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Monica Would be getting through this book (that is so validating) if I wasn't "needing to" stop and actually record my personal comments in the margins!Gosh, even commenting aloud, to who??? Several "Amens" dotted with a few "ouch, but I was so proud when I finished writing those units!"

Cynthia E Sherman Mine just came in the mail today. I am soooo glad I purchased it. Now I too can begin to make notes within the margins.

Monica Enjoy! Beware, it'll make you "need" to get back into your classroom early!

Cynthia E Sherman I only wish I had my own classroom. Right now I am a sub. But, hopefully soon. Sooooo I am taking every opportunity to read and gather info for when that day comes.

Damon I have read this book and implemented it in my room the last two years. Luckily I work in the same district as Donalyn so I get to talk to her often. I have modified certain things to fit my teaching style. The biggest thing to do is have a big classroom library, be knowledgable of young adult literature, and let the kids choose what they want to read. We still read class novels together but I do not make them go through a fancy unit full of activities. Yuck. They would rather start a new novel and so would I. I teach fifth grade.

Monica Damon, I taught 6th in your district, though not your school and as both Donalyn and I were Dept. Chairs, I was priviledged to spend time...any time...with her. Luck you to be in the same school...luck Donalyn that you were willing to "try it" on her watch!

Tammy I juist read the book and absolutely love it. I do the Daily 5/Cafe in my classroom and much of that is similar to Donalyns values. I was wondering many books do you think you should require a 5th grader to read?

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