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Jimmie Dobbs Why do Mr. Charles Darney and Mr. Sydney Carton look alike?

Timothy K. Its just a coincidence, though it means the world over the last 100 pages or so.

Spoiler Alert!!!!

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Anna In a movie I have seen of A Tale of Two Cities Charles and Sidney looked very alike in the beginning but then as the movie goes on you can see that they aren't alike at all...I mean Sidney is a drunk and Charles isn't.

Bakhtawar They look alike but they are very different in manners,acts etc.

Lara the title is appropriate. Charles represents Paris, where he came form; while Sidney represents London where he came. Add the fact that the settings of the story are London and Paris........Dickens is a very good writer.

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They're two sides of the same coin - their looks are deliberately similar in order to focus us upon their initial, apparently contrasted yet subsequently increasingly similar characters; comparison and contrast in doubles are a central theme to the story (the clue's in the title)

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Curtiss Isn't coincidence Charles Dickens' stock-in-trade as a plot device in most of his books? Why worry about it, since the story would otherwise end with Darnay's execution? The coicidence of Carlton's similarity in appearance allows him to make the ultimate sacrifice for love.

The other hero[ine] of the story is Darnay's housekeeper, who saves Lucy from being exposed to the mob by the despicable Madame de Farge - thereby ensuring a happy ending for Lucy & Charles.

Feliks Coincidences like this go back to Ancient Greek stories. Its one of the oldest of old stand-bys.

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