academic murder and a clutch of demented Greek gods 'The Cambridge List' is a surreal, knockabout romp." (Waterstones, Cambridge)

Kindle (UK):

Kindle (US):

message 190: by Andrew (new)

Andrew | 6 comments Hi,

Thanks for this.

I have several books on Spirituality and Religion. My emphasis is on the underlying Unity of faiths and traditions (mostly Greek Mythology, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), and their symbolism and use of allegory (rather than taking them literally or historically).

My most recent book is "THE DOOR IS OPEN: The 7 Steps of Spiritual Awakening that Western Mythology and Scripture Have Been Trying to Tell Us All Along" (Paperback, 174 pp) {$0.99 Kindle)

Here's a description:

What do the wonderful myths of ancient Greece, the beautiful stories in the Bible and Qur’an, and all the sacred stories from traditions around the world, have in common? They open our hearts to wonder, mystery, passion, and joy.

I know, on the outside these stories seem very different, confusing, conflicting, and often violent and divisive. But when read symbolically and internally, they are all telling the same story. They show us the path of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Sometimes the story is called “Returning to the Promised Land”. Sometimes it’s called “Seeking the Holy Grail”. Sometimes it’s called “Persephone’s Return to Olympus.” But whatever it’s called, the inner meaning and purpose is always the same. The stories are all a call to awaken, to live passionately and consciously, and to enter the door that leads to enlightenment and communion with the divine.

The door is always open. The light is always ready to receive us. But we have to learn how to tread the path! Fortunately, that’s what all the sacred stories are really about.

THE DOOR IS OPEN uncovers the 7 Universal Steps that are found within the symbols and allegories of all great mythology and scripture. Each chapter ends with a series of practical and enjoyable spiritual exercises and activities. You can do this work on your own, or together with a group. It could be a church or synagogue group, a book club, a classroom, or any group of friends who want to get together and expand their spiritual horizons.

Andrew Cort

message 191: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Grossman (LaurenBGrossman) | 20 comments Hi!
I'm an author whose debut novel, "Once in Every Generation" came out Oct. 2010. I have been working hard at promoting it, and I can now announce: Yea! I'm No. 1 on Amazon in this category:
Please, tell your friends.

message 192: by Anjie (new)

Anjie Harrte | 9 comments Lauren B. wrote: "Hi!
I'm an author whose debut novel, "Once in Every Generation" came out Oct. 2010. I have been working hard at promoting it, and I can now announce: Yea! I'm No. 1 on Amazon in this category:

Congratulations, if you are facebook, you should join the writing group masterkoda a lot of helpful supportive people there. Congrats again!

message 193: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Grossman (LaurenBGrossman) | 20 comments Anjie wrote: "Lauren B. wrote: "Hi!
I'm an author whose debut novel, "Once in Every Generation" came out Oct. 2010. I have been working hard at promoting it, and I can now announce: Yea! I'm No. 1 on Amazon in t..."

Thanks, Anjie. I'll check it out. - Lauren

message 194: by Elaine (last edited Jul 01, 2012 05:26PM) (new)

Elaine Walsh (ElaineDWalsh) | 16 comments Atomic Summer, my debut novel, hit the book scene on June 21, the first day of summer. Given that it was #11 on Amazon’s list of Hot New Releases in Coming of Age, after the first two days, I like to say it “exploded” on the book scene. Women's fiction, chicklit, coming of age and maybe even YA and historical fiction readers will enjoy.

Three friends, two secrets, one lie, and the summer that changed their lives.

In 1953, three teenage girls' innocent conversations about what each of them would do if the end of the world were imminent, coupled with a friend's obsession, become the catalyst for a prank that spins wildly beyond control and draws in an entire town. Left behind in the wake of that summer's events are their unrealized dreams and open wounds. In 1973, a reunion trip to the small town of their youth returns them to the summer of 1953 and the passion and betrayal that changed their lives.

Elaine D Walsh, Women's Fiction AuthorAtomic Summer

message 195: by Bruce (new)

Bruce | 5 comments Hated Grad School? Buried in student loans? My novel THE KINGDOM OF ABSURDITIES is now available FREE on Kindle today-July 15. At least you'll feel better about that decision to pursue a degree in the Humanities...

message 196: by Brendan (new)

Brendan Carroll (BrendanCarroll) | 66 comments A nice long read for Summer. Tempo Rubato ~ Stolen Time for only $3.99. An adventurous romp with ominous overtones, a little romance, a little sci-fi and a smattering of humor in a tribute to Wolfgang Mozart.

Blurb: The virtually unlimited resources of a private company plus the genius of Einstein plus the talent of Mozart equals endless possibilities times exponential trouble. A murder mystery and a curious mind send a Viennese music history teacher on sabbatical she will never forget in a world where almost anything is possible.
Amazon for Kindle:


message 197: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Pearl (StephenP11) | 271 comments Hi all, just wanted to let folk know that I have an interview up on Jenna Elizabeth Johnson web site: . Check it out.

Nukekubi Nukekubi by Stephen B. Pearl Tinker's Plague Tinker's Plague by Stephen B. Pearl The Hollow Curse The Hollow Curse by Stephen B. Pearl Slaves of Love Slaves of Love by Stephen B. Pearl

message 198: by [deleted user] (new)

Good luck Stephen! I have a Web TV show called PICTALK TV on Friday. I'm nervous! :)

message 199: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Pearl (StephenP11) | 271 comments Thanks and take some deep slow breaths befor you go on, Michelle. In for a four count hold for eight out for for geneally works well. Camimile sp tea in moderation before hand can help as well. I'm sure you'll do great.

message 200: by John (new)

John M. | 19 comments Good morning authors and readers (my favorite people).

I've included a link to my Amazon author page, which lists the three books I've published in both paperback and ebook formats.

Besides selling books (everyone who writes wants to be read) I'd also like to know from other authors about their experiences with various self-publishing platforms. I used CreateSpace and have enjoyed the process. I'd like to hear some other feedback.

My most recent novel, A Fictional Reflection, is a character study of a man diagnosed with a terminal illness who embarks of a 30-day road trip.

When a Chicago attorney receives a terminal diagnosis, he ignores his wife's pleas and embarks on a solitary odyssey, visiting people who have influenced his life, to thank them and to say goodbye. For 30 days and 6,000 miles he drives through the Western U.S., each night making entries in a journal about the day's events, chronicling the trip and revealing to us how it morphs from the purpose he had intended into something else entirely.

He encounters qualities in his friends he had not seen before, and through these revelations, aspects of his own character are revealed to him. He discovers goodbyes are rarely surgical and the precise amputation of his relationships eludes him. No one seems willing to accept his visit as a final farewell.

A FINAL REFLECTION affords glimpses into the perceptions and intuitions of a middle-aged man laboring under a death sentence. He has yet to suffer any symptoms of the disease, so his grip on the reality of its progression remains tenuous. One friend tells him to accept the time allowed for his trip as a gift to be used wisely. Another counsels him to kill off his past and revel in the moment, seizing as many moments as he can eke out of his aborted future. Throughout each day of the journey, his love for his wife remains an unassailable constant...he confides in her nearly every night. At a crucial juncture in the trip, he realizes he no longer moves away from home, but toward it. Toward his wife.

I hope you read it and enjoy it.

Thanks, everyone.

John M. McNamara

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