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Jennifer Provost (parthalan) | 36 comments Sounds intriguing!

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Cynthia Enuton (Gooberella) | 23 comments Wow! That sounds pretty cool!!! I'm intrigued big time :)

Malika wrote: "My name is Malika Bourne. I co-authored The Secrets of the Unwritten Book:the Fate of a Planet, with my best friend, Grase Rose. I classify it as paranormal/ fantasy. I hope this it fits.

My syn..."

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Elizabeth Isaacs (eisaacs) | 14 comments I am Elizabeth Isaacs, author of "The Light of Asteria" and I'm finding that my to-read list just keeps getting longer with every thread!

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Robert | 16 comments Greetings everyone! Lovely books here! My own addition to fantasy is posted below. If you read it, please send me an email. I'd love to hear what you thought of Luthiel's story.

Luthiel's Song: Dreams of the Ringed Vale

First Summer's Eve has come and all elves celebrate as the black moon's shadow fades from the world. It is also Luthiel's fifteenth birthday. With it come two extraordinary and dangerous surprises: a Wyrd Stone, its silvery heart a window into a world of dreams and nightmares, and a Blade Dancer, dreaded protector of the Faelands, who bears a dark message. Instead of celebration, Luthiel is given a terrible choice: if she does nothing, someone she loves deeply will die. Or to save a life, she can break the most perilous law of the Faelands, and venture alone to the Vale of Mists. If she chooses the journey, she must race Othalas -- eldest and most feared of all the werewolves -- past great black spiders who weave webs out of nightmares, through glittering mists with the power to reshape flesh, and at last into death by the teeth of dark and ancient Vyrl, who feed on the blood of elves. Either choice will bring death -- unless Luthiel can find the secret in her remarkable Stone, a secret that even the nightmares fear.

Luthiel's Song: The War of Mists

She chose to die in her sister's place and yet she lived. Luthiel, just 15 years old, made a brave peace with the dreaded Vyrl of the Vale of Mists. Now she must face an army sent to destroy them. With her companions -- the werewolf Othalas, the dragon Melkion, the sorcerer Mithorden, a Vyrl named Ecthellien, and the elf Vaelros who would love her -- Luthiel races back to the angry faelands to beg forgiveness for monsters. Who, if any, will survive the journey? For the Vale is surrounded by the webs of Widdershae, and the only other path leads to the Red Moon -- where an ancient evil waits in the flames. Beyond the Vale, the home she left is not the same. Armies march for vengeance. Powers play their hands in a game of ages. In the sky something evil stirs. Rumors of a dark prophecy. Whispers of a "Blood Witch." And signs foretelling an ancient doom terrible enough to destroy worlds.

If you care to look, I would also love to hear feedback on our character art (by Siya Oum, Marek Okon, and Sandara Tang):

Warmest regards and much love to both readers and writers!

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Katie John (KatieMJohn) | 24 comments I'm Kate, writer of 'The Knight Triology'. A series that is based on the following concept.

Arthurian Knights, Egyptian underworld, Osiris and Isis, Knights Templar, FireStar, Vampyres, Parallel universe, Morgan le Fay, Fairies and ancient British and Egyption mythology; The Golden Thread and all jusxtaposed with life at a rural British sixth form college.

The Realm, a place in which Arthurian legend and magicals still exist runs parallel to the Real World. Mina Singer is a seventeen year college student whose whole world is turned upside down by the arrival of the devestatingly handsome Blake Beldevier; a knight of the Realm and adopted son of Vivien, Lady of the Lake. This meeting triggers an ancient prophesy in which darkness and light must learn to balance in order that a new Golden Age might begin.

Find extracts on my Goodreads profile or at my website
I also have a page on Facebook and would love to see you there. 'The Knight Trilogy' page.

The series is essentially a love story set against the ancient myths of Britain and Egypt. The novel explores ancient secret histories and uses ancient cultural mythologies and theologies.

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Danielle Bourdon (DanielleBourdon) | 17 comments Hi everyone!

Dréoteth is a fantasy novel just released about a dragon who can take the shape of a man and is lured into the fringe of human society. It focuses on his struggle to interact and has elements of emotional conflict, tension and intrigue.

Here's a small blurb:

Now he was a man more than a dragon, moving amongst the herds undetected. He told himself it was to better know his enemy. That knowledge was power and a powerful dragon could never be defeated. He convinced himself it was part of adapting to his surroundings, that learning the ways of humans was a natural step in his evolution.

Diving into the water, he rinsed away a layer of psychological dust. He felt refreshed after he climbed out, even if he hadn’t been dirty, and let the air dry his skin. Running his fingers through his black hair, he gave it a shake and stalked toward the haphazard array of clothes on the floor.

The silence seemed to mock him.

You can find Dréoteth in several formats!




Thanks for the consideration!


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Tannia (Timewithtannia) | 21 comments Hi Daniella, the blurb sounds interesting, however, it remind me of the book, "The Last Unicorn." It is the story of a Unicorn which is transformed by an unexperienced magician into a beautiful woman in order to save the others. It is a lovely YA novel. What is your intended audience? That information was not provided on the book info at amazon. I am just curious. Good luck with it.


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Danielle Bourdon (DanielleBourdon) | 17 comments Hi, Tannia!

Dréoteth was intended for an 18+ audience. Ages younger than that might like the story for one of the characters who starts as a child and grows into a teen, but I hesitated to label it for younger readers due to a violent scene near the end.

I've never read The Last Unicorn but it sounds like a good story. :)

Thanks for the comment!

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William Johnson (AuthorWilliam) | 1 comments Greetings!

I'm William! I'm a published Indie Author of THE DARK PROVINCE: SON OF DUPRIN

“The Dark Province is an epic fantasy adventure about a man who, to save his dying sister, must defy his religion and follow his faith.”

Sitting in the honored stalls of the Crystal Sanctuary, Calvin Gooding should be rejoicing in the message he receives from the Holy King of Duprin. But his heart is heavy. He awaits the carriage in which he must ride to deliver the fated news to his family. Time has run out.

In the midst of sorrow, exhaustion, and uncertainty, a sorceress from the Dark Province appears to Calvin. She promises to make his terminally ill twin sister, Marilyn, well again. As twins, Calvin and Mari share a special bond, and Calvin will do almost anything to save his sister’s life. But in order to free Mari from death’s grip, the sorceress claims that Calvin must travel to the Dark Province–a land where souls and flesh are devoured by the lawless and the spirit of man is bound in shackles. It’s a reckless land dominated by morally corrupt warlords and open sexuality.

Wrapped tightly in his religion, Calvin must make a life-altering decision. He can choose to follow the sorceress into the sinful abyss to save his sister, or he can accept a life of guilt and certain torment over her death.

You can order a paperback copy at Reviews are available at that site as well. It's also available on e-book through BN and Amazon.

Thanks for the consideration and Enjoy!

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Brendan Carroll (BrendanCarroll) | 66 comments The upcoming release of the Red Cross of Gold XVIII:. The Company of Women will soon be released in ebook format to be followed by paperback. My favorite page from the book is being featured for the next few days on Mr. Phillip Duck's blog. You may begin the Assassin Chronicles series with Book I by clicking the icon at the bottom. Happy Reading!
Featured Author
The Red Cross of Gold I . The Knight of Death by Brendan Carroll

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Yoshinga | 4 comments Greetings everyone. I am Zee Gorman, author of The Queen's Hero and the Ubion Princess (The Altethlon Chronicles).

I used to write poems, essays and short stories in Chinese. This is my first English novel. I hope more people will read it and let me know what you think.

The Altethlon Chronicles will be a trilogy about a fantasy alien world. This first book is a story about adventures, love and coming of age.

Please visit my website to get all the other details, and don't miss the book trailer on YouTube: The Altethlon Chronicles Fantasy Fiction Book trailer

Thank you very much!

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Brendan Carroll (BrendanCarroll) | 66 comments The Red Cross of Gold XV:. My Hope is in God is now available in paperback at Amazon. The Knight of Death's adventures continue in the 15th installment of the Assassin Chronicles series. (Also available in Kindle for $2.99)

Amazon Paperback

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Terry Kroenung (TerryKroenung) | 2 comments Terry Kroenung

This debut novel won the Bronze Medal in Fantasy/Sci-Fi at this year's 2010 IPPY Awards (Independent Publisher Book Awards) in NYC.

A wacky semi-parody of YA "quest-lit", it twists Huck Finn around to introduce swords and sorcery into the Civil War. Snarky, shape-shifting telepathic swords, zombies, ninjas, pirates, and poop monsters make for a crazy ride that adults like as well as kids. It's full of allusions to Twain, Dickens, Douglas Adams (42 chapters, for starters), Harper Lee, Melville, and lots of others. Written by a high school literature teacher.

The Sequel, "Jasper's Foul Tongue", will be out September 1. It continues the goofy quest through medieval Spain and ancient Greek Portugal, this time with allusions to "King Lear" and the "Odyssey."

Oh...and the poop monsters are bigger and harder to kill this time. :)

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Hilary McLean (hilarymclean6) | 5 comments Hello all;

To Live, To Die, to Live Again.

Fifth Sun: The Awakening is a Dark Fantasy novel that explores how the fulfilling of the Mayan (2012) end of time prophecy would come to play within the modern world. Sarah Riggs has no memory of her past but has managed to build a life with her husband Hal Riggs and their children Andromeda (5 years old) and Alex (3 years old). Sarah's past catches up with her as her children develop uncanny psychic abilities. She learns that she is a Keeper charged with guarding a sacred power capable of destroying the world. The embodiment of Chaos has chosen this time to destroy his enemy before she can grow in strength.

"Weaving a tale with several story lines, Hilary McLean convincingly follows the terrifying awakening of Sarah as guardian of the world and all its powers." Clayton Bye, novelist,

"A well written and well thought out premise intertwined with ancient mythology and histories that come to life... Brilliant descriptions and fast moving plots twist and turn the reader through the pages..." H.Carr

"What a great adventure!" C.Barr

Fifth Sun: The Awakening is the first novel in a planned trilogy about the end of the world.

Thank you for this venue to promote Fifth Sun and I would love to hear from you!
Hilary McLean

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John Cicero | 2 comments Hi everyone,

My name is John Cicero and I am a fantasy/adventure author. My passion for writing is driven from the joy I receive from reading my stories to my children.

Watching the expressions on their faces as I take them on a journey through the magical pages of my imagination is what drives me to find the time to write.

I have two books published in my Rainbow's Shadow Trilogy. The third is in development.

Rainbow's Shadow and the tablets of fate (Book 1 of 3)

This is a story about two novels, one good, one evil which have been mysteriously melded together creating an alternative dimension that has begun to write itself.

Two young teenagers, Will Collins and his best friend Jimmy Foster, find themselves on an adventure-filled journey as they are sucked into this newly created story. What they encounter is incomprehensible as they experience a blend of paradise infiltrated by evil and mayhem first hand.

Rainbow's Shadow And The Covenant Of Wisdom (Book 2 of 3)

It was temptation which lured Bryan Collins, Will's adventuresome older brother, to take the shiny black stone as a souvenir from Rainbow Alley. Little did he know he had provided a way for evil to rejuvenate and re-open the portal.

Will Collins and Jimmy Foster find themselves on a new journey into a surreal world as they find access into the book portal and a new adventure.

Their mission at first is to return the stone and save Bryan from the evil which has tempted him, but quickly transforms into a quest to re-open the path for all mankind.

You can find more information on my website at

Thanks for taking the time to read and enjoy your journey!


John Cicero

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T. Tolles (TLynneTolles) | 4 comments Hi Everyone...
I have a series of books based on witches, vampires, werewolves and other supernatural/paranormal elements - Throw in some romance, action, and some fun humor and that's my series in a nutshell. But just so we are honest here, I'm an indie. I tried to get published, but after a year and 43 form letter rejections, my ego could not take the rejection anymore. So if you feel that doesn't warrant me passage in this group, I'll understand.

The stories are fun and interesting - an easy read, and most of the verbal feedback I've had is excitingly good. I will admit that my writing is evolving and I think as the series progresses, my writing gets better, but you can judge that for yourself. I could use some reviews. I have 3 reviews for the first book that you can check out on if you are leary.

Book 1 - Blood of a Werewolf

Darby O’Rielly, our heroine, is an inexperienced, sheltered young woman who is a witch by heritage. In an attempt to fit in, the O’Rielly family did not practice their craft or teach their children their magic. Never having used witchcraft, Darby is thrown into a world of magic and supernatural beings when she meets a mysterious dark stranger with a secret. Devon, is our vampire hero, who is instantly enthralled by our heroine. He and his brother, Blake, are not the stereotypical vampires, by any means.

When the thugs of a villain from Blake and Devon’s past, show up in an attempt to kill them, Darby is thrown into an emotional upheaval and magically saves the day – by accident. With this new found power, Blake, helps her hone her abilities and try new things.

Rowan, Darby’s little sister, has dabbled more in the craft than Darby and when the four try to unravel the mystery that has been laid in their lap, it is she who summons Blake and Devon’s vampire father from the dead, for some possible answers and motive behind our villian. Soon after which, Rowan is kidnapped by more thugs and injected with werewolf blood, turning her into a werewolf for full moons to come.

These four solid characters are on roller coaster ride for their lives, dealing with preconceptions, mystery, and the supernatural, bringing them all closer to one another as friends, family and lovers. The interaction between these four, forms the core of this character-driven series.

Book 2 - Blood Moon

Though Blake Bloomington is on the outs with Rowan O'Rielly and decides to spend some quality time with Dean Wolfe, the werewolf who helped Rowan through her first transformation as a werewolf in 'Blood of a Werewolf'. Blake hopes to learn all he can about werewolves and at the same time win Rowan back.

In the interim, a slough of young women in neighboring towns all up and down the coast are mysteriously disappearing. Coincidentally, two stranger's are in town, who are somehow related to the Rowan and Darby O'Rielly's family's witchy past.

Are they trying to get a hold of the ancient spell that is hidden in the O'Rielly's Book of Shadows or is there a vendetta to be paid? Mysteries are unravelled and old stories are told while wounds are healed and friends are made.

Book 3 - Blood Lust

A surprise visit from Blake and Devon's uncle, Dominic, demanding both vampires, come home immediately to find what is ailing his son Anton, puts everyone on edge. Can vampires get sick?

Devon doesn't appreciate Dominic's demands, but agrees to fly back to Connecticut with Darby, since Blake has a job to finish up in California. Excited to meet more of Devon's family, Darby is confused by Devon's distance and coldness since Dominic's visit. In Connecticut, this only gets worse when a gorgeous Libby, Anton's estranged wife, shows up unexpectedly and seems to have her sights set on Devon. To top it all off, there's seems to be some pent up animosity, Anton and Devon have towards each other.

What is this strange power Libby has over the men in this family? And what's wrong with poor Anton? Why does it seem that Anton and Devon hate each other? These are all question Darby sets out to answer in this third volume of the Blood Series.

Book 4 - Bloodstone Heart (Just Released)

Josh Brenner is a good looking guy with an extraordinary talent he thinks is a curse - He's telepathic and he can't find the mute button, so he lives in solitude only coming out at night. But Josh isn't the only supernatural out and about this cold March night, because when Josh returns from his midnight run to the store to avoid people, he runs smack into a hungry agitated vampire looking for something and Josh is in his way.

Horrified by what he's seen and barely escaping with his life, he confides in a woman he barely knows, but has an instant connection with. When another vampire shows up looking for the first, Josh and his friend Lanie find themselves running for their lives and head to Oljone, California where a friend of Lanie's from College has helped her with a supernatural problem in the past. 

But when they get to California with the vampire hot on their trail, they find Darby, Lanie's college pal, has moved to Massachusetts in search of her vampire boyfriend Devon. Luckily Darby's sister Rowan and Devon's vampire brother, Blake, step in and help Josh and Lanie as best they can.

The four work together along with Dean (a werewolf) and his girlfriend Sally (a witch) to figure out this crazy mystery.

What does this determined vampire want and why? And is he willing to kill for it? As this mystery unfolds, so do other darker mysteries. Will they figure things out in time before some is killed? You'll just have to read it to see!

T. Lynne Tolles
Blood of a Werewolf
Blood Moon
Blood Lust
Bloodstone Heart

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Hey All,

If you live in or near Atlanta,GA, I'll be appearing at the Decatur Book Festival over the Labor Day Weekend Sept 3-5 2010, speaking and signing copies of ALLON-Book 1 - of my YA fantasy series. (Book 2 is coming out in October)

I'll be at the Emerging Author's Stage Saturday, Sept 4th between 1:15pm & 2:15pm. Before and after that time, I'll be wandering the festival. Stop by the Stage, or if you see me around, say Hi!, I'd love to meet you and chat about writing and books.

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H.L. Reasby | 4 comments Hello, I'm H.L. Reasby and my first novel, 'Akhet' is currently available for purchase and is the first in a trilogy.

Akhet Sekhmet's Light, Book One (Volume 1) by H.L. Reasby

The title comes from the first of the three seasons making up the Ancient Egyptian calendar and while it's set in the modern day, the trilogy deals heavily with Ancient Egyptian mythology. It follows Dr. Nicole Salem through the metamorphisis that will take her from being a simple archeologist to becoming NuruSekhmet, blessed with a small portion of the Egyptian war goddess Sekhmet's power and charged with combating the forces of the evil Apep, the cruel serpent god of the underworld, on Earth.

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Paul Daniels (Mrpld) | 16 comments Hello everyone, I'm Paul L. Daniels, I'm actually the husband of Elita F. Daniels whom is the author of "Tree of Life" (Part I).

We're self published via LSI and have eBook editions as well.

(Elita is also here on GR)


Wrath, vengeance, hatred, cannot breathe the same atmosphere as love. And so it was that love began to wither and withdraw...

Among the ageless quietude of the elves, Deacon, a mortal, suffers the inescapable awareness of mortality. He lived in what many deemed perfection, but a dark uncertainty plagued him that there lay treachery in it all.

When secrets of his mysterious heritage are revealed, the young mage is thrown into a revolt of confusion, and in an unwholesome vent of misery, travels a path of unforgivable deeds. One of the few left of his kind - a race whose magical energies are vigorously interwoven with their lifeforce - Deacon is drawn into a world that turns into an involution of evil and death.

The fate that awaits him will have immeasurable consequences far beyond his control.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life (Part I) by Elita Faith Daniels

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Paul Daniels (Mrpld) | 16 comments Hello M.R.Hathias, welcome :)

message 71: by R.C. (new)

R.C. Rutter | 36 comments Cave Of Forlorn
Greetings all,
I just created a new discussion board about my book, writing, and publishing. I welcome your thoughts and questions.

Kind regards,
R.C. Rutter

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R.C. Rutter | 36 comments Hi M.R.,

Cool story about the dragon's teardrop. When I get the time, I would like to read some of your books. Unfortunately, those who have finished my novel are clamoring for the sequel. Now if I just made enough to quit my day job....

Nice to meet you as well.

Kind regards,

message 73: by R.C. (new)

R.C. Rutter | 36 comments @M.R. Two series at the same time? There is no way I would be able to get away with that. My characters yell at me as it is if I don't write about them often. If they found out I was writing another story at the same time, they would probably go on strike. LOL

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The second installment of my YA fantasy series ALLON Book2 - INSURRECTION is now available on Amazon or sign up for the GR giveaway.

And check out a cool, kid friendly website.

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R.C. Rutter | 36 comments Cave Of Forlorn

What an exciting day!

My first interview gets posted online: (Thanks David)

Then my book is featured on Bargain eBooks: (Thanks Holly)

R.C. Rutter
Author / Photographer

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Katie John (KatieMJohn) | 24 comments Hello, I'm Katie and my debut novel, 'The Forest of Adventures' comes out on December 1st.

It is book one of a trilogy called The Knight Trilogy. You can find out more about this at

When Seventeen year old Mina Singer falls in love with the devestatingly handsome new boy at college, she finds herself catpulted into a fairytale realm. But fairytales aren't for children and magic can be deadly...especially in the hands of a jealous Morgan Le Fay.
Held at the heart of an ancient prophesy, Mina risks losing all of those she loves the most.
Caught between two worlds. Torn between two hearts.
The adventure begins....

The Forest of AdventuresKatie M. John The Forest of Adventures (The Knight Trilogy, #1) by Katie M. John

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J.M. (jmdattilo) | 4 comments Time's Edge by J. M. Dattilo

Time's Edge by J.M. Dattilo

Imagine being a Commander in the Galactic Armed Forces and on a mission so secret that you can’t be told what it is.

Imagine being thrown into another time and place with no explanation.

Imagine being stuck with a smart-mouthed computer, an ultra-correct android, and a seven-foot tall monster who knows both Santa Claus and Shakespeare.

Imagine being lost in time with a woman who may either be falling in love with you or trying to kill you.

Imagine being in a place that sits between worlds, dimensions, and times.

Imagine Time’s Edge.

Time’s Edge is the first place winner of the 2005 Tassy Walden Award, a literary prize given by the Shoreline Arts Alliance of Connecticut. A fast-paced, lighter tale, the story blends adventure, humor, and romance in a fun-to-read mix of sci-fi and fantasy.

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Adam Santo (LocoDuc) | 20 comments Adam Santo
Temperature: Dead and Rising
I am the author of the novel 'Temperature: Dead and Rising' out now! A quick bit about the book:
Wickedly sardonic, this black fantasy for mature teen readers is first in a series of novels that features likeable members of the undead in a race to escape death.
Want more? Check the author's page here at goodreads or to get news about this novel and future ones.

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Brendan Carroll (BrendanCarroll) | 66 comments Mark and Lucio have been friends for many years, almost as long as they have been each other's worst enemy. It's not that they don't like each other, it's just that they sometimes have mild disagreements about the finer points of what it means to be Warrior Monks in the service of Christ. Here's a small excerpt from [i]The Red Cross of Gold VIII:. The Silver Caduceus, Assassin Chronicles.[/i]

[i]The two Knights plunged into the cold water with a tremendous splash that sent spray up several feet into the air. The surface of the pool subsided quickly into a sparkling sea of miniature tsunamis and breakers as they sank to the bottom in a tangle of arms and legs.
Mark was at the surface first, treading water, slinging his hair and then swimming for the side. He pulled himself out and sat on the edge of the tiles cross-legged, looking down at the dark outline of his Brother, still lying at the bottom of the pool. A few seconds passed and then Lucio came up in a panic. He broke the surface of the water, already shouting hysterically and cursing in Italian very near Mark Andrew’s feet.
The Knight of Death reached out and took hold of his curly black hair and pulled him to the side of the pool. Lucio held onto Mark’s hands, sputtering and blinking back the water from his eyes, still cursing him from his ancestors to his great-great grandchildren. Mark let go of him and he sank again. Lucio was not a good swimmer and his condition plus the fact that he was fully clothed and wearing boots was too much for him to handle. A few moments later he came up much quieter than before, coughing and spitting and trying desperately to reach the side of the pool. Mark took hold of his hair again and pulled him to the side. This time he allowed him to get both arms up on the tiles. The Scot leaned close to his face before speaking to him.
“Brother!” he said in a low voice literally dripping with anger. “You will tell me why you were laughing at me or I will drown you as many times as it takes. Is that clear?”
“Si`, Fratello! Santa Maria!” Lucio nodded his head against his arms and spit out more water. The Red Cross of Gold VIII The Silver Caduceus by Brendan Carroll

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Adam Santo (LocoDuc) | 20 comments Just finished my website to go with this title and future ones. If you find your way there for some reason thank you.

message 81: by Rebekkah (new)

Rebekkah Silva | 3 comments My name is Rebekkah Silva, I am the author of The Cadence Raine Chronicles: Evening Star.

The book is aimed for YA and i classify it as fantasy/action/sci-fi. As you may have guessed, Cadence is the main character. She has moved from Toronto to Bates, a small village in the middle of Northumberland, England. She is told not to go into the surrounding woods because two years ago, a boy went in and never returned. There is also the mystery of Ms. Sayers, the strange and emotionless school secretary.

Check it out, I need some reviews :)

message 82: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 1 comments My latest release The Salbine Sisters is available in print and for the Kindle, nook, Sony reader, and other eReaders.

The Salbine Sisters by Sarah Ettritch

She gave up everything to become a Salbine Sister, member of a religious order of powerful female mages. But when Maddy nearly dies while trying to draw forth elemental fire, she learns that Salbine has withdrawn from her the gifts every sister works to master. Feeling trapped in an order to which she no longer has any right to belong and believing herself unworthy of the love of Lillian, one of the most powerful mages in the sisterhood, Maddy begs the abbess to let her travel to another monastery to research her condition.

On her journey, Maddy’s faith in both herself and Salbine are tested to their limits. When she attempts to draw fire and fails horribly, frightened townsfolk throw Maddy into prison. Fearing that the abbess will never learn her fate and rescue her, Maddy resigns herself to a short and brutal life.

The only bright spot in Maddy’s existence is Emmey, the pickpocket with whom she shares a cell. Through her and the steadfast love of Lillian, Maddy learns that Salbine’s purpose is not always the same for everyone, and that love and compassion are more valuable than magic.


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Jeromy Henry (kerochan) | 11 comments I write stories that range from slapstick fantasy to serious sci-fi. If anyone's interested, I've had a number of stories published in e-zines. They're all free to read online; you can find links on my writing page. Also, if there are any short story writers out there interested in an author critique group, I just joined the staff of an interesting zine, Quantum Muse. All stories go through a peer review process-- you read other authors' stories and comment/review, and then they read yours. Feel free to drop by if you're a beginning writer, or just want to workshop a story. Thanks.

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Excerpts of my YA fantasy series are now available on my website via the home page. This includes the entire 1st chapter of the upcoming book 3 HEIR APPARENT due out this spring.

message 85: by Keryl (new)

Keryl Raist (Kerylraist) | 55 comments Hello, I'm Keryl Raist author of Sylvianna.

I'd like to introduce you to my book.

Wizards, magic, angels, minions, free will, true love, and... finals? Welcome to Sarah Metz' new life. She went to Sylvianna College in search of a biology degree. She found a group of wizards on the run from their past. A past she was part of. They remember her. She doesn't remember them.

Over the next year she'll help them fight off the creatures trying to destroy them, fall back in love with the man who used to be her husband, break her best friend's heart by doing so, and if they're really lucky, not remember who she used to be.

This is the first book in a four book series which will span traditional high fantasy, contemporary fantasy, and erotic romance. There's a little bit of everything for the adult fantasy reader in this series.

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M.L. Hamilton | 3 comments Hey, fellow fantasy fans (yep, alliteration),

My novel, Emerald, is an epic fantasy, adventure story with a tragic lovestory at its heart. Please visit me at my website: if you would like to see some industry reviews and an excerpt from the next novel in the series.

I love to hear from readers, so please follow me on Twitter:!/EmeraldAuthor or friend me right here on Goodreads. Also, while you're at it, enter my giveaway before it closes at the end of the month.

M.L. Hamilton

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Cheryl Landmark (clandmark) | 197 comments Hi, everyone:

Here is the link to my young adult fantasy novel Wind and Fire and a short synopsis of what it's all about.

“Wind and Fire” is the story of a young woman struggling to rid her world of a ruthless, evil Demon Master, who is bent on conquering and dominating it. To do so, she must embark on a perilous journey that will test her courage and the fledging powers buried deep inside her. She must use that power, which manifests itself as white fire, to help free her mother, the Mistress of the Wind, from the ice tower where Zardonne, the Demon Master, has imprisoned her.

message 88: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Provost (parthalan) | 36 comments Looks good, Cheryl!

message 89: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl Landmark (clandmark) | 197 comments Thanks, Jennifer!

message 90: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl Landmark (clandmark) | 197 comments Thank you, Vincent, for providing us with a forum to publicize our books. It looks like there are a lot of very intriguing, interesting books out there for us book fanatics to devour!

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V.J. Devereaux (VJDevereaux) | 2 comments Hello, My name is Valerie Douglas, I'm the author of Song of the Fairy Queen, a fantasy for grownups who still love fantasy

It's said of Fairy that if call the name of one when you're in need, they will come. With his young son in his arms and his castle under siege, High King Oryan could not be in any more dire need. Only his Marshal, Morgan, and a handful of Morgan's men stand at his back. Worse still, there is only one escape route left. And only one ally to which he can turn.

Kyriay, the Queen of the Fairy.

"They burst out into darkness as the wind whipped at their hair, their clothes, as it battered at them. Far beneath them in the courtyard below, the castle Guard fought a hopeless battle. Steel rang on steel, metal crashed on wood… Light flashed luridly, greenish and unnatural… Magic… Men died in the roar of those flames… Shouts, screams and desperate cries filled the air clearly even so high above. Oryan looked up to the dark night sky. To find it filled with gossamer wings…"

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Brenda | 88 comments Your book sounds very interesting Valerie. The beginning certainly has sparked my interest.

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Brendan Carroll (BrendanCarroll) | 66 comments I've published a couple more of the Assassin Chronicles since I last posted. The Red Cross of Gold series has grown to over twenty volumes. The adventures of the Order of the Red Cross of Gold continues as the world of not so distant future rocks on toward Armageddon.

The Red Cross of Gold XXI . The Dead Confess No Sins (Assassin Chronicles) by Brendan Carroll The Red Cross of Gold XX . Cross Purposes by Brendan Carroll

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V.J. Devereaux (VJDevereaux) | 2 comments Thank you!

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Brendan Carroll (BrendanCarroll) | 66 comments No problem. Love to hear from you anytime.

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Ian Fraser | 12 comments Hi all, my name's Ian and I have a thriller/speculative fiction work titled 'The Depths of Deception' - its picked up 9 5-star reviews on Amazon so far.
The Depths of Deception by Ian Fraser
'America has disappeared some years ago. A neo-fascist Party has come to power in the UK. Ships leaving continental European waters are attacked. China is on the rise.

A submarine hurtles through the cold dark waters of the Atlantic en route to an unknown destination. Only the ship’s doctor knows its true mission, but he is not who he appears to be.

A sweeping tale moving from the violent heart of Apartheid South Africa, to the ruins of the United Kingdom, and down to the edge of the world in the frozen Antarctic landscape, The Depths of Deception is a modern homage to the works of Alastair Maclean, Hammond Innes, Neville Shute and other great adventure writers.

It is a tale of revenge, served as a shatteringly cold dish.

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David Haendler | 1 comments Hi all,

My name is David Haendler and I'm the author of a forthcoming YA fantasy adventure, The Shattergrave Knights.

Every family has its own traditions. The Merriwether family traditions are demon worship, sorcery and insurrection. Jack and Olive Merriwether appear to be two ordinary teenagers growing up in a sleepy little village. However, unbeknownst to them, they and their father are descended from Gorgyaz, a vicious war criminal and occultist whose inhuman armies nearly enslaved the world three hundred years ago.

The Protectorate, the military government that narrowly defeated Gorgyaz and his allies, considers any man, woman or child sharing his blood to be an enemy of the state. When the truth about their history comes out, the Merriwether family is marked for extermination solely on account of their ancestor's crimes. Jack and Olive's parents are arrested and tortured by a paranoid witch-hunter, and the teens are targeted by ruthless Protectorate spies searching for Gorgyaz's arcane weapons of mass destruction. Jack and Olive never wanted to be outlaws, but if they want to survive they will have to learn Gorgyaz's dark secrets and take up the family traditions once again.

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Riley Steel (RileySteel) | 12 comments hi i just wanted to let everyone know about a service im providing, im opening a publishing house and we are also doing video reviews. We are looking for both books and reviewers. if anyone is interested please feel free to drop me an email

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Riley Steel (RileySteel) | 12 comments hi just wanted to let new authors know about a service im provide as a side line to my publishing company, im doing video reviews for new authors to help them promote, we have a team of 8 reviewers who read the work, mail me the reviews and i then put it onto our you tube channel and video review page along with a link to amazon for people to buy it. I don't want to come across as spamming, im just a new author myself and i know how difficult is it. If anyone is interested we don't charge and you can check out some sample reviews i have done on our website,

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Jason Tesar | 12 comments My fantasy/sci-fi/military fiction novel is now available in paperback and ebook. Here's a synopsis:

The Awakened A Wandering Stars Novel by Jason Tesar

Over five thousand years ago, a renegade faction of angels abandoned the spiritual realm and began their inhabitation of earth. Worshiped as gods for their wisdom and power, they corrupted the realm of the physical and forever altered the course of history.

Amidst the chaos of a dying world, a lone voice foretold the awakening of a warrior who would bring an end to this evil perpetrated against all of creation. But with the cataclysmic destruction of earth and rebirth of humanity, the prophecy went unfulfilled and eventually faded from the memory of our kind—until now!

The physical dimension is fractured. What remain now are numerous fragmented worlds moving simultaneously through time, sharing a common history, connected only by a guarded portal. On a parallel earth, a child is rescued from prison and trained in the arts of war by a mystical order of clerics. When he returns to his home in search of his family, he becomes entangled in a brutal conspiracy to gain control of the Empire. Racing to unravel the secrecy of the enemy’s identity and motive, he is haunted by the memories of his past and drawn by the destiny that awaits him.

In his debut novel, JASON TESAR delves into the heart of an ancient legend, launching an epic saga that will journey from earth’s mythological past to its post-apocalyptic future, blending the genres of fantasy, sci-fi, and military/political suspense.

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