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Welcome Audrey!!

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Lori (TNBBC) | 38 comments Mod
Welcome Audrey!

I am somewhat embarrassed for not posting this earlier, but I really hadn't expected you to be so quick ☺ **Blushes**

Thank you so much for joining us here!

TNBBC read The Time Traveler's Wife together as a group last month, and I was blown away by the flawless jumps through time, and the intricate weaving of the story. As a group, I felt we had such different and interesting reactions to it, and it quickly grew to be one of the largest and longest discussions on a novel that we had ever had.

This led me to think how great it would be to be able to communicate directly with an author when a book touches us in such unique and wonderful ways. And wonder at how I could make something like this possible for the members of Goodreads.

You are giving us such a wonderful opportunity by being here, and interacting with us. Thank you for being open to something like this, and for taking time out of your very hectic schedule to answer some of our questions.

Let me be the first here to wish you lots of luck with your new release - Her Fearful Symmetry, and have a very fun, exciting, and safe book tour!

Your humble co-host,

Audrey Niffenegger | 61 comments Mod
Lori wrote: "Welcome Audrey!

I am somewhat embarrassed for not posting this earlier, but I really hadn't expected you to be so quick ☺ **Blushes**

Thank you so much for joining us here!

TNBBC read [boo..."

Thank you, Lori. I am honoured to be here, and so pleased to hear that TTW stirred up a long discussion. As a professor, that's my favourite kind of book, one that provokes everyone to weigh in with their ideas.

Ready, steady go...

JG (The Introverted Reader) Thank you so much for joining us here, Audrey! And thank you, Lori, for arranging this for us!

Lori (TNBBC) | 38 comments Mod
You are both welcome!
I am just happy that Michael and Audrey humored me :)

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Lori (TNBBC) | 38 comments Mod
I had the great pleasure and honor of meeting Audrey, her Editor, and Michael Strong this evening in NYC! They were able to squeeze me in for a quick one-on-one in Regal's office, and then I sat in on Audrey's reading and signing at BN at Union Square tonite, and here are some of the before and after photos we took:

Regal Literary's Penthouse Office
Regal Literary Penthouse Office

From the Roof, Looking into the Penthouse Office
View into the Penthouse from the roof

Me and Audrey at the Penthouse
Audrey Niffenegger and Me!

the pile of books she had to sign at the penthouse before going to the reading
Audreys To-Sign piles!

Me, Audrey's Editor, and Michael Strong (The man who made this all possible!)
Me, Audrey's Editor and Micheal!

Audrey, I had a wonderful time meeting you, and thank you again, from the very bottom of my heart, for all your time and generosity here! It truly is appreciated...

Jeane That is soooo nice Lori and of course Audrey. I planned to go Friday when Audrey is coming in Dublin, in a shop near to my palce. But it starts at 7pm and then after about an hour and a half a wine reception and signing. It is a bit late, which is a pity. If it would have been in the afternoon I would for sure have gone:-((((

Jennifer D (DawsonOakes)
Hi Lori.

What a wonderful opportunity for you! I am, I must admit, slightly envious. :) Interacting with Audrey here has been such a cool experience. Kudos to you and many, many thanks to Audrey for indulging us and to Michael for working with you, Lori, to help make it happen.

Kind regards,


Lori (TNBBC) | 38 comments Mod
Jeane, don't let the time stop you! You really must go and enjoy hearing her read the book. It's lovely to hear her words.... and the Q&A session was wonderful!

JG (The Introverted Reader) Lucky Lori! It couldn't have happened to a nicer mod! Thanks for sharing the pics. My hand aches just looking at all those books to be signed!

Lori (TNBBC) | 38 comments Mod
I wonder where our fabulous author is touring at now? It's been so quiet in here!! Hope she is enjoying herself emmensely and taking in the sites of the places she is visiting....

Michael Strong | 2 comments Mod
Lori and others: It's funny that you ask, because Audrey just got back from her European tour last night, so I expect she'll drop in to TNBBC soon. In the meantime, I thought your group might be especially interested to know that we have another 25 hardbacks and 10 Advance Readers Copies (really really rare -- only a couple hundred of these are printed, usually for industry insiders) to give away. We're giving them away in a lottery, and anyone who joins the Facebook fan page and emails is entered. We actually get surprisingly few people entering for these, so the odds are actually quite good you'll win a copy. Also, I've posted a couple of new, candid, insightful interviews with Audrey, talking about writing The Time Traveler's Wife and Her Fearful Symmetry, and I'm about to put one up about her art and picture books, too. Check out to see the video.


Laura (apenandzen) I won a copy in the first contest, Michael, and I've never won anything before. Thank you so much for offering that. Audrey even put my name in the book, I was beyond thrilled!

Lori (TNBBC) | 38 comments Mod
Hi Michael! Nice to hear from you here :)
And that is wonderful that you are giving away additional copies of the book.

Anyone who has not run out to buy it yet MUST sign up for this and email for a chance to win it! I loved this book, even more than TTW... which was amazing as well.....

I bet Audrey is happy to be heading back home!!

Mandy Thanks for pointing that out, Michael, I've entered, fingers crossed!!

Audrey Niffenegger | 61 comments Mod
Michael wrote: "Lori and others: It's funny that you ask, because Audrey just got back from her European tour last night, so I expect she'll drop in to TNBBC soon. In the meantime, I thought your group might be e..."

Hello, everybody. Sorry to fall off the earth; touring tends to consume all available time and energy. I am in Washington DC today, home tomorrow and off to Europe on Thursday for a whirlwind stampede through Paris, Berlin and Rome. Some very interesting things have happened during my travels: I met Douglas Coupland and Seth in Vancouver, John Irving in Toronto. My editor Nan Graham (that's her in Lori's photo) interviewed me on stage at the Smithsonian in DC, and a close friend from high school called in while I was on the Diana Rehm show this morning. I went to a Halloween party in a library out in a small town in Virginia, and I went to see the Anne Truitt exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum. Anne Truitt wrote several beautiful books about her experiences as an artist, and Nan Graham was her editor, too.

I'm glad many of you have been winning books, free books are very exciting. Thank you, Lori and Michael for organising all of this. Lori, it was great to actually meet you.

Lori (TNBBC) | 38 comments Mod
Audrey, I want to live your life! It sounds like you had a fabulous time. I love hearing about authors meeting other authors. And of course, the halloween party at a library, how cool!

Thanks for taking the time to see me when you were in NYC. And when you see Nan, pass along a hello, as I was very happy to meet her as well.

Jennifer Quick bizarre question, was Audrey ever a teacher? She shares a last name with my first grade teacher and looks similar.

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TNBBC Presents-- Audrey Niffenegger Author Q&A

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