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message 1: by Lori, The Over-Caffeinated Coffee Girl (new)

Lori | 2109 comments Mod
Hi Everyone,

It's getting to be time for the annual College Students Secret Santa!

(This is a separate event from the Broke and the Bookish Secret Santa exchange.)

If you want to participate, there are a few things I need you to do!

First, on your profile make a list of books that you want. Pick a good mixture of new and old releases, paperback and hardcover, so that your Santa can have a good variety of books to choose from. Please make sure that it is a special shelf, designated as Secret Santa Wishlist or something about Secret Santa. And make sure your profile is set to public so that they can see it.

Next, please comment here AND send me your mailing address(es) in a private message by November 25. (If will be traveling for the holidays, you can tell me what dates you'll be at a given address. This way your Secret Santa can gauge how long it will take for your package to arrive and can get it to you sooner) If you do not live in the US, I cannot guarantee that you will be paired with someone who lives close by. If you are from the US and are willing to send to international members, please let me know and I can pair you with an international member. If I don't have your address by November 25, that makes it really hard to pair you with anyone.

Then I will start pairing up people. Tami or I will send you their address on November 26 or 27. You will need to send your person a book and a clue about your identity by December 10. This should give the book plenty of time to arrive around Christmas. In the past, people have sent mixed CDs or copies of their favorite books as clues. Feel free to be creative with this! But make sure that your person can figure out who you are based on the clue (from a comment you've made or by saying "This is my favorite book" and having a favorite books shelf that they can see). Let either myself or Tami know if you need help with the clue part of things. If you want to send some extra goodies, like candy or coffee, feel free to do that. But really, the book and the clue are what is most important--we are all poor college students/young adults, after all!

Please think about whether you will actually be able to participate before signing up. It really stinks to participate, but not get a present because your person decided to not do it. We have had this happen every year and it really stinks. We want people, both old and new to the group, to participate, but we want people to actually hold up their part of the bargain.

Definitely looking forward to this! We always have a great time with this.

Tami | 2843 comments Mod
Count me in. International is fine.

Sami (samisayss) | 5 comments This sounds great! I'm in!

Kimberly (KimberlywithaT) | 2137 comments I'm in! International is fine.

Nicki (Ophia) | 62 comments I'm in, this is so much fun. I can do international

Ashley Lauren (ashleylaurenauthor) | 149 comments I always love this! Count me in :) I can do international.

Kayla | 591 comments I am definitely in! I can do international as well.

Courtney | 7 comments i am in and international is fine

Imani | 11 comments I'm in !

Yvonne (vonze) | 3 comments Sounds fun, I'm in :)

Leah Walker (leko336) | 31 comments If there is still time, I'm in! It's only barely the 26th right? I also don't mind International.

Leann Luckett (llucke) | 4 comments I would like to be counted in this year.

Brittany (bgillis) | 8 comments I'm in.

Tami | 2843 comments Mod
Make sure to send you address to Lori (or me) as soon as possible. Thanks!

She's Stacked  (Jo-Anne) (MissStacked) | 4 comments Missed it. Dang. Have fun everyone!!!

Sruthi (Sruthi_Me) | 13 comments Is it too late to join? :)

She's Stacked  (Jo-Anne) (MissStacked) | 4 comments I think so. I wanted to do so as well.

message 18: by Lori, The Over-Caffeinated Coffee Girl (last edited Nov 29, 2013 02:15PM) (new)

Lori | 2109 comments Mod
If you two can message Tami your addresses tonight, I will stick you with Tami's group.

message 19: by Lori, The Over-Caffeinated Coffee Girl (new)

Lori | 2109 comments Mod
All right. Here is the cut off point.

Hopefully, by now you've gotten your Secret Santa's address and can begin putting things together.

A quick reminder--Make sure you create a Secret Santa Wishlist on your profile. If it's called something else, let me know ASAP so Tami or I can let your Secret Santa know.

Please get your packages mailed by next Friday so they have time to get there before Christmas--the earlier the better!

Have fun! And let us know if you have any questions or problems or need any ideas for clues.

Thanks for joining!

Tami | 2843 comments Mod
All participants please make sure your profile is set to public for the next few weeks so that your person can see your list.
Also, have your list either called Wish List or Secret Santa or something to make it obvious for whoever got you.

Whoever got me: I have a secret santa list but if you can't find anything on it, the wishlist is a safe bet too.

Leann Luckett (llucke) | 4 comments Thank you to my secret Santa for my gift of books and extras I received today.. I can't wait to read them.. :) Hope you too have a Merry Christmas!

Tami | 2843 comments Mod
Remember you can guess who your secret santa was/is but do not confirm or deny if you are guessed until everyone has their gifts. :)

Kayla | 591 comments I got my gift today! I received Over the Moon by Diane Daniels. I've been wanting to read this book since before it came out!

My guess is Tami since she is from Utah, and after a quick search I saw that she has mentioned living near the town of Hurricane, UT where the story takes place.

Imani | 11 comments So once everyone gets there gift , we comment here guessing who are Secret Santa is ?

message 25: by Lori, The Over-Caffeinated Coffee Girl (new)

Lori | 2109 comments Mod
Yes. Once you get your gift, please say what you got and make a guess. BUT we do not confirm or deny guesses until everyone receives their gift.

message 26: by Imani (last edited Dec 27, 2013 09:15AM) (new)

Imani | 11 comments I received my gift yesterday in the mail but didn't have time to open it until today , Sorry about that.

I received not one but TWO books from my list ! Thanks Secret Santa . I got The Book Thief and Crank. In addition to those two books I got candy, a cool bookmark ( which I completely agree with by the way ) and a letter .

I am going to guess Brittany as my secret Santa ( sorry if I guess wrong ).

Thank You again !

Nicki (Ophia) | 62 comments Got my books today:) one from my list and one not that I'm looking forward to trying: From Wine to Water A Bartender's Quest to Bring Clean Water to the World. The one on my list was The Weight of Silence. I'm excited :) thank you to my Secret Santa.

Based on my clue, my guess as to the identity of my Secret Santa is Ashley.

Leah Walker (leko336) | 31 comments I have officially received my wonderful gift of Four Gothic Novels: The Castle of Otranto; Vathek; The Monk; Frankenstein from my Secret Santa, who I am going to assume is Brittany because of her wonderfully appropriate clue. Thank you also, for the lovely card and delicious chocolate. I love this gift especially because it was obviously loved once upon a time, and will be loved yet again. Used books with writing in them have a completely unique history and a lot of people don't appreciate that, but I do. Excellent job!

message 29: by Lori, The Over-Caffeinated Coffee Girl (new)

Lori | 2109 comments Mod
I received my book--Dead Souls by Gogol, which I am excited about, though the Russian authors kind of scare me. :) I did not see a clue in the package, so I cannot make a guess. Thank you, though, for your book and sweet note! It brightened my day!

Leah Walker (leko336) | 31 comments Has anyone not gotten their gift yet?

Tami | 2843 comments Mod
It looks like only a few have received their gifts. I still show 8 as having not received them yet, but it could be they just haven't posted that they have. So, if you received your gift, please post and let us know.

Hopefully everyone got something sent out to their person. I know the weather was messing with FedEx right before Christmas, but I would think most of the shipping would be done by now.

Ashley Lauren (ashleylaurenauthor) | 149 comments nothing for me yet! :( fyi to my secret santa, i am moving at the end of january so my address will be changing!

Sruthi (Sruthi_Me) | 13 comments To my secret Santa -

I received mine today :D and it brightened up my day!! :D
I got both the Dan Brown books I wanted!!!! :D
Thank you sooo much. :) I'll now have to figure out who you are ^_^

Tami | 2843 comments Mod
Please post if you have received your gift. I have asked a few that haven't posted yet and their gifts were mailed from December 10-15th and tracking shows they were delivered.

We would like to confirm/deny guesses but want to wait until everyone has received theirs. Thanks!

message 35: by Courtney (last edited Jan 06, 2014 04:54PM) (new)

Courtney | 7 comments I got my gift back in Dec. I got a copy of Losing It by Cora Cormack, and candy and a card. My guess is Yvonne.

Brittany (bgillis) | 8 comments I got my gift. A copy of Silent in the Grave that was on my wishlist, a horse calendar and a copy of my secret santa's favorite book Rebecca. I'm guessing Kayla as my Secret Santa.

Ashley Lauren (ashleylaurenauthor) | 149 comments Still no secret santa :-( I think I've been stood up again!

Sruthi (Sruthi_Me) | 13 comments my guess is Yvonne too!! :)

message 39: by Tami (last edited Jan 31, 2014 02:33PM) (new)

Tami | 2843 comments Mod
I received mine yesterday. I got The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and Someday Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham. Plus I got a mug that says "Don't make me Gibbs-Slap you!" which I love!
My clues were that this person also loves NCIS and that the two books were two of their favorite. I only needed the NCIS. I am guessing Kimberly.

Sruthi (Sruthi_Me) | 13 comments Guys could we have the names of our santas?? :D

Tami | 2843 comments Mod
I will post shortly.

Tami | 2843 comments Mod
Here is who was supposed to send to who. I know there were some that did not receive their packages. Let me know if you still haven't with a private message. Thanks.

Ashley sent to Nicki
Brittany sent to Leah
Courtney sent to Leann
Olivia sent to Yvonne
Imani sent to Olivia
Leann sent to Imani
Yvonne sent to Courtney
Kimberly sent to Tami
Jo-Anne sent to Ashley
Kayla sent to Brittany
Leah sent to Jo-Anne
Nicki sent to Sruthi
Sruthi sent to Lori
Tami sent to Kayla

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