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Mark Dewey When Tom and Huckleberry went looking for snakes to put in the prison (near the end of the book), the narrator mentions garter snakes and 'house snakes'. My question is, does anyone know what a house snake referred to then, and there?

Mark Dewey Looks like it could be referring to milk snakes. There are African house snakes, but I don't suppose they live in the United States (and perhaps early African Americans applied the term to certain snakes in America).

Charles there could have also been a small population of african house snakes that were inadvertently brought to the country by slave ships. just because there are not any now, or if there are, we don't call them that does not mean there never were, and the species never took hold.

adversely, species like pigeons and blackberries are not native to this country, but they took hold and now most people dont realize they're alien species.

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