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WOW - Who else has started this book?

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Penny I'm about 1/4 of the way thru - and all I can say is ....


I'm going to be so sad when this ends!

Steve Finished it at 6:49 this morning- good read, but I found it kind of dissapointing.

Penny This morning??? That is some SERIOUS dedication... I can't believe you guys finished it already... You'll have to start a different thread to talk about it - Hopefully, I can join the conversation tomorrow:)

Erica When I was more than half the way through I stopped reading so I could eat something and realized that it was as good as I had hoped it would be.
That's when I posted my review of it. Now that I'm finished I must say the only change I made of my review was to say that I was done.

All this to say: ditto on the wow.

Christine Hair Started and on chapter 13. My hubby is breathing down my neck for me to finish so he can start it.

So far it's living up to the hype!

Penny Too Funny, Christine! My husband actually made me buy TWO books so that we could read them at the same time!!! Now I've got an EXTRA (HUGE, 700+ page book) - And, all of our friends who would we could pawn it off on have already purchased (and read) it :)

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Brandy I finished mine yesterday too, even with a toddler running around! I'm still mulling it over. Of course, I love it, but I'm not sure how much I love it. Perhaps, my sadness at the close of this much loved relationship, even if it has ended amicably, keeps me from feeling too overjoyed. Does this make sense? My husband asked if were going through catharsis, and maybe I am.

I am looking forward to discussing the work in detail too!

message 8: by Ayana (new)

Ayana Wah! There's no more after to read! So sad!!

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Even with a 8 month baby (who has just learned to crawl) scooting around, I managed to finish the book yesterday afternoon (We had a busy weekend or else I would've finished this book sooner).

My husband shelved the book he was reading to read Harry Potter.

I actually loved this book. In my opinion, a great finale.

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Juanita It's hard to believe that at age 76 I can't put this book down! I'm completely captivated. Long live J.K. Rowling, may she and others continue to write such "read inspiring books".

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