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message 1: by Neil (new)

Neil Ostroff (httpgoodreadscomNeil_Ostroff) | 319 comments Ever since Ereader news today sponsored DROP OUT and it went to #22 in romantic suspense, sales have remained steady in a good way. As I’ve always said, it takes a lot of extra hard work to keep the sales momentum going, but thanks to all the great reviews and word-of-mouth the book is getting the journey to the bestseller list is going easier. I had a feature written about me in my local hometown magazine and I’ve been doing a lot of blog interviews to add to my exposure. Here’s a link to my latest.

I’ve also been getting a lot of personal emails from people telling me how the book has affected them and literally change their outlooks on life. Nearly all my reviews from all over the world are five-star and my blog posts have been re-posted by others thousands of times. Here’s my latest review from Amazon U.K.

* * *
5.0 out of 5 stars I wasn't sure I'd like this book
6 Aug 2013
By Mrs. C. I. Campbell
Format: Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I thought the subject matter would be too gruelling and too sad to bear...and, in many ways it was. But it was handled in such a way that I didn't feel voyeuristic, as I expected. Instead, it felt like a story that ought to be told, and, in the end, I felt uplifted. The action scenes were so well written, it seemed incredible they could have been written by someone who had not lived through these things. There was intense pain and passion in this book as well as great compassion and understanding. Masterfully written.
* * *

Other indie writers have written me telling me that I am wasting valuable writing time with all this marketing and promoting. They say my time would be better spent writing new books than doing all the things I do so small pockets of readers can get to know me. They say volume of material will get me my readers. I disagree.

It may take a thousand blog interviews and reviews before the mainstream gets to know my material, but they will get to know it. I’d rather have a huge, loyal fan base that took time (years) to build over nine books than a hundred published books that no one has read.

To read more about me and my books please check out my blog: ALWAYS WRITING

Click here to read my blog!

message 2: by Rita (new)

Rita Chapman | 68 comments Hi Neil,

I admire your drive and perseverance. You certainly are always writing!

message 3: by Neil (new)

Neil Ostroff (httpgoodreadscomNeil_Ostroff) | 319 comments Thank you, Rita. I have too. It's a compulsion.

message 4: by Elly (new)

Elly Michaels | 21 comments Love the review. Can't wait to read it.

message 5: by Neil (new)

Neil Ostroff (httpgoodreadscomNeil_Ostroff) | 319 comments Thanks, Elly. Hope you enjoy it. I've been getting some very personal emails from readers telling me how much the book has affected them.

message 6: by Elly (new)

Elly Michaels | 21 comments Hi Neil,

Just finished Drop Out and will post a review on Amazon and Goodreads (when I can figure out how to do that). I would really appreciate it if you could return the favor.


message 7: by Neil (new)

Neil Ostroff (httpgoodreadscomNeil_Ostroff) | 319 comments Hi Elly,

I will def. check out your book. Give me a few weeks I'm reading a few books ahead of it. Right now I'm reading Stephen King's Under The Dome. It's quite the read.

Thanks again for the review.

message 8: by Elly (new)

Elly Michaels | 21 comments Thanks, Neil

message 9: by Linda (new)

Linda Kallestein (lindamayk) | 41 comments Grab this books for your childrens they'll surely love them
Baby animals are cuddly and adorable. This pictures book consists of beautiful color photographs of 10 different baby animals. Each one starts with the question of what the baby of an animal is called, to engage toddlers so they can learn a little about animals. And hopefully fall helplessly in love with them.

Everyone loves animals. So do we. That's why we want to share this love with kids. "The Small Mice of Homesville" is a read aloud story for young children, or an easy-reader for beginning readers.

In this picture book, beautiful color photographs of animals from all over the world are combined with the alphabet. One animal for each letter of the alphabet. Toddlers learn the alphabet in a fun way when they recognize the animals. And hopefully fall helplessly in love with them.

message 10: by Kara (new)

Kara Karnatzki | 2 comments Sounds good. I'm inspired by your effort. New to S-P, so hoping to pick up tips/advice on how to get my book out there. I will check out DROP OUT on amazon. Good luck.

message 11: by Pavan (new)

Pavan Kaur (PavanKaur) | 15 comments That is amazing, and congratulations on everything. I hope to be writing something like this soon about my book :)

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