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What other book, movie, or TV show did your book remind you of?

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Caley Rogers  (calesbales) | 1 comments Mod
One strategy good readers practice is to make connections. This question asks you to make any kind of connection between your book and another book, a movie, or a TV show. You can connect characters, settings, plots, situations, feelings, themes, or anything else.

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Lydiali Vega | 1 comments This book reminded me of the movie : Brother Bear. It had magic and a little boy turning into a bear because of a spell and the movie is just like that. it was a good movie and a good book.

Tyler Gardner (Bloodyminister) | 1 comments my book remind me of the movie "Die Hard" but not as extreme

Megan | 1 comments This book reminded me of Indiana Jones and Harry Potter. Because of the creatures in the book and the adventures they are going on.

Tyler Ducsay | 3 comments My book remind me of another book I have about the Geatful Dead because they both had similar beleafs about peace and all that

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Jake Reed | 8 comments My book, Life, the Universe, and Everything, reminded me of the show Futurama because theyre both about space and very funny.

Tay Mackey | 1 comments My book was Mostly Harmless. It reminded me most of the movie I robot because most of the book as robots and the aliens are robots. In both they are trying to take over the world.

Evan O'neill | 1 comments My book Tom Clancy's: Patriot Games reminded me of the movie The Hunt for Red October. Because they're both by the same author and they're both fast paced and are focused on fonding something.

Cody Moody | 1 comments The book reminded me of star wars becausi it is in atheir own galaxy. the only part diffrent was the book was funn and the other was serious.

Sarah Walker (Sarahwalker) | 2 comments My book Blachthorn Winter reminded me of the TV show "Cold Case Files" because the main characters in my story were investigating so many murders and because it was kinda graphic in some parts. :o)

Taylor Thornton | 1 comments Rundown reminded me of CSI or some crazy mystery show in that genre. It has the crime and mystery theme and it relates perfectly to CSI.

♥♥ hattie♥♥ | 2 comments I think i can relate to Jonah in my book because whenever i was little I could'nt read for along time. I think I was in 3 grade until i could really read a book by myself.

Mike Rizzitello | 1 comments this book rminded me of get rich or die tryin but not as graphic

Lorna | 2 comments This book really reminded me of LOST wen Jake told Ben to let the people go and Ben tried to kill them instead.

Emily Polito | 1 comments This book How I Changed Myself really reminded me a lot of the movie Mean Girls. Bo tries to take Clohe's boyfriend Kyle and find little ways so annoy her.

Alissa Somjak | 1 comments The Rules of Survival reminded me of the movie Daddys Little Girls. They both had phyco abusive mothers who only cared about themselves. Also, the fathers in both of these stories ended up being the heros.

Nick | 1 comments this reminded me of all the ww2 movies i have seen.

Naomi | 1 comments my book reminds me of situations i have been and have to go threw now just liek many other teenagers.

C-Payne | 1 comments my book reminds me of being in the wild seeing new things and peerpressure

Billy Stevens | 1 comments this reminded me of the war movies i have seen

David Walas | 1 comments this book makes me think of what might end up happening in the near future.

Will Richardson | 1 comments The book the Odyssey reminded me of the Hunter's Blades Trilogy. It reminds me of that book because the main characters can relate. Both of the main characters have much hardship for a very long time.

Madisun Hetzroni | 1 comments Sleeping freshmen Never Lie reminds me of polar express. the main charactre goes on a new and unbelieveable but long time hoped for ride and has struggles and victories along the way.

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D Ruff | 1 comments The book I read,The Contender, reminded me of the movie Do The Right Thing. It reminded me of that movie because the main character is a black teenager working for a white company and is just trying to make money, just like pike Lee in the movie.

Samantha Peoples | 1 comments I read A Candidate for Murder! this reminds me a little of csi! this show is a mystery and so is the book!

Heather Petrie | 1 comments I read the book "A Bend in the Road" by Nicholas Sparks! This book reminded me of a book that i read called "Love comes softly". It is actually a series, but it has the same kind of story line. A young girl loses her husband and has to remarry to have shelter for the winter. It is a good series i recommend it!

♥♥ hattie♥♥ | 2 comments The book i actually read (Where the Heart Is) is a movie. I have watched the movie many times before i read the book but the book was soooo different from the movie in so many ways. I can connect with Novalee on how her boyfriend left her at the Walmart. When i was 7 my mom had left me at Chuck-E-Cheeses. At least thats what i thought. My mom was actually still at Chuck-E-Cheeses I just had not seen her to go home with her. But I really Loved this book and I think everyone should read it! =]

Cristina Villarreal | 4 comments Of course it is the movie HOLES. I think the movie is more interesting then the book.
It also is a program named occidental dragon.

Jake Reed | 8 comments My book The Outsiders reminded me of the movie West Side Story because of the gangs.

Rebecca | 5 comments The book "See you down the road" reminds me of the movie RV because they both are traveling alot and learn what it means to be a family.

Tyler Ducsay | 3 comments code talker reminds me of the movie code talkers

Casey Schneider (caseyss28) | 2 comments The book i read was, Park's Quest. It didn't really remind me of anything. The only thing it did, was make think about the book called pearl harbor. That is because, in that book, the boy watches his dad's ship get blown up right infront of his eyes.

Sarah Walker (Sarahwalker) | 2 comments My book was Eclipse. It reminded me of a movie I saw called "The Prince and Me." Its kinda like that because they're gonna get married. But Im a much more horrific way, like the horror movie version of the movie. :)

Jake Reed | 8 comments My book So Long and Thanks For all the Fish reminded me of many psychological thriller movies ive seen.

Melanie Snyder | 5 comments My book, Twilight, reminded me of the Sarbina because she was a super natural person, and she feel in love with a human. It was just like when Bella fell in love with Edward, the vampire.

Eric▲ (ɔıɹǝ) | 3 comments The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reminds me of a movie called "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" because the movie is based off the book.

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