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Shelley | 2 comments YA ---- Tamora Pierce--- Tricksters Choice and Tricksters Queen

Matthew Carolyn wrote: "Well, definitely look into Robin Hobb's Assassin trilogy, with the Tawny Man trilogy sequels."

I second this and also recommend SM Stirling's Dies the Fire series.

Christroybels (christroybelsyahoocomau) | 7 comments Mists of Avalon - Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Marc (AuthorGuy) | 418 comments Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series.

Carolyn (seeford) | 87 comments Well, definitely look into Robin Hobb's Assassin trilogy, with the Tawny Man trilogy sequels.
Also, Tanya Huff's The Quarters Novels Volume I and The Quarters Novels Volume II - a very fun fantasy quartet, now in these two omnibus editions.
I love the Kushiel series by Carey (which, I really don't get everyone's preoccupation with the supposed 'sex' in the book, it has much less (and much less explicit) sex than most Harlequin or 'romance' novels out there...)
The Vlad Taltos series by Steven Brust

Those are off the top of my head, have to check through my shelves to give you any other recommendations...

Nira (heartoffiction) | 12 comments I've read Kushiel's Dart, actually. It was good.

Yeah, of course, I don't mind the whole fantasy thing tossed into the mixture. It's what I live for! Lol.

Stephen light May i add into this list for when it comes to medieval stories with kings assasins and other things. Also tied into itt is a tad of fantasy. The game of thrones. its probably exactly what you are looking for!

Chris You might try some of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Judith Tarr. Tarr has a female assasin in one of her novels, Alamut .

You should also try Kushiel's Dartwhich is political fantasy with sex.

You might also give The Broken Crown a try.

Nira (heartoffiction) | 12 comments Ooooh!! I love a good book with a dose of everything... (Frankly, who complains when they come across a steamy scene?)

=) Thanks! I'm gona take a look at these. I'm open to more recommendations too, though!

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Pamela (Pamela128) | 57 comments Luck in the Shadows by Lynn Flewelling

This has a same sex romance (which is oh so sweet) but they are spies and have fun while they're at it. Recommend anything from Flewelling.

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Pamela (Pamela128) | 57 comments Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks, This is the first book in the trilogy.

Nira (heartoffiction) | 12 comments Hey!

I'm looking for any good novels set in a medieval or fantasy setting with assassins, Kings, spies and the like. A bit of romance and prominent female characters are also a bonus!

Hope I can get some help. Thanks.

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