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Ward's picture on the back of this book...

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message 1: by Rhapsody (new) - added it

Rhapsody I wanted to wait for the paperback, but this afternoon I finally caved in and dished out the $20 for the hardcover. What did you think of the picture of Ward on the book's back cover? For some reason, it just sets my teeth on edge. In general, I dislike having the author's picture included in the back of the book, but some photos irritate me less than others. For instance, Nalini Singh, who writes in the same genre, has a pretty sweet and human picture of herself. Same for Catherine Anderson--closeups of their faces, smiling warmly, nothing too fancy. Ward though, with her sunglasses and black clothes... Does she think she's a member of the BDB or something? I've always sort of gotten the impression from this author that she thinks her books are above the other books of the genre (paranormal romance). And then there's the fact that she started this series as a romance series but recently decided to turn it into urban fiction, minimizing the romantic plot lines more and more, as if romance was good enough to start things out and get people reading, but now that she has us hooked, it's time she turned her hand to better things. I admit, the way she presents herself in that photo makes me want to return the book, even though Rehv's story is the one I've been most eagerly anticipating ever since I began the series.

Yvette I don't like the picture either, first time I saw it, I was like "WTH?"

C.D. Hussey Huh, I hadn't thought too much of it. The sunglasses did make me wonder if she has a sight impairment. Like maybe that was an influence for Wrath...

Carrie Her eyes are very light-sensative (I read it in an interview). The sunglasses have a practical use. Speaking from experience, a camera flash going off in your face when your eyes are photosensative hurts like hell... :|

message 5: by Pat (new) - rated it 5 stars

Pat I never really thought about the picture..I'm too anxious to read the book! C.D has a good thought, it certainly could have influenced her for Wrath. I have very light blue eye's and can't even get the mail without sunglasses!

Dhfan4life I'm used to authors having a pic of themselves somewhere on a hard cover book. Usually in the inside front or back flap I'm more familiar with than on the back. But I didn't think her pic looked bad back there. And I don't think she was protraying herself as being in BDB by dressing that way. More like she was depicting the edgy, street wise chick that might be from New York writing the series. I'll add that the short hair cut did kind of remind me of how Jane's hair might look. But other than that it wasn't bad at all.

Dana Who really cares. Love the books keep them coming...

Marita Hansen I didn't have a choice with my book, I had to put my picture on the back. It was due to the limited cover formatting I was given. Would much prefer it not to be there.

Marita Hansen Forgot to say, love her books and I don't really care if she has a picture or not. It's the stories I'm concerned about. I haven't read Nalini Singh's books, but should as I found out the other day that she's a New Zealander. Didn't know that until a saw a telly article on her.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

I agrre with that. When i was reading one of the books, my friend was like what is that? But her books completely overwhelm any issues with the picture!

Claudia the Night Owl Why would having the author's pic on the back bother you? Doesn't matter either way to me.

Lookeee~book addict~don't need no stinkin' recover I know this is an old post, but saw the post name and had to read it. I noticed that almost every pic of her or video out there she has the glasses on. Makes me think that she does have some issues with light sensitivity or some other issue along the same vein.

On the issue of back cover pics, I guess I don't have one, lol. To each his own, right? Imagine how boring life would be...etc.

message 13: by Dee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dee she has a light sensitivity issue - I wanna say that she mentioned it on her website - she always wears dark glasses even massage therapist is like that - she takes them off for massages because the room is dim; but the minute she is done, they go back on

message 14: by S.K. (new) - rated it 5 stars

S.K. Logsdon Its a picture. Instead of criticizing a woman for her picture. Think of praising her for her amazing writing ability. To create a wonderful world for us to tap into. I could care less if she wore a belly shirt and flipped us off on the back cover. Her books are amazing. Even if she isn't down to earth and thinks she is better than other supernatural writers-- That's fine by me as long as she keeps good ones coming. The fact that she embraces gays in her books, isn't a prude with her sex scenes. She also shows many realistic sides to peoples personalities. Including disabilities by enhancing a person not deflating them. None are the same. It's extremely difficult for a person to create that many people and keep them straight including details, personality traits and past plots twists.

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