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About Nico being gay..... Was that necessary?
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So I just wanted to address the fact that I'm unsure how to continue with Nico's coming out experience. I'm by no means against gays but at the same time I don't support being gay either. This isn't a homophobic remark or anything of that nature, I just simply feel that this may not have been an appropriate move for such an amazing series! I've read plenty of books with gay people included as characters but I don't find it fitting with these books.. I feel like this was too controversial of a move on Riordan's part and I can't tell if this was some sort of gesture of political beliefs or simply coincidence. I personally like to keep topics like this separate from my real life thoughts because I read these books in order to escape, not to think about how I feel politically and what do or don't support. I know there are plenty of people who have noticed this big change in the series and I'd really love to discuss this from both sides so that I don't lose my sanity. I'm still heavily in love with these books, but making Nico homosexual for Percy... Was that necessary?

I thought it made perfect sense. Nico's dark, bitter, and isolated. You're left thinking that this is because he lost his sister or because he's a son of Hades. But if either of those was the truth, than he would be that way forever because that kind of bitterness it not easily fixed.

But learning that he's gay gives me hope for him. He now knows that Jason accepts him as he is and as more people learn about him and accept him he'll be less isolated.

I admit, it did feel a little forced in. But I think that's more because I never expected it. And, really, the only reason I never expected it is because of the reading level on these books. I think if I reread the earlier books I'll see more signs.

Including gay characters in his books is good because the readers really relate to these characters. Sure, I can't relate to Nico being gay. But there are gay readers that can - readers that can't relate to any of the straight characters.

If it's necessary to point over and over again if a character is straight, then it is necessary to point that a character is gay.
People who say they are not "anti-gay" and find nothing wrong with Percy or Jason or Annabeth being straight but DO find "confusing" the fact that Nico is gay are, indeed, anti-gay.
The story is for kids, some kids are straight, some kids are gay. And it's great that both are represented in the story.
If you feel the need to point out that it wasn't necessary for Riordan to show Nico's homosexuality, then you must accept the fact that him showing Percy's heterosexulity was a waste of time, too.
It' okay to find it surprising, to not expect it. It's wrong to say it was unecessary or wrong, because you're dismissing a part of the character just because it doesn't suit heteronormativity, therefore, it is wrong.

Jennifer I agree. Throughout the series Riordan reiterates Annabeth and Percy's affection for each other particularly in their plans to live and grow old in Ne ...more
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I don't think it was necessary, and I don't feel as if it fit Nico's character at all. It seemed as if Rick Riordan just wanted to show his beliefs, which I do not really have a problem with. It just seemed a little forced as if Rick Riordan just had the idea while in the middle of writing House of Hades and even if that wasn't the case, it still didn't seem all that planned out. I support homosexuality, but didn't feel as if it really went with Nico's character.

It wasn't necessary at all. It would have been easier for Riordan to not include that detail at all and it wouldn't really change the plot of the story. HOWEVER, what makes Riordan an amazing writer is his character development. They make the series AMAZING. What we love about all the characters is that have traits that the world would consider as "outcasts" or "troubled."

For Percy and most of the demigods there is ADHD and dyslexia. For Frank he was a bit chubby with a baby face and is laxtose intolerant. For Leo, other than serious ADHD, he lost his mom at a young age and was forced into multiple foster homes. For Hazel, she had a mother who was basically crazy and had to grow up suffering the consequences of her mother. Piper had to live in the shadow of a moviestar daddy and didn't get the attention any child needs from a parent.

For Nico, it is homosexuality. He feels ashamed of it because of the time period he was from originally but many gays still feel that very same shame today.

Did it come out of nowhere? Well, Riordan did say it wasn't his original plan for Nico. After examining Nico's character and overall behavior, it WORKS. Maybe not 100% but it still works.

Was it necessary? No. But kudos Riordan for taking that giant leap of faith.

Is a homosexual lifestyle right or wrong? I won't answer that. I don't want to offend anyone. However, we need to acknowledge that there are kids in middle school who are dealing with very similiar things right now. Many are rejected and ridiculed and THAT right there is absolutely wrong.

I don't think that Nico's coming out affected the series or my love for the series at all. I think that's one problem. If he didn't come out, nothing would change. It was as if it was just a filler moment or something. It did not add to the plot at all. I'm not homophobic, in fact, I support it, but the whole homosexuality thing really seemed like it came out of left field. I don't mind Nico being gay at all but it really seemed forced. It hardly made sense. It wasn't necessary, no, but I think that Rick Riordan just wanted to show his fans what he supported? I would rather him express it in a tweet than through a book character's sexuality though.

I just thought homosexuality just popped up in the series. I have nothing against gay people but when he talked about apollo and other gods liked the same sex I was all right with it because it had to be inferred that they did that. But then what seemed like immediately I found out Nico is gay. I just thought that he should have talked about gays more before unveiling Nico's secret. Again just repeating i have nothing against nico being gay.

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I didn't think it came out of the blue at all, I suspected it for ages. When I read it, my only thought was, Yes! I was right!

Apart from Nico's midlife crisis, where he went from a happy, hilarious child, to a dark, sad, and viewed by many to be depressed, Nico hasn't really had any character development, if you can call his crisis development at all.

Nico being gay adds a character element that Nico needed.

Nico has the right to be himself as all the other characters. Nobody has a problem with Percy or any of the other characters being straight so why should they have it with Nico being gay? That's just who they are, like it or not.

Makes scene
Him liking Percy
Little creepy

i don't mind Nico being gay. it fits him somehow. i think he a great character and his sexuality does not reduce points for him in any regard.

I don't really care.

i thinkit was kind of a shocker i had to put the book down to procces this. but still i think it was approit cause who knows there could be more to the plot of the series if he is gay.

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i think Rick definitely wouldn't have added that in if it wasn't a controversial topic nowadays. look at MoA, he hinted that people against ebooks being too rigid with the river god.

however, i think the thing with Nico was quite clever and liked it - as long as Rick doesn't ignore the fact that a large % of his bitterness still comes from the death of his sister. I mean, surely, his love for his sister is bigger than that for Percy? HIS OWN SISTER?

i'll have to reread the series to be sure if it was forced, if he suddenly acted all angry again just so he could "come out" like some reviews had said. it surely doesn't look like something rick planned at the start of the series.

the question here isn't "do we support gays?" supporting gay rights does not mean you have to support Nico. This should be for the book, not to twist a story for a statement. I feel like people here should think that way - it's how to make the book better, not how to change people's feelings on gay rights.

It is both necessary and unnecessary because it was relevant to explain the character personality of Nico in past books and also irrelevant for there were a lot of bombshells like Hazel, Nico, Percy.. so, its neutral

Yeah it was necesary

I think nowadays writers think they have to make one of their important characters gay to show they support homosexuality. I've noticed this in a lot of books but personally I don't think its necessary. I don't like nico being gay. He doesn't even seem that way. It's just kind of pushed in. I'm not against homosexuals but gay rights and supporting gays shouldn't be the reason authors have to force one in their story. If an author wants to, no problem but in this case nico being gay definitely seemed forced and out of the blue and something I can't say like...

i thought it was a really great decision because nico's this character who is loved by so many people, and there are lots of younger readers who might be in nico's situation that might feel a lot better and more confident about themselves. also, it shows that anyone can be a hero. anyone. it doesn't matter. i think it fit in perfectly with this series because that's the theme of the series and maybe it wasn't necessary, but as rick riordan said - it would have been a disservice to the readers, nico, and the plot of the books had he just pretended it didn't exist.

Drew Cernava Yes, Nico is a loved character. That's why I don't think it's fair what Rick Riordan did to him. 'Cause what about the readers who don't support homos ...more
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I agree with the guys who openened this discussion. I don't support gay rights but I don't have a problem with other instances in which characters have come out. However I also didn't enjoy having to explain to my little brother what nicos deal was. I felt it was forced and completely unnecessary for this series. I felt it could have ben better planned. Instead we get a random chapter that for me at least made the rest of the book awkward. Not against this,but from riorden it should have been done better

I think once someone reads all the books that lead up this confession of Nico's identity then make sense. I thought it was good to see Jason's reaction to Nico's identity was awesome. I think Rick is trying to set example for the young generation on how they should treat each one another. I think he was trying to make a point that homosexuals are no different and should not be treating different from everyone else.

In The Battle of the Labyrinth, Rick seemed to be implying that Nico had a crush on Annabeth (remember Nico's refusal when Percy asked him to come with them to CHB but then his acceptance when Annabeth asked him if he would do the same thing with her?)So,I was really surprised that Nico had a crush on Percy instead. Although I don't knonw if I can call it a crush. It lasted for 5 years, right? Don't most crushes last a couple of months at most? It came out of the blue but I think it was an amazing part of the book. Maybe, even the most amazing part.

Well, actually, this turn of events did not bother me. It was unexpected and not really necessary, but the characters will grow and it does not bother me.

Just finished the book. And wow, was it just me (and a few others, apparently), or did it seem REALLY forced? Nico was literally the last person I would have expected to be gay. And do you know why that is? It's because when it comes to most relationships, Riordan really isn't that subtle. Take Percy and Annabeth. How much doubt was there really? Clarisse and Chris? Frank and Hazel? Jason and Piper? It was clear from the start that these were the pairings that were going to stay.

But Nico having a crush on Percy? Part of me would say, fair enough, he's f***ing Percy Jackson. But the thing is, there was no clear sign of a crush early on, and as other people pointed out, it looked like he had a crush on Annabeth. At this point, it really just looks like Riordan was forcing in his own views on the matter, or was going for a publicity stunt of sorts (Rowling announcing Dumbledore was gay, anyone?). But yeah, just my two sense. But seriously, plenty of better characters, like maybe Silena and Clarisse, or Grover and Tyson (because at this point, anything could have been better to me).

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate that

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