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M.Krishnan Nair

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message 1: by Jayaram (new)

Jayaram | 24 comments Hello,Current Books Thrissur has published a big hard bound volume of SAHITYAVARABHALAM. Check with them

message 2: by Jose (new)

Jose Puttanani | 6 comments You will never find M Krishnan Nair writing anything about Indian or Malayali writers. For him everything foreign was excellent and anything Indian was trash.

message 3: by Jayaram (last edited Mar 13, 2014 08:13PM) (new)

Jayaram | 24 comments Dear Mr Jose, I would very much like to contradict you. I am a person who have read almost all from M.Krishnan Nair. He has written beautifully about KHASAKKINTE ITHIHASAM, CHANGAMPUZHA KAVITHAKAL, WORKS OF BASHIR,GEETANJALI of TAGORE, PREMCHAND,AMRITA PREETAM etc.Please don't belittle a great man like Krishnan Nair who have brought thousands of Malayalis like me to the wonderful arena of World Literature.We are all specks of sand compared to these people who have dedicated their life to reading.

message 4: by Jayaram (new)

Jayaram | 24 comments Dear Simon,your observations are 100% genuine.M.Krishnan Nair is the most significant person who gave Malayali an excellent awareness and inspiration to read World Literature.

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