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Gabe495 Whenever some time paradox doesn't make any sense they just explain it by saying "Cuz of quantum". I think this is funny but it might confuse some people. What are your thoughts?

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Meh So true Josh. The more we find out, the more we realize that we know nothing.

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Badgerlord In regular fantasy, things that would normally matter are handwaved with "it's magic". On the discworld, magic is a carefully studied force (mainly by wizards-in-training), so everything they don't understand is, naturally, quantum.

Quantum is to Discworld what magic is to this world.

bitfed Badgerlord nailed it. This is what I think Pratchett intends.

As far as some of the other comments, it seems that people who understand physics the least tend to frame Quantum physics as this game changer that puts the layman on an even playing field with scientists by saying that we now know 'nothing'. Learn some math folks.

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