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LOVED this book

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message 51: by Abel (new) - rated it 3 stars

Abel It was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicholas Kendall OMG this book has five stars written all over it for me. From the opening lines I was captivated, the writing was enticing and worthy of more credit than I feel reviews give the book. The story is what gripped me, what a brilliant idea, the book felt so magical without haven't to actually go into the realms of fantasy. Every character felt real, achieving a clear and distinct voice. The illustrations were fantastic, Selznick clearly a gifted individual. I certainly recommend this to anyone! My only regret was watching the film before reading the book, however in saying this I felt the film was very loyal to the book - which is very pleasing to see when a book means so much to the reader.

Michaela LOVED IT TOO!

Olivia wrote: "Such a great book. I read it in four hours! Has anyone read his other books like wonder struck? How were they?"

Wonderstruck was much better than Hugo! :D

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