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The Luxe and Jane Austen

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Tiffany (About to Read) I absolutely loved this book when I read it, and I'm curious to know if anyone else thought it had a very Jane Austen like feel to it. Elizabeth is in love with a man that she shouldn't be with according to society, which I feel is a bit reminiscent of Jane Austen's novel Persuasion. Diana's scorn for the society she lives in also reminds me of Austen.

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Ileona iLOVeEWEReWOLVEs(with a PASsION) i've never read jane austen

Emmaline The Luxe is not historically accurate. It was much more shallow than anything Jane Austen wrote.

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Ileona iLOVeEWEReWOLVEs(with a PASsION) I like Diana and Henry together.

Kiki Hiroku hmmm...well both jane austen and the luxe are completely different. so it's kinda hard to compare them

Emmaline Jane Austen's novels are timeless and have depth.

Luxe is very shallow and will hopefully be forgotten in a decade or two.

Maddie I loved the Luxe, precisely FOR its shallowness. Jane Austen was a tad hard and boring. I can see what you're trying to dig at. The whole 1800's thing

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I absolutly HATED this book!!!

Rihanna lovely me too !!! like totely hated it !!

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Emmaline @Maddie

Austen's books are probably at too high of a reading level for you. When I was 14 I hated Jane Austen, my reading level just wasn't up to par. However, by the time I got to college I was able to comprehend the more advanced vocabulary of Jane Austen's novels.

Occasionally I enjoy cotton candy reads, they can be nice break. That was why I picked up the book. However, this book wasn't simply a light read. I found dozens of grammatical errors on every other page. (That is saying something, because I usually don't notice errors like that in books.)

Not to mention the fact that it sounded like every single character was an empty headed valley girl (even the men.)

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