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message 1: by Natalya (last edited Jan 31, 2010 01:19PM) (new)

Natalya (NatalyaVqs) Have distant memories of a book read in the late nineties, published by one of those small format titles (likely Harlequin) about two brothers fighting over the same girl. At some point they have a fist fight over her. The one brother then leaves home for years and years and comes back a harder man and she then falls for him. Any ideas of what the book/author may be?

message 2: by Kasia (new)

Kasia Can you remember anything else about it? Something a little bit more specific? This sounds so generic.

message 3: by ♥Tricia♥ (new)

♥Tricia♥ (WickedEnchantment) | 407 comments Yeah, I can imagine alot of books having that sort of a theme in them.

More specifics about the book would help out a ton.

message 4: by ♥Tricia♥ (last edited Sep 13, 2009 02:26PM) (new)

♥Tricia♥ (WickedEnchantment) | 407 comments

This one comes to mind.. but again, there are a few with that similar theme.

The Brothers Torres by Coert Voorhees
The Brothers Torres

message 5: by Natalya (new)

Natalya (NatalyaVqs) I think one of the brothers invited the woman to his family home and that's where she met the other brother and the love triangle started. Contemporary setting.
I know this isn't much to go on, so thanks for trying.

message 6: by ஐ Briansgirl (Book Sale Queen)ஐ (last edited Sep 13, 2009 07:43PM) (new)

ஐ Briansgirl (Book Sale Queen)ஐ (BriansGirlKate) Sounds a bit like a new novel, Lavender Morning by Jude Deveraux. It came out this year. Woman inherits home and gets invited by the lawyer to see the house and visit the town. Other brother is the gardner. She's caught between the two. No fist fights in this one. Too new to be the one you're looking for. Having two guys fight over a girl seems a subject matter most romance books don't deal with, so it was interesting for a change to read it.

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