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Chris  (haughtc) Post here if you have read our November read/December discussion book, The Hobbit.

Please, no spoilers in this thread.

Laurel I've read it many times, and am almost done a refresher re-read!

Infinitelyk | 3 comments I've read it over and over and love The Hobbit!

Jim (JimMacLachlan) I've read it a bunch of times.

Stephen light Loved it read it a lot and i probably will again soon!

Jon (jonmoss) | 576 comments I have read this multiple times. I hope to quickly re-read it next week. I'm still wrapping up my October reads.

Kathy | 62 comments I have read it a few times and might skim over the book again. I'm in the midst of my WoT reread, so most of my attention is in that arena at the moment.

Barbm1020 As a 6th grader I couldn't get into a story about a 50something nonhuman. As a college student I liked it but didn't love it like I did the Trilogy. But Bilbo is OK with me. I might get a chance to read it this month but am traveling myself so maybe not.

Michael | 6 comments I've read it twice, not counting having it read to me more than once.

Jess (krysjez) Read it twice, going to read it once more for the group once I manage to find a copy.

Tammy | 110 comments I read ot only once! and enjoyed it immensely.
It was my first Tolkien book. and one of the first introductiones I had to fantasy.
I have only good memories from that experience....

Kernos | 393 comments I have read it over 20 times. It is charming!

Kyle Holden | 13 comments I love The Hobbit, got me hooked on fantasy

Robin (RobinSullivan) | 715 comments This is one of my favorites - probably because it is what got me started - I've read it many times but looking at this as a good opportunity for a re-read.

Robin (The Crown Conspiracy | Avempartha | Nyphron Rising)

Matt Algiers (GuyIncognito) | 52 comments I re-read this a month or so back, and just ate it up. It was one of the books that interested me in reading (along with Pooh and Goosebumps) as well as fantasy.

Stephen light Sadness. That for me would be just awful having a book i once adored and not being able to do so anymore. Dang maybe youll get back into it sometime. I personally Started with the lord of the rings when i was about... 8. Thats what got me hooked.

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Zachary (ZacharyAttackery) | 56 comments One of my favorite books. I've read and re-read it many times. Getting my girlfriend to read it right now. :]

Megan | 32 comments Awww, love this book! I don't have time, but I may pick it up and read my favorite passages over again.

Amelia (Narknon) | 115 comments My younger brother almost forced this on me the first time I read it. It took me a little bit to get into at first, but I love it, even though I do like LOTR better.

Serenity | 13 comments Read it awhile ago, and love it! I thought it was better than any of the actual LoTR books.

John (jlinos) | 10 comments Read it several times allready, if i can find the box where the book is located i ll reread it to join in on the discussion :)

Miriam | 138 comments Read it many times, although none recent.

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Have read The Hobbit 3 times, with the most recent being last year.

Matthew Read it a few times, most recent within the last year

Michael (Keisu) just finished it

Cecile | 76 comments I've read The Hobbit many times, I don't count any more. I liked it in French, I love it in English. Tolkien had a gift in the use of language, the words seem to flow in a kind of rhythm, it's almost poetic.

I'd gladly read it again, but -alas- I've lent it to a colleague, so I'll have to make do with my memory.

Jon (jonmoss) | 576 comments I finished The Hobbit this past Sunday. This is at least my fifth time reading it.

Jim Bradford (JimBradford) I've read it twice. Great, quick read.

DavidO (DrgnAngl) | 191 comments Read it

John-Paul | 5 comments Read it too.

Andrea (IIChron714) | 6 comments Read it.

Joanna (wykaraska) | 5 comments I've read it and like it very much.

Cameron (cswagner) | 70 comments Read it several years ago. Tried reading it again and couldn't get into it.

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Of course I have read it. But, if you can't get into it, it's probably because it is a children's book. Read The Lord of the Rings first and then this, for real adult fantasy. Tolkien would give you the same advice.

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In my opinion, more people will 'get into it' once the movie is out. I believe you will find the story infinitely more 'filmable' than LOTR. There is already a cinematic logic and simple plot-line so the writers shouldn't have to stray too far like they did with LOTR.

I'd be a thousand times more interested who read Children of Hurin or Silmarillion or House of the Wolfings (not by tolkien but an influence) or other deep epic. The Hobbit is pedestrian even in Tolkien's mind.

ian | 1 comments Just checking in =) I've read The Hobbit. Hi everyone!

Sierra (fuzzypineapple) | 5 comments I am reading The Hobbit. I like it a lot, I tried to read The Fellowship of the Ring first and that didn't work out so well. So I decided to read The Hobbit and I love it!

Lee | 7 comments @Shane- hmmm I've read Children of Hurin as well, and while I really love it, I don't see how The Hobbit is any more or less pedestrian than it. Both have adventure, but one is a tearjerker/downer and the other makes one feel a wide variety of emotions. If having variety means it's not "deep" I'll take a shallow book any day.

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Clansman Lochaber Axeman | 90 comments Read The Hobbit about 10 times, last time was in 2008. I think I remember it sufficiently well. Also read just about everything else Tolkien wrote (LoTR, The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales (all about 10 times), then The History of Middle Earth, and finally The Children of Hurin.

Didn't find anything pedestrian in any of it. The Hobbit is a great adventure story, and a lot of fun. The Children of Hurin is an epic tragedy, a sort of Wagnerian opera tale. The thing could be set to music, it is so bloody tragic. Both are excellent.

Laura Graves (lauraashlee) I've read it. Love it!

Fox (FoxMists) | 236 comments Read it ages ago. Reread for this month :)

Terri (TerriLovesCrows) | 22 comments It such a fun book. Loved the riddle contest and the dragon

Ridan | 26 comments One of my all time favorites - like many this is what got me started in the fantasy genre.

Caity (adivineeternity) | 15 comments It's been ages since I read the Hobbit. Not sure I will have to time to reread any time soon, but I might read it in a few months. Need to focus on some new material.

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Welcome Caity.
You maybe interested in our discussions of the Hobbit even if it has been awhile since you read it. Most of us are still able to remember the story well enough to participate.

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